About Terrier Owner

Josh Martin (Founder)

My name is Josh Martin.

I’m the owner and creator of Terrier Owner and The Terrier Owner YouTube Channel.

I created this site specifically due to my journey with my female Jack Russell Terrier “Luna”

That’s My Terrier “Luna” Catching Up On Some Sleep.

It’s been a journey, to say the least.

I figured that If I had the thousands of questions that came to mind during the adoption, after the adoption and about every day since others must need and desire the information as well.

Hence, Terrier Owner was born.

This website is designed to be nothing more than a community of individuals learning and diving deeper into their relationships with their pets and families.

Of course, we do our best to answer all the common and problematic questions that you may encounter along your journey owning a Terrier.

Me and My Terrier “Luna” In Her Puppy Days
My Two-Year-Old Son Rowan With Luna As A Puppy

If we haven’t thanked you for being loyal readers yet, we would like to do so now.

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Thanks Again and we greatly appreciate you all.


Kevin Garbes

Hello fellow Terrier owners!

My name is Kevin Garbes and I grew up with a female West Highland White Terrier named Murphy who lived to be 16 years old.

Me and Murphy hanging out in the snow

I currently own a rescue dog named Lily. We’re not quite sure what breed she is. She looks like a Lab, but she’s much smaller.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some Terrier in her. She has caught her share of critters in our yard.

Update: I had Lily’s DNA tested. You can check out the results here.

My current dog Lily

I’m excited to contribute to Terrier Owner and help fellow dog owners!