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If you are looking for a unique dog breed with a mixture of two loveable and energetic dogs, the Jack Chi may be an excellent option for you to consider.

What Is A Jack Chi?

A Jack Chi is a mixed terrier dog breed. The Jack Chi is a mix of 50% Jack Russell Terrier and 50% Chihuahua. The Jack Chi may often be referred to as the Jackahuahua and are considered energetic dogs and loving dogs.

The rest of this post is designed to break down everything you need to know about the Jack Chi.

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Here is how I intend to break down the information for you:

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What Is A Jack Chi Dog?

Shockingly, a lot of individuals have not heard of the Jack Chi dog.

The shocking part of this is that both Jack Russell Terriers and Chihuahuas are both popular dog breeds for several reasons.

As mentioned a moment ago, the Jack Chi will be 50% Jack Russell Terrier and 50% Chihuahua.

The combination of these two dogs is going to create an attention-seeking, smart and loving dog.

Not to mention a dog that offers up a lot of energy.

Jack Chi’s are relatively new to the world compared to other dog breeds and were intentionally bred as a companion dog.

The Chihuahua dog breed originated in Mexico. The Jack Russell Terrier originates from the United Kingdom, dating back into the 1800s when they were initially bred to hunt and track fox.

Now, all these years later, you have a unique mix of these two dog breeds meant to provide a loving bond with their owners known as the Jack Chi (Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua).

5 Key Facts About the Jack Chi

Jack Chi Fun Fact 1- They Chew as Frequently as The Jack Russell Terrier

Most puppies chew.

Especially during the teething phase, and it takes time for this behavior to completely fade.

Unfortunately, one of the parents of the Jack Chi is also a heavy chewer (Jack Russell Terrier), and the Jack Chi inherits this personality trait.

Make sure that if you intend on adopting a Jack Chi that you have shoes put away and some good chew toys ready to go.

The Jack Chi is known to be a heavy-duty chewer.

Jack Chi Fun Fact 2- Jack Chi’s Are Highly Intelligent

Both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua are both extremely intelligent dogs.

I know and can speak firsthand about the intelligence of the Jack Russell.

I have been raising a Jack Russell Terrier for the past several years, and she is extremely intelligent.

The Jack Chi is also known to be one of the smarter dog breeds and has a strong willingness to learn if you are willing to teach them.

Jack Chi Fun Fact 3- Jack Chi’s Are Considered Better with Kids Than Jack Russell Terriers

Listen, Jack Russell Terriers are also good with children.

Especially if you teach them how to act around children.

However, The Jack Chi is known to have more of a calm demeanor and is known to be an excellent family pet.

Not only that, but the Jack Chi was specifically bred to be a companion so can become attached and very loving towards their owners.

Jack Chi Fun Fact 4- Jack Chi’s May Grow Larger Than A Jack Russell Terrier

It may not be by much, and it may surprise some of you, but a Jack Chi can and often grows larger than a typical Jack Russell Terrier.

Especially female Jack Russell’s who rarely reach 18 pounds or more.

The Jack Chi also inherits the strong body and strong mind of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Chi Fun Fact 5-Jack Chi’s Are Highly Affectionate

This probably does not come as a shock to anyone reading.

Both the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier have always been known for being very loving and affectionate dogs that get heavily attached to owners.

The Jack Chi is no different in this category and is known to be one of the best companion dogs you can choose to adopt.

The Different Colors of The Jack Chi

The Jack Chi is typically available or is bred in many different colors.

Some of those colors that you may have the opportunity to adopt with the Jack Chi include the following:

  • The Black Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix
  • White Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix
  • Brown Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix
  • Black and Tan Jack Chi
  • Black and Brown Jack Chi
  • Black and White Jack Chi
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Golden
  • Any Combination of The Listed Colors Above

Good luck trying to choose a favorite color mix of the Jack Chi.

They all make for adorable and loving family dogs.

How Big Do Jack Russell Chihuahua’s Get?

We have touched on how Jack Chi’s can sometimes get larger than your typical Jack Russell Terrier and are always larger than the Chihuahua.

A typical Jack Chi will weigh between 8-18 pounds and be 12-15 inches tall at the shoulders.

How to Adopt A Jack Chi?

When you are ready to adopt a Jack Chi, you will have plenty of options.

One of the easiest things to do when you are ready to adopt a Jack Chi is simply looking for local Jack Chi’s breeders near you.

You can also use other online platforms to expedite your search for your Jack Chi, such as Puppy Finder or Adopt A Pet.

In some situations, a local breeder may not be as close to you as you would prefer.

You may need to consider making a cross-state lines trip to adopt your first Jack Chi Terrier.

Pricing of The Jack Chi Terrier

Now we start discussing one of the most critical aspects of them all for potential Jack Chi adopters.

How much is a Jack Chi going to cost?

The price of a Jack Chi can vary significantly from breeder to breeder and based on pedigree.

However, the average cost of a Jack Chi is roughly $250.00-$750.00.

Again, always keep in mind that the cost of a Jack Chi may vary significantly based on supply, demand, and location.

Not to mention, pedigree.

Behavior and Temperament of The Jack Chi

Behavior and temperament are always critical considerations before adopting any dog breed.

The Jack Chi has perhaps one of the best temperaments you could wish for out of all terrier dog breeds.

Most Jack Chi’s temperament and overall behavior could be summed up with the following characteristics:

  • Highly Affectionate
  • Energetic and Playful
  • Loving
  • Protective and Alert

Jack Chi’s with Other Pets

Jack Chi’s are not known to have many documented issues living with or being around other pets.

However, you always need to remember that the Jack Chi is still the product of two other dogs (Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua)

Both the Jack Russell and Chihuahua are both known for needing socialization to take place quickly and when they are as young as possible.

This helps your dog adapt to social situations and react in a more friendly manner in the future.

The same is recommended for a Jack Chi that is going to be around other pets frequently or living with other pets.

Jack Chi’s with Children

Jack Chi’s can also be excellent dogs for younger children.

Some of the same principals apply.

Training, discipline, and consistency are essential for the Jack Chi, much like any other dog breed.

The sooner you can establish you are in charge and some ground rules with your Jack Chi, the better.

If you do this and socialize your Jack Chi from a young age with children, they can make excellent loving pets for you and your children.

A Few More Considerations to Keep in Mind When Adopting A Jack Chi

Before wrapping up this brief post on the Jack Chi, I wanted to touch on some of the other key considerations you should keep in mind before adopting a Jack Chi.

Here is a look at them.

Grooming and Shedding with The Jack Chi

Shedding is something you need to be prepared for with a Jack Chi.

They are not considered the worst shedders you can adopt but are considerate moderate shedders.

Much like the Jack Russell Terrier, grooming is not a huge concern, and baths are only required as needed, and it helps your Jack Chi if you can brush them once every week.


The Jack Chi is a trainable dog but is not known to be as trainable as the Jack Russell Terrier.

However, many owners of Jack Chi will tell you that if you are willing to put in the time and remain consistent with your training, that they can learn relatively fast and want to please you.

Overall, I would give the Jack Chi a 7/10 when it comes to overall trainability.

Male Vs. Female Jack Chi

If you are looking to adopt a Jack Chi soon and cannot decide if you want a male or female, let me help you out some.

It really makes no difference, and it is a personal preference.

The male and female Jack Chi will have similar behaviors and are essentially the same dog minus the height and weight that they may reach.

And of course, the reproducing capabilities of the male vs. the female Jack Chi.

Potential Health Issues with Jack Chi’s

When it comes to potential health issues, you may face when you adopt a Jack Chi, the list is relatively short.

Jack Chi’s are known to have a few of the same health concerns that a Jack Russell may develop, such as the following:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypoglycemia Legg

Your Jack Chi could even potentially develop a few other issues, such as the following:

  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Heat Complications
  • Skin Irritation

Overall, if you are looking for your next dog breed to adopt and have leaned towards the Jack Chi, I would not worry about health conditions and potential problems.

Compared to other dogs, the Jack Chi remains healthy.

Jack Chi’s Make for Excellent Dogs, Do Not Hesitate to Adopt

Jack Chi’s offer the best of two fantastic terrier dog breeds.

The Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua.

Both dogs have unique personalities, lots of energy, and the ability to make excellent companions.

If you are in the market for a loving, small lap dog, a Jack Chi may be the best option for you.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Chi if you do decide to adopt and the journey you have ahead of you.

Are You Considering Adopting a Jack Chi? Why or Why Not?

Do you think the Jack Chi is the next dog for you?

Do you have anything else you can share with the Terrier Owner Community?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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