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Boston Terriers, affectionately known as the “American Gentleman,” are a small, friendly, and intelligent breed that has captured the hearts of dog lovers across the United States.

Originating in Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston Terrier is the first truly American breed and boasts a rich history that spans over a century.

Boston Terriers evolved through the deliberate crossbreeding of an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier, both of which were originally used for fighting. Over time, selective breeding transformed these dogs into smaller, more companionable pets, resulting in the charming and affectionate Boston Terriers we know and love today.

In this article, we will explore the evolution of Boston Terriers, uncovering their early beginnings, the breeds that contributed to their development, and how they eventually became the beloved companions they are today.

So, let’s dive into the fascinating history of these charming little dogs.

History of Boston Terriers (Boston Terrier drawing c. 1900)
Boston Terrier drawing c. 1900
  1. Birthplace of Boston Terriers
  2. The Breeds That Make a Boston Terrier
  3. From Fighting to Companionship
  4. The Roundhead
  5. Boston Terrier Club of America
  6. American Kennel Club Recognition
  7. The Official State Dog of Massachusetts

Birthplace of Boston Terriers: The Joseph Burnett House

The Joseph Burnett House is considered the birthplace of Boston Terriers

The Joseph Burnett House, located in Boston, Massachusetts, holds a special place in the history of Boston Terriers, as it is considered the birthplace of this iconic breed.

It was here that the first Boston Terrier, a product of the crossbreeding between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier, was born.

As the breed gained popularity, the Joseph Burnett House became a symbol of the Boston Terrier’s American roots and their strong connection to the city of Boston.

Today, this historic house stands as a testament to the unique and proud lineage of Boston Terriers.

The Breeds That Make a Boston Terrier

The development of the Boston Terrier can be attributed to the careful combination of two distinct breeds, each contributing specific characteristics and traits that have shaped the Boston Terrier into the beloved breed it is today.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog, known for its muscular build and tenacious nature, played a crucial role in the development of the Boston Terrier.

This breed contributed to the Boston Terrier’s sturdy physique, short muzzle, and distinctive facial wrinkles.

Additionally, the English Bulldog’s good-natured temperament and loyalty were inherited by Boston Terriers, making them friendly and devoted companions.

White English Terrier

The White English Terrier, now extinct, was another key player in the creation of the Boston Terrier. This breed was known for its athleticism, grace, and intelligence.

The White English Terrier passed on its compact size, lively nature, and keen intelligence to the Boston Terrier.

Additionally, the breed’s predominantly white coat played a role in the development of the Boston Terrier’s distinctive black and white “tuxedo” markings.

From Fighting to Companionship

In the early days of the Boston Terrier’s development, these dogs were initially bred for fighting purposes, capitalizing on the strength and tenacity inherited from their English Bulldog ancestors.

However, it didn’t take long for their gentle and affectionate nature to shine through, making them ill-suited for their original purpose. In fact, Boston Terriers are usually friendly with other dogs.

As the breed became more popular, the ladies of Boston society played a significant role in the transformation of the Boston Terrier from a fighting dog to a cherished companion.

These women admired the breed’s intelligence, loyalty, and friendly disposition, and sought to refine the breed further by focusing on smaller, more companionable dogs.

Through careful and selective breeding, the Boston Terrier gradually evolved into the perfect lap dog. Their size was reduced, and their temperament became even more affectionate and amiable.

The once-fierce fighters transformed into the elegant, well-mannered, and lovable “American Gentlemen” we recognize today, proving that the Boston Terrier’s journey from fighting to companionship is a testament to the power of love and dedication.

The Roundhead

Before the Boston Terrier became known by its current name, the breed was initially referred to as the “Roundhead.” This early moniker was derived from the dog’s distinct physical features, which included a curved skull and full, open eyes that give the breed a uniquely round appearance.

Before the Boston Terrier became known by its current name, the breed was initially referred to as the "Roundhead."

However, the name “Roundhead” was not considered an appropriate or respectable title for an official breed. As a result, efforts were made to find a more suitable name that would accurately represent the breed’s origins and characteristics.

In honor of the city where the breed was first developed, the name “Boston Terrier” was chosen, effectively replacing the less dignified “Roundhead” label.

The adoption of the Boston Terrier name marked a significant turning point in the breed’s history, paving the way for its formal recognition and establishment as a beloved American dog breed.

The Boston Terrier Club of America

The Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA) was established in 1891, marking an important milestone in the breed’s history. The club was founded by a group of dedicated Boston Terrier enthusiasts who sought to promote, protect, and further develop this remarkable breed.

As one of the oldest breed clubs in the United States, the BTCA played a crucial role in gaining recognition for the Boston Terrier and setting breed standards that still exist today.

Through their tireless efforts, the BTCA ensured that the breed’s unique traits and characteristics were documented and preserved for future generations.

By hosting events, providing educational resources, and advocating for responsible breeding practices, the club helped to elevate the Boston Terrier’s status, turning it into one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in America.

The establishment of the Boston Terrier Club of America was a significant step toward formal recognition, and it played an essential role in solidifying the breed’s reputation as the first true American dog breed.

American Kennel Club Recognition

The Boston Terrier’s journey to fame was further solidified when the breed received formal recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1893, only two years after the formation of the Boston Terrier Club of America. This recognition was a significant achievement, as it confirmed the breed’s status as a distinct and valuable member of the dog world.

Gaining AKC recognition not only helped to promote the breed across the United States but also established a set of breed standards that breeders could adhere to, ensuring the preservation of the Boston Terrier’s unique qualities.

This recognition cemented the breed’s place in American history and culture, further contributing to the growth of its popularity and the development of a dedicated community of Boston Terrier enthusiasts.

Today, the AKC continues to play an essential role in the promotion and welfare of the breed, providing guidelines for responsible breeding, hosting events and competitions, and supporting the work of the Boston Terrier Club of America.

The Official State Dog of Massachusetts

In 1979, the government of Massachusetts acknowledged the significant role that the Boston Terrier played in the state’s history and culture by designating it as the official state dog.

This prestigious title recognized the breed’s deep roots in the city of Boston and its important contributions to the development of American dog breeds.

The designation of the Boston Terrier as the official dog of Massachusetts is a testament to the breed’s enduring popularity, both within the state and across the nation.

As a symbol of Massachusetts pride and heritage, the Boston Terrier continues to be celebrated for its unique qualities, charming personality, and storied history.

This recognition not only further solidified the Boston Terrier’s status as a truly American breed but also reinforced the strong bond between the people of Massachusetts and their beloved state dog.

History of Boston Terriers

From their early beginnings as a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier in the historic Joseph Burnett House, to their evolution from fighting dogs to cherished companions, Boston Terriers have a rich and fascinating history that truly sets them apart.

Their journey, marked by key milestones such as the establishment of the Boston Terrier Club of America, recognition by the American Kennel Club, and their designation as the official dog of Massachusetts, underscores the breed’s enduring appeal and unique status as the first truly American dog breed.

Today, Boston Terriers continue to be loved and adored by many, not just for their distinctive appearance and friendly disposition, but also for the remarkable history that they carry with them.

As we look back on their evolution, we can appreciate not just the breed itself, but also the dedicated breeders, the enthusiastic clubs, and the loving owners who have all contributed to making the Boston Terrier the cherished “American Gentleman” we know and love today.

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