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With a muscular and stocky build, Bull Terriers are often misunderstood and can even intimidate individuals considering adopting a Bull Terrier.

I get it, and it makes sense that the build may cause a bit of intimidation.

I am also a big believer in understanding the dog you consider adopting and dogs not being miscategorized.

The question of the day that many individuals often ask is simple.

Are Bull Terriers good house dogs?

As a Terrier owner myself, here is what I can tell you about this topic.

Are Bull Terriers Good House Dogs?

Yes, Bull Terriers are good house dogs and make for good pets for the family. Bull Terriers are highly affectionate and loving dogs. If provided exercise and raised in a responsible and ethical environment, Bull Terriers can make for excellent family pets and good house dogs.

A few other factors are at play when you are considering adopting a Bull Terrier and what the focus of this discussion will be dedicated to covering and here is how I want to break it down for you today:

Reasons Why Bull Terriers Make Good House Dogs and Great Family Pets

The list of reasons that could be explained as to why a Bull Terrier could potentially make for an excellent family pet is likely much longer than the list, I will present to you in this discussion.

Nonetheless, I found the reasons below to be some of the most desirable traits you can look forward to if you are currently debating whether to adopt a Bull Terrier.

None of these reasons are listed in any order, so you can assume they all carry the same weight, in my opinion.

Bull Terriers Are Highly Affectionate

One of the most desirable traits of the Bull Terrier is undoubtedly their ability to love, form bonds, and show a strong connection towards their families and caretakers.

Terriers are often regarded as some of the most affectionate dogs you can choose to adopt and bring into the family.

The Bull Terrier certainly demonstrates this personality characteristic.

Bull Terriers are known to be fiercely loyal, affectionate, and closely attached to their families.

A desirable trait in a family dog and a reason to advocate that the Bull Terrier can make for a good house dog.

Bull Terriers Have the Energy and Stamina for Any Family

When you begin discussing what traits for a dog make them a good or not so good family house dog, you can get different desires and opinions on which qualities you seek.

Some individuals may prefer a calm and relaxed dog, and some families may love the energy and personality of a dog that likes to stay on the move and keep you entertained.

With the Bull Terrier, stamina, energy, and entertainment are what you are going to get.

Bull Terriers need exercise and can keep up with about any lifestyle you can think of.

While this may require you to give them some of that additional exercise and devote more time to them, I think it makes them an excellent family dog purely because they will love to interact and be involved in any activity you decide to embrace for the day.

Bull Terriers Love Kids and Socialization Under Ideal Circumstances

Another somewhat surprising trait about the Bull Terrier is that they are great with kids.

However, it is essential to note that Bull Terriers have large bulky bodies, and they are known to be relatively hyper and clumsy, so leaving a Bull Terrier alone with an infant is not a good idea.

With supervision and socialization, a Bull Terrier can make for an excellent companion and be very well socialized and loving dogs towards children in the home.

This is one of the most desirable traits you can ask for if you are looking for a good house dog.

Bull Terriers Make Excellent Companion Dogs

We just touched on this a moment ago.

It is essential to understand that Bull Terriers do not only make excellent dogs around children but make excellent companion dogs in general.

The loyalty combined with their highly affectionate and attention-seeking personality makes them excellent companion dogs for anyone willing to show some love towards them.

Bull Terriers Are Not Known to Be Frequent Diggers or Barkers

If I sit and think to myself, what makes the best traits for a “good house dog,” I certainly would rank non-barking dogs and dogs that do not dig up my entire yard near the top of the list.

While I cannot say that I have been 100% fortunate in this area of behavior with my current Terrier, I can inform you that Bull Terriers are not known to rank at the top as frequent diggers.

They also would not be known as frequent barkers, which is another positive making them a great house dog if you ask me.

Bull Terriers Are Great for Individuals Who Like Medium or Large Dogs

Some individuals prefer to have a small dog and sit on their lap all day, and some individuals looking for the next best house dog are looking for a medium-size or a large dog breed.

For those who prefer a larger dog breed with some muscle mass behind them, the Bull Terrier could easily be considered one of the best dogs you can adopt.

Male Bull Terriers will typically weigh between 50-85lbs, so if you are searching dog a dog of this size with the personality and temperament of the Bull Terrier, you are in good luck!

Bull Terriers Have Relatively Low Grooming Needs

While giving a frequent dog baths is not necessarily the end of the world, I certainly enjoy the idea of having a house dog that has low needs when it comes to shedding, hair control, and grooming.

Bull Terriers will still shed but compared to other dogs; it is much more controllable.

Additionally, Bull Terriers do not need a bath more than about every 4-6 weeks unless they find a way to get dirty on their own.

Another win-win situation, in my opinion.

Bull Terriers Are Entertaining and Have A Unique Personality

Finally, is the Bull Terriers ability to entertain and bring a smile to your face daily.

While they are known to act clownish at times and be relatively clumsy, they are still soft-hearted and loving dogs.

The old saying “dogs are man’s best friend” is still valid.

A Bull Terrier is one of the best examples of this!

Understanding When A Bull Terrier Is Not the Dog for You

On the flip side of all the positives we have already discussed and mentioned about the Bull Terrier, you do have certain families and individuals that the Bull Terrier does not necessarily make the best match for.

Most of the time, this will be families with young kids who cannot handle interacting with a Bull Terrier in a calm or behaved fashion.

It is also possible that a Bull Terrier does not make sense for your family if you do not have the time or time in your schedule to allow you to provide exercise or any mental stimulation for your dog.

In these situations, a Bull Terrier may not behave as well as it could with proper obedience, discipline, and time allotted for training and exercise.

It should also be noted that you will have a few other downfalls you can expect if you do ultimately decide to adopt a Bull Terrier that includes the following:

The Tendency to Be Clumsy, Rough Players

We discussed this a moment ago, but it is essential for you to realize that a Bull Terrier can be a clumsy and careless dog.

Especially when they are in a playful mood.

This is why we previously mentioned in this discussion that it is not always the best idea for your Bull Terrier to interact around small children without supervision to ensure no injuries take place and to make sure your Bull Terrier does not trample or knock your children down.

Outside of that, the clumsy and rough playing is nothing more than a playful and energy-burning mechanism for a Bull Terrier that should be embraced when you choose to adopt.

Not frowned upon.

Destructive and Bad Behaviors When Bored

This situation is common with nearly all dog breeds, so it should not necessarily be counted as a negative towards the Bull Terrier.

Nonetheless, a Bull Terrier is still a breed of the Terrier, which are known to be a bit more adventurous and destructive when bored.

Often, when a Bull Terrier is bored or feeling neglect, they may chew, bark, or even dig.

Be sure that if you adopt a Bull Terrier that you have plenty of toys or activities for them.

At the very minimum, be sure to provide some form of exercise for your Bull Terrier to make sure they have the chance to release some of this energy while staying in shape and staying healthy.

Potential Health Issues as They Age

One of the downfalls when considering if a Bull Terrier makes a good house dog is that Bull Terriers are known to have a few health complications later in life.

While this does not take away from the joy, they can provide you during their healthy years, it is still an important consideration to understand before ultimately deciding if you want a Bull Terrier as your next family pet.

The most common health issues you will encounter with a Bull Terrier can include but not be limited to the following:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart Structure Defects
  • Deafness

It is possible that you do not have to deal with many health issues at all with your Bull Terrier or that you deal with health issues not listed above, but it is still best to plan and be aware before considering which dog breed will make a good family dog and a good house dog.

Stubborn at Times

The Terrier dog breeds have a stubborn side to them and often get stuck in their ways.

My Jack Russell Terrier is like this, and sometimes, without proper training and discipline, it can be tough to break these habits.

Be sure that when you adopt your Bull Terrier, you actively provide training and discipline to ensure they don’t get stuck in their stubborn ways or think that they run the house.

Only you know if a Bull Terrier makes sense for your family.

Bull Terriers Are Highly Affectionate and Loving Dog Breeds

Hopefully, this discussion has opened your eyes to the kind of dog a Bull Terrier can become in the right home with the respectable loving, and caring families.

Sure, they are not necessarily the dog breed for everyone, but that is how it goes sometimes.

Nonetheless, a Bull Terrier should be considered an excellent dog breed to choose to adopt and can make plenty of memories during a lifelong bond with you and the family.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Bull Terriers and the journey you have ahead of you!

What Is Your Opinion of The Bull Terrier As A House Pet?

Do you believe the Bull Terrier makes a good house dog and a good family pet?

Why or why not?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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