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The Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua combine to make the Jack Chi known for energy, and playfulness but you may still be wondering if the Jack Chi makes for a good family dog.

As a Jack Russell owner myself and a fan of the terrier dog breed, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Are Jack Chis Good Dogs?

Yes, Jack Chis are good dogs. Jack Chis are good family dogs for families looking for an energetic and attention-seeking dog breed. The Jack Chi is known for being hyper, playful, and having a strong love and bond with their owners and families.

Clearly, these traits are proof that Jack Chis can make for excellent family pets. However, it is still essential to understand if the Jack Chi is the dog for you and explore the Jack Chi Terrier personality more in-depth.

That is what the rest of this discussion is going to cover for you, and here is how I intend to breakdown that information for you:

The Jack Chi and The Family Dog They Can Become

The Jack Chi undoubtedly inherits some of the personality traits and desired behaviors of both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua.

This is precisely what many are looking for when searching for the next family dog.

The energy, playfulness, and willingness to tackle any activity with you and the family are what many families seek and desire out of a family dog.

Of course, you have families where the energy and attachment the Jack Chi can form with owners or families can also be negative (we will touch on this more later in the discussion).

The Jack Chi, which is often referred to as the Jackhuahua, is known to be a low-maintenance dog and only requires owners who show love and affection and proper care in an ethical home and environment.

Next, I want to cover some of the primary reasons why the Jack Chi could be a great addition to your family and why the Jack Chi can make for a good dog for you and the family to decide to adopt.

7 Reasons Why The Jack Chi Can Make A Good Family Dog

Below, I have compiled my top 7 reasons and why I believe the Jack Chi makes an excellent dog.

Jack Chis Can Adjust Better Than Many Dogs To Small Home and Apartment Living

One of the issues with the Jack Russell Terrier, which is the dog I currently own and raise, is that they are not known to adjust to apartment living due to their exercise demands.

With the Jack Chi, this is not the case, and the Jack Chi is known to demand less exercise and adjust to smaller space living.

This is clearly a plus for all the city living individuals reading or individuals currently living in a smaller space.

While the Jack Chi is still known to have relatively high energy, it is nice knowing that they adjust without issues to apartment living, assuming they get the love and affection from you as the owner.

Jack Chis Are Known To Be Great With Children

Another hugely beneficial personality characteristic of the Jack Chi is the fact that they do great with children.

Especially when proper socialization takes place quickly after the initial adoption.

Suppose you currently have young kids or perhaps plan to have kids in the future.

You can rest easy knowing that the Jack Chi can adjust and do very well with children and even become close companions with your children.

A massive plus of adopting the Jack Chi if you ask me.

Jack Chis Are Great For Families Looking For A Small Dog Breed

Some people looking to adopt a dog soon are fans of the large dog breeds, and some are fans of small dog breeds.

I currently own and raise 1 of each.

Clearly, both big dogs and small dogs both have positives and negatives, but if you happen to be one of the individuals looking for a great little dog breed, the Jack Chi is for you.

The Jack Chi at full size typically weighs around 18lbs and only reaches 12-15 inches in height.

The perfect size dog for those looking for a small dog breed to cuddle up with during a rainy day watching a movie.

Jack Chis Seek and Desire Human Connection and Socialization

Who wants a dog that does not want to socialize and does not want to be loved?

I know I don’t, and I would assume you would not prefer that either.

The Jack Chi, much like the parent dogs of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua, desires love more than your typical dog breed.

These dogs will seek attention, follow you everywhere, and be your new sidekick attached to your hip everywhere you go.

If you have been searching for that dog that wants nothing more than time with you as the owner, than the Jack Chi is definitely a good choice for you.

Jack Chis Are Not Known To Be Excessive Barkers

When I first adopted my Jack Russell Terrier, she would bark frequently, and it took time to train the behavior out of her.

I am not saying that you will not need training and discipline for your Jack Chi to never deal with barking. =

Overall, the Jack Chi is not known to be an overly vocal dog breed.

Barking should not be a significant concern for you if you do decide to adopt.

Jack Chis Love Exercise

Some of you may view this as a negative, and some may love this trait about the Jack Chi.

I personally love this trait of the Jack Chi and love this trait about my Jack Russell Terrier.

A Jack Chi will have plenty of energy and plenty of stamina to exercise with the best of them, and you can bank on the fact that if you want to take a jog or go for a walk that they will want to be with you participating.

For those of you with an active lifestyle that want a partner during exercise, the Jack Chi is an excellent dog to adopt.

Jack Chis Can Be More Affordable To Adopt Compared To Full Bred Dogs

Full bred dogs seem to only be inflating in price over the last decade or so, and that trend does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

On the flip side, for those of you considering the Jack Chi, you can be excited that you can typically adopt or rescue them for cheaper than most full-bred dogs.

This is typically true of most mixed dogs, and since your Jack Chi is 50% Jack Russell Terrier and 50% Chihuahua, you can enjoy the nice break given to your budget.

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Adopting A Jack Chi

After reading all the desirable traits about the Jack Chi, you may be wondering what potential cons or downfalls are known about this dog breed.

I wanted to be sure that you understood 3 critical things before deciding to adopt or rescue a Jack Chi if you are one of those individuals.

Jack Chis Are Clingy, And Will Want Your Attention

I am aware we have already touched on this, but I wanted to make sure you knew where I was coming from.

I own a Jack Russell Terrier and can speak from experience that the Jack Chi will behave remarkably similar and seek the same attention.

This dog will follow you everywhere you go and will want to be pet and loved on more than most dogs.

They love to be always front and center around their families and cannot stand when they are left out.

In case you happen to be one of those individuals that this would bother, it is a consideration I would contemplate before adopting a Jack Chi.

Jack Chis Will Have More Energy Than Most Dogs

Another thing you need to be aware of, which we have also discussed briefly in this discussion, is the fact that Jack Chis will have a lot of energy that ideally you will want to burn off for them.

Whether this is with a backyard to let them run or taking them on a walk, it is still imperative that they do not have to pent up all that energy day after day.

Be sure to provide some form of energy release for Jack Chi to witness the best behavior possible.

Jack Chis Still Need Training, Discipline, and Socialization

While the Jack Chi is a brilliant dog, they still need the same training, discipline, and socialization that all dogs need.

Be sure that if you adopt a Jack Chi, you begin the socialization process right away and get your Jack Chi comfortable around kids, other pets, and the general environment.

Additionally, be sure to provide training and ensure your Jack Chi understands that you are in charge.

Starting these processes early with your Jack Chi will create a better bond and more well-behaved Jack Chi going forward.

Jack Chis Can Make Excellent Dogs For The Right Families

Hopefully, by now, we can all agree the Jack Chi is a good dog and can make for an excellent dog for you and the family.

Sure, the Jack Chi has some energy and may need a little exercise.

Overall, the Jack Chi can make for a loyal companion and an adorable pocket-size dog you can show off to all the friends and family.

If it were me and you were considering adopting a Jack Chi, I would absolutely say to go for it.

I sure have no regrets about adopting my Jack Russell Terrier and feel confident you would have no regrets about adopting your Jack Chi

If you do end up adopting a Jack Chi, Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your new dog and the journey you have ahead of you!

Do You Believe The Jack Chi Makes A Good Family Dog?

What further information can you share with the readers about the Jack Chi?

Do you believe they can make a good family pet? Why or why not?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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