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Jack Russell Terriers are known to be a hyper dog that enjoys and needs plenty of exercise.

One of the activities that can be extremely beneficial for both you and your Jack Russell is as simple as going for a run.

While this may be an activity to enjoy with many different dog breeds, individuals considering adopting a Jack Russel are often curious if Jack Russell’s are good running dogs.

I have now been raising my Jack Russell for the past several years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Jack Russell Terriers are good running dogs. Jack Russell Terriers enjoy running and need the exercise. Jack Russell’s can run long distances and can keep pace with their owners without issue.

Instead of just breaking down the simple answer for you, I wanted to explain this topic further and explain my running experiences with my Jack Russell and also present some of the gear I recommend using if you plan to run often with your Jack Russell Terrier.

Here is what I plan on breaking down for you today:

Feel free to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to read more about.

Otherwise, I want to begin diving into running with your Jack Russell and the best practices you should be implementing.

Running with A Jack Russell Terrier

Like mentioned a moment ago, if you are looking for a dog breed that has no issues running with their owners and would enjoy the activity, a Jack Russell Terrier is a fantastic option.

Jack Russell’s are a unique dog breed with a lot of personality.

Fortunately, not only do they make great runners, but it is also an ethical and great way to provide the best care possible for your Jack Russell.

Jack Russell’s need a great deal of exercise, and it helps them thrive.

Exercise, overall, for Jack Russell’s is necessary and can help your Jack Russell’s behavior dramatically and help you co-exist with a JR that is much calmer and more relaxed the rest of the day.

In fact, I highly recommend that if you enjoy running or getting out and about to get exercise that your Jack Russell tags along with you.

My Running Routine with My Jack Russell

While I prefer to think I am in great shape, it is typically challenging to maintain any kind of physical performance.

I am also not a huge fan of some of the newer methods of cardio workouts and prefer the old school running or riding a bike.

Naturally, this question about Jack Russell’s making decent running companions was a question I had before adopting my JR as well.

While I do not ride my bike often with my JR, I do often run with her.

In the beginning, I had to work with her some to get her used to staying in a nice stride right next to me, which can be accomplished much easier with the correct gear (more on this later).

After she figured this out, I quickly learned that she could run in stride, not interfering with my run, and remaining behaved if she sees any other stimulus in her environments such as other pets or people.

Most often, I take her running with me on distances between 1 mile and 5 miles.

I do also make sure that I leave her behind if the temperatures seem to be a bit too hot or too humid, which my typical threshold for this is about 85 degrees.

Anything under 85 degrees, she does fine.

Just ensure they can get plenty of water when they get home or even pack a small water bottle for them that they can drink out of with your assistance.

The next question most new JR owners have about running with their pets relates to the specific speed and distance capabilities.

Let’s cover what I know about this next.

Distances and Speed When Running with Jack Russell Terriers

When it comes to running with your Jack Russell and understanding their capabilities, it comes down to using a lot of common sense.

In most situations, you likely will not be a fast-paced enough runner to exhaust your JR in this fashion unless the temperature is too high.

Jack Russell’s can run up to 25 mph, so unless you are an Olympic athlete running this for long distances, your Jack Russell will do a great job keeping pace at the typical jogging and running paces between 4-9mph for any relatively short-medium distance.

If you are marathon training, I do not think taking your JR for a 10+ run is the best idea for exhaustion purposes, but when I run with my Jack Russell on the distances between 1-5 miles around 5-7mph, she does just fine, enjoys it, and I have never had an issue.

However, to make the process that much easier, I have a few recommendations of items I would order/purchase in advance.

Recommended Gear for Running with Your Jack Russell Terrier

The good news is that running with your Jack Russell does not require much.

You could honestly be okay with using nothing more than a basic leash.

However, I personally like my arms and hands-free when running, so after a few times of using this method with my Jack Russell, I began to get a tad frustrated so I searched for alternatives.

For the ability to be hands-free, I highly recommend purchasing this Running Leash here (Link to Amazon).

The waistband for yourself is adjustable, and the length extended down to your Jack Russell could not be better.

As your running, it has enough flex that it never creates a pull against your running force but also does not give any additional leash for your Jack Russell to have the ability to get excited and pull in a different direction.

For the price and how easy it is to use and hook up, you cannot go wrong.

It is a great way to enjoy running with your Jack Russell that much more.

Strap Up Your Shoes and Take Your Jack Russell for A Run Today

Hopefully, for any of you who may have been on the fence about a Jack Russell, making a fantastic running partner has been convinced otherwise.

Jack Russell’s love to run, are great at running and will have no issues keeping up with you on your daily runs and workouts.

Overall, Jack Russell’s make for excellent pets.

They need the ability to work off some energy and bond with their owners, and they can become one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds you can choose to adopt.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell’s and hope to hear back from you with all your stories on running with your JR.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you have any further recommendations or tips you can share with the Terrier Owner community about running with your Jack Russell’s?

Do you use any other gear that makes running with your Jack Russel even more enjoyable?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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