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Jack Russells sure have a great deal of energy and attitude.

For individuals thinking of adopting a Jack Russell, you are likely curious to one of the most common questions that arise with any dog breed by prospective new dog owners.

Do Jack Russells bark a lot?

While I can’t speak for every Jack Russell or even every Jack Russell owner, I can certainly talk about my experience with my Jack Russell and fill you in on this question.

So, do Jack Russells bark a lot? Yes, Jack Russells bark a lot. Jack Russel’s are naturally born to have a protective instinct, are territorial, and are bred to hunt. Jack Russells are loyal and protective of their home and owners, which can cause excessive barking when other humans or dogs are present.

In addition to these few reasons above why a Jack Russell may bark frequently, there are also a few other common reasons that may get your Jack Russell barking more than usual.

Don’t worry, I plan to cover that in this post as well and also want to cover how to train and curb the barking behaviors out of your Jack Russell in the best fashion possible.

Additionally, for any of you who are in a hurry, I’ve created links directly below that are going to allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to learn and read more about.

Here’s a snapshot of what I intend on covering in today’s brief 3-minute post:

Don’t worry, there is plenty you can do as the owner to help reduce the amount of barking with your Jack Russell.

If you have those 3 minutes to spare, I intend to break down some tips, tricks, and ways to quiet down this feisty breed.

Here are the details that you need to know.

Jack Russell Barking Behaviors

I’m sure most of you are aware or have at least heard the stories.

Jack Russells have a unique personality.

They have the energy of a toddler and are naturally bred to hunt and perform at high levels.

In most circumstances with dogs’ breeds, if they are meant to hunt, they are also protective in nature.

With protection, comes barking.

Lots of it.

Don’t fret over this too much.

It’s something you can work to eliminate and reduce with dedication and effort.

Jack Russell Terrier chewing on a bone

Jack Russells simply love to speak their mind and let you know what’s going on.

This can come in the form of running up and down fence lines barking or even barking to let you know they are bored, and it’s time to play.

Jack Russells are hyper in nature.

They can’t be bored for too long, and if they are, they are going to let you know about it.

If you ignore this message, destructive behavior can be next on your new dog’s to-do list.

This can come in the form of chewing, digging, and finding your favorite shoes to wreak havoc on.

It’s essential to find ways to enforce the behaviors you do want to see in these situations.

My Jack Russell’s Barking and Other Behaviors

I’ve been the proud of owner my Jack Russell “Luna” for enough time now to speak on this subject.

In the early days, even as a pup, she certainly still packed a punch and had a bark that could wake the neighbors.

However, since day 1, I’ve implemented Clicker training (we will touch on this shortly).

This helps reward dogs for positive behavior and implements treats and the sound of a click to help your Jack Russell put two and two together.

She’s still not perfect.

She still barks.

Especially at passing dogs while roaming the fenced in the yard.

However, kennel barking has nearly disappeared, and the behavior is improving.

The key is first to know what’s causing the excessive barking.

Here are the details on that.

The Causes of Jack Russell Excessive Barking

Causes of Jack Russell Excessive Barking

After owning my Jack Russell, I’m 100% confident that boredom is the number 1 reason a Jack Russell begins to get bark crazy.

They simply want something to do.

They aren’t built to just sit inside small apartments and relax on the couch.

While this is entirely doable most of the day, a Jack Russell still needs a release and a way to burn off steam.

This can be mental or physical stimulation.

Take your Jack Russell for long walks.

Take them for runs or even just play a simple game of fetch with your new dog.

Any chance you can, you should be attempting to bond with your Jack Russell which will result in your Jack Russell not only loving you as the owner but a more behaved and happier dog overall.

Outside of this reasoning, I’d say the primary cause for barking with Jack Russells is easily protection mode.

I also have a 2-year-old son that my Jack Russell has surprisingly already grown close too.

If he’s napping on the couch, she’s right next to him playing the active protective dog role.

If someone comes on the property, especially when he’s home, she’s even more protective and lets out plenty of barks.

However, if it’s a typical day and it’s just me around during the day (I work from home), she lets her guard down much more and doesn’t cause much noise or bark annoyance.

I attribute this to me being the owner, trainer, and alpha in the house.

She knows that I prefer no barking and acts accordingly.

However, setting off that protection mode with her or causing long stretches of boredom makes it to where your Jack Russell just can’t resist the temptation to bark from time to time.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to understand its part of owning a Jack Russell and go with the flow.

I don’t know any better advice than that, and dogs simply just bark from time to time even with training.


Solutions and Tips to Reduce Barking

When it comes to solutions that you can implement to reduce barking with your Jack Russell, it’s straightforward.

Train them not to be a barker.

Reward the behavior of them not barking diligently. Especially in the early stages and puppyhood.

Eventually, they will catch on and understand that barking is not the desired trait or behavior you desire and will adjust.

These dogs are perhaps the smartest I’ve ever owned.

They learn extremely quickly.

One of the most significant or most frequent bark sessions for my female Jack Russell is when she was placed in her kennel.

Remember, these are high energy dogs.

Being placed in the kennel was not her cup of tea.

When she barked, I didn’t use tactics such as yelling or scaring her.

I simply waited for her to stop barking, used my clicker for training, clicked it, and gave her a treat.

The first few nights, I even stayed up late to sit by her kennel watching tv so that I could use this training method on her repeatedly.

Her barking is almost down to none now.

She whines and whimpers for about 3-5 minutes to let me know she prefers to sleep with me, and then it’s over.

She gives up.

This took about 48-72 hours to get this initial victory under my belt.

Are we done training these crazy behaviors out of her?

Not even close, but one win at a time is all it takes for a happy and healthy relationship with a Jack Russell.

Final Thoughts

We started this post with the goal of answering one specific question.

In case we had any skimmers reading, I wanted to recap in case you missed it.

Do Jack Russells bark a lot? Yes, Jack Russells bark a lot. They may even howl.

Without proper training and interaction, they will continue to bark a lot.

It’s what they are bred to do, and it’s no fault of their own.

Work with your dog, adopt when ready, and enjoy the relationship that follows.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming adoptions.

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What else can you recommend for our readers?

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Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading and will see you next time.


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