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Jack Russell’s may not be known for their extensive sleeping habits. However, it is still advised to provide one of the best beds available for your Jack Russell Terrier.

This is part of learning how to take care of a Jack Russell in the best fashion possible and providing a comfortable spot for your Jack Russell to cuddle up when they want to take a nap or go to sleep for the night.

Below is what I consider to be the best dog beds for your Jack Russell Terrier currently available and ranked 1-7.

Best Jack Russell Terrier Dog Beds

Best Jack Russell Terrier Dog BedOverview of Dog BedView on Amazon
Joy Elf Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory FoamView on Amazon
Bark Box 2-1 Memory Foam Dog BedView on Amazon
Amazon Basics Dog Warming BedView on Amazon
Mix Joy Orthopedic Dog BedView on Amazon
Pet Craft Supply Company Soho Memory FoamView on Amazon
Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave BedView on Amazon
Pet Tent Soft Dog BedView on Amazon

Now that you have seen my recommendations for the best dog beds for your Jack Russell, I want to dive into the topic in more depth and provide you with more information on the topic.

I also want to break down these 7 dog beds and explain why they have made it into my top 7 beds for your Jack Russell.

Here is everything I want to cover for you today:

The 7 Best Beds for Jack Russells

Reference the table above to navigate to learn more about each dog bed.

For more in-depth reviews of each dog bed and my reasoning behind my recommendations, feel free to stick around and check those out directly below.

I also highly recommend sticking around or navigating towards the end of the post to gain a better understanding as to why choosing the best bed for your Jack Russell is imperative and what you should be looking for.

The 7 Best Dog Beds for Jack Russell’s

As promised, I wanted to do a quick breakdown of each of the 7 best dog beds for Jack Russell’s down below.

#1- JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is my top-rated dog bed for Jack Russell’s.

Especially for the price point on the small dog bed, although you can choose to upgrade to a larger size if you desire.


😁High-Quality Memory Foam

😁Provides Warmth and Comfort

😁Non-Slide Material

😁Removable Cover for Washing

😁Includes Free Toy for Your Jack Russell


😒Cheaper Options Are Available, but Quality May Be Sacrificed

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#2- Bark Box 2-1 Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is my number 2 ranked dog bed for Jack Russell’s, and the only reason it did not take the number 1 spot is the price point.

It is one of the more expensive dog beds on the list, but for a good reason.

This dog bed is the luxurious sleeping heaven for your Jack Russell.


😁Solid 4 Inch Memory Foam

😁Dramatically Helps with Joint Pain and Arthritis

😁Water and Tear Resistant

😁Replacement Covers Available

😁Ideal for Any Side Dog

😁Easy to Clean


😒Not for Budget Shoppers

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#3- Amazon Basics Dog Warming Bed

This is one of the better basic dog beds for your Jack Russell backed by reliable reviews.


😁Plush Warming Material


😁Sherpa Fleece


😒No Ability to Wash the Coverings

😒No Memory Foam

😒Not as Durable As other Options

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#4- Mix Joy Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a stylish option that also allows for your Jack Russell to feel enclosed while lying on the bed.

Overall, it is not a bad option to consider. It comes in at 23 by 23 by 6 inches, which is plenty large enough for a full-grown Jack Russell.



😁Machine Washable

😁Multiple Colors Available


😁Warm, Cozy and Super Soft


😒May Entice Chewing from Your Jack Russell

😒Not as Comfortable for Your Jack Russell as Memory Foam

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#5- Pet Craft Supply Company Soho Memory Foam Dog Bed

Another small, enclosed, and warm bed for your Jack Russel to enjoy and has trusted and dependable reviews.

Another excellent option for those of you trying to find one of the best dog beds for your Jack Russell Terrier on a budget.


😁Memory Orthopedic Foam

😁Supports Your Dogs Joints and Provides Warmth

😁Machine Washable

😁Pet Safe Materials

😁18 by 18 by 6 Inches


😒Entices Chewing

😒One of The Smaller Dog Beds on My List

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#6- Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Dog Bed

Okay, I want to have a bit of fun on these last two and know 100% that Jack Russell’s would love the enclosure of these next few dog bed options.

The Snoozer Luxury Cave Bed is fantastic for those of you who have a Jack Russell that loves to feel fully enclosed when resting.

This is how my Jack Russell is when she lays around, and this bed does a fantastic job.


😁Many Color Options Available

😁Sherpa Interior for Comfort

😁Extra Deep

😁Machine Washable


😒May Get Hot

😒More Costly Dog Bed for Your Jack Russell

See Full Details on Amazon Here

#7- Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dogs

The Pet Tent Soft Dog bed is another excellent option for your Jack Russell and does not cost quite as much as the Snoozer model we discussed as my #6 best Jack Russell dog bed.

It can still offer an enclosed feeling for a lower price.


😁Plush Material


😁East to Clean



😒On the Smaller Side of Dog Beds at 19 by 19 by 19 inches.

See Full Details on Amazon Here

Now that you know which dog beds you should be considering, I also want to make sure you understand what you should always be looking for from a quality dog bed and why it is essential.

Here are those details next.

What You Need to Consider Searching for The Best Jack Russell Terrier Dog Bed

As the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier myself, I understand that purchasing a dog bed can be frustrating for a few reasons.

Sometimes, you have no clue if they will ever use it, and sometimes you are worried the quality will not sustain any normal wear and tear or perhaps even destructive behavior from your Jack Russell, such as chewing.

With that in mind, I wanted to cover some of the main elements you need to have in mind when choosing the best dog bed for your Jack Russell Terrier.

Making sure that you get the following items in check will increase the amount of time your Jack Russell is able to enjoy this bed and, overall, how much additional comfort and sleep they will gain from it.


Obviously, comfort is at the top of the priority list when choosing a dog bed for your Jack Russell Terrier.

For Jack Russell’s, if they are anything like mine, they love to lay in the curly-cue position, so choosing a dog bed that is more boxed in or enclosed tends to match their natural tendencies to wrap their bodies into their sleeping positions.

Here is the deal, you can go with one of the cheapest beds possible, and most likely they will be stubborn and decide not to use it, but if you decide to spend the few extra dollars on a bed that meets their needs and that they enjoy, they are likely to use it much more often.

Easy to Clean and Water Resistant

Jack Russell’s likes to dig and are hardworking dogs.

They find ways when they are out in the yard to get dirt and debris under their nails and on their paws.

It is not a matter of if your Jack Russell gets dirty but a matter of when.

I highly recommend sticking with a dog bed for your Jack Russell that has the option to remove covers and easily wash them.

This is going to ultimately go to make your life a lot easier and make your initial investment be much more worth it.


Dog beds take an absolute beating.

My Jack Russell had gone through a few cheap beds before I ultimately ended up purchasing one of the more quality and costly beds on this list.

Stick with dog beds that have strong and durable materials.

Often these are going to be the beds with memory foam or strong reviews from recent purchases not citing any issues with the dog bed falling apart.

My yellow lab and Jack Russell have gone through more beds than I can count.

Trust me, spend a few extra dollars now and save yourself the headaches later.

Enclosing and Desirable for Jack Russell’s

A few of the dog beds that I would consider to be the best for Jack Russell’s on my list above are enclosed in some fashion.

They either have pillow top outlines or have actual enclosures.

If you have a Jack Russell anything like my 2.5-year-old female Jack Russell, you may notice that they love to sleep under the blankets or really borough down.

I think that this is key for your Jack Russell enjoying the new bed.

While it may run a few extra dollars, it is entirely worth it if you ask me.

Best Outdoor Dog Beds for Your Jack Russell

While I do not believe that you should ever allow your Jack Russell to sleep outside overnight or live outside, I still find the outdoor Jack Russell dog beds to be a wise investment.

My Jack Russell still loves to be outside a good chunk of the day if the weather permits, and she is perfectly fine with laying in the sun.

I recommend choosing a dog bed that keeps them comfortable, that they will not attempt to chew, and that can provide some form of a cooling effect.

I currently use the K&H Elevated Dog Bed for my Jack Russell (Link to Amazon)

It keeps her cool, and she literally uses it every day.

For the price and durability, you cannot go wrong using this option.

Pillows and Other Comfort Items for Your Jack Russell Terrier

For the most part, I have not seen much of a reason to purchase additional pillows or other comfort items for my Jack Russell.

She tends to always lay on her bed in a curled-up position and never seemed to have much interest in any additional pillow or blankets.

While your Jack Russell may be the complete opposite, I am a bigger advocate of choosing and spending more money on the bed itself compared to spending any additional money on the additional bedding and comfort items.

Dog beds tend to be an item for Jack Russell’s that can become frustrating when you choose the lower end products, so having one higher-end item that they will actually use seems to be the wise decision financially and for your Jack Russell’s overall comfort.

Pick A Dog Bed and Let Your Jack Russell Enjoy Some Great Rest and Relaxation

Any of the dog beds laid out for you above will certainly get the job done.

They are all quality dog beds that meet the criteria that I typically look for when shopping for the best dog beds for Jack Russell’s.

Spend a few dollars and go for quality and durability and let your Jack Russell enjoy it.

Jack Russell’s are a great addition to any family, so keep them comfortable and getting a full night’s rest and enjoy the bond that will grow over the next 10-15 years.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your new Jack Russell’s and hope they enjoy whichever bed you ultimately decide to purchase.

What Beds Do You Recommend for The Other Jack Russell Owners Reading?

Do you have any further recommendations for dog beds that the readers and their Jack Russell’s could benefit from?

Any further tips to implement when showing your Jack Russell how to use and sleep on your new dog bed?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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