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While I am a huge believer that Jack Russell’s are one of the best dog breeds you can adopt, situations certainly arise where you may question if a muzzle for your Jack Russell makes sense.

Some Jack Russell’s can be the ideal companion but struggle to be around other dogs, or perhaps you are even worried about having a group of kids around your new Jack Russell.

Nonetheless, the Jack Russell dog breed can be hyper and display some dominant behaviors at times, so it is at least important to discuss when a muzzle makes sense for a Jack Russell Terrier and what muzzles are best for Jack Russell Terriers.

That is what the rest of this post will break down for you.

Why muzzles may be necessary for a Jack Russell Terrier and the Best Muzzles for Jack Russell’s that you should be considering.

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Here is how I intend to break it down for you today:

Reasons Why A Jack Russell Terrier May Need A Muzzle

Muzzles may not always be a requirement for a Jack Russell Terrier.

You know and understand your Jack Russell and your Jack Russell’s behavior more than anyone.

Only you can be the judge of that.

However, for anyone reading who recently adopted a Jack Russell puppy or is considering adopting soon, it is important to understand that a muzzle could be greatly beneficial to you and your Jack Russell.

Especially during the socialization process.

When socializing a Jack Russell, it is important that you begin at young ages and that your JR is exposed to plenty of different social scenarios.

This includes being around plenty of other dogs, children, other adults, and even reacting to social situations such as walking, running, and visiting a dog park.

The reasons your Jack Russell may need a muzzle or why it could be beneficial can vary.

I know this from experience and can tell you that plenty of situations would have existed about 1 year ago, where I wish I had a muzzle in my back pocket ready for use.

They may include:

  • Your Jack Russell is Dominant or Aggressive Towards A Sibling Jack Russell (Common)
  • Extra Precaution Around Young Children or A Newborn Baby
  • To Control Excessive Barking on Walks, Runs or Other Exercise
  • If You Have Company Visiting and Want No Chance of Barking or Nipping

While some of these may be more noticeable triggers for your Jack Russell barking or even showing any aggressive behaviors, it is still nice to know that you have a solution.

However, to muzzle a Jack Russell Terrier correctly, you want to make sure you are using one of the best muzzles possible.

Below, I am going to dive into the best muzzles for Jack Russell Terriers and the muzzles I would recommend and place my stamp of approval on.

Following my recommendations, I want to make sure we cover how to pick the correct size muzzle for your Jack Russell and understand the differences between the primary muzzle types.

Best Muzzles for Jack Russell Terriers

When it comes to giving my recommendations on the best muzzles for Jack Russell Terriers, I only have 2 muzzles that I would be considering personally.

This should make your decision easy.

I will explain why these 2 muzzles are the only options that made my cut.

1.)- Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

My Pick
BASKERVILLE Ultra Dog Muzzle
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 03:21 pm GMT

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle comes in at my #1 recommendation for the best Jack Russell muzzle you can consider for several reasons.

First, it is an established product, and when it comes to something that is covering my dogs’ mouth and preventing barking and or aggression, I do not go with products that I can’t trust.

Secondly, for being a muzzle, it still permits all normal daily activities from your Jack Russell Terrier.

This includes the following:

  • Panting
  • Drinking-Water Freely
  • Eating Treats Freely
  • Excercising

This muzzle also uses an incredibly soft and comfortable neoprene lining and includes a collar attachment loop that I love, and that helps create the ideal fit for your JR.

Overall, the muzzle is strong, durable, and affordable.

Adding those factors into my need for trusting the product for my 2-year-old Jack Russell is why it becomes my clear-cut winner.

2.)- Bronze Dog Wire Basket Muzzle

Bronze Wire Basket Dog Muzzle
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Next, we have the Bronze Dog Wire Basket Muzzle.

Remember, there is a difference between a wire basket muzzle and a soft muzzle (more on this 30 seconds).

This is the only other muzzle I personally believe you need to be considering, and to re-comfort you, this is coming from someone who has owned a Jack Russell Terrier for over 2 years now.

While I am not Caesar by any means, I still know the ins and outs of a Jack Russell and how they will respond to certain things.

The wire basket muzzle, too me serves another incredibly unique purpose, which is often under-discussed.

Jack Russell’s not only bark heavily at times, but they also love to dig.

My Jack Russell has made me purchase several bags of topsoil in the last few years.

I think you can fill in the blanks for the rest of that story.

This muzzle is going to be exceptionally durable for those behaviors in addition to the common behaviors that Jack Russell’s need assistance with ending.

This dog muzzle is specifically designed for dogs with small snouts (Jack Russell’s).

It uses two adjustable straps, which makes fitting it nicely for your Jack Russell much easier.

This dog muzzle also permits all the daily movement, and activities like my #1 recommended dog muzzle.

Outside of these specs on this muzzle, I would say the number 1 thing you are purchasing with this muzzle that should give you peace of mind is extreme and added durability.

The wire basket muzzles are tough, rugged, and built to last.

If you are new to owning a Jack Russell Terrier, I can assure you they put any toy, accessory, or object to the test through abuse.

This can come in many forms, such as extreme chewing or just having a blast interacting with you and the family in the backyard.

The Jack Russell is a dog that wants to explore and always finds ways to be on an adventure.

Having a durable and lasting muzzle is never a bad idea.

Soft Muzzles Vs. Wire Basket Muzzles for Jack Russell’s

The soft muzzle vs. the wire basket muzzle is easy to understand and a basic difference.

It is the wire basket compared to the overlapping straps that soft muzzles use that make the difference.

The wire-basket muzzle compared to the soft muzzle is going to provide more durability but, in my opinion, also looks a bit more intimidating on your Jack Russell or any dog breed for that matter.

If you have a Jack Russell or any dog that likes to find trouble (exploring the yard) or frequently puts toys and accessories through the wringer with abuse, I recommend the wire-basket muzzle.

If, on the other hand, you have a Jack Russell that is more laid back, but you want that muzzle for other reasons such as nipping control or bark control, a soft muzzle for your Jack Russell will work just fine.

Wire basket muzzles also typically offer the most usability for your Jack Russell to continue drinking fluids, panting, and eating treats.

Picture yourself at a dog park. A wire-basket muzzle makes a lot of sense.

On the flip side, a soft muzzle can do the same if you do not purchase a sleeve muzzle.

A sleeve muzzle is more designed to keep the mouth of a dog completely shut, such as dogs who show aggression or anxiety when visiting the vet’s office.

What Size Muzzle Is Best for A Jack Russell Terrier

In my opinion, I would always choose either the wire-basket muzzle or the open style soft muzzle for a Jack Russell and select an option with adjustable straps.

Sleeve muzzles are often very tough to fit small dogs with short snouts like a Jack Russell Terrier, so sizing would need to be more exact.

If, however, you stick with the wire basket muzzle or the soft muzzle, you can choose a size that is either extra small or small BUT adjustable.

Often, muzzles such as my number 1 recommended muzzle (Baskerville) will even list on the muzzle sizing options online as “terrier.”

For a Jack Russell Terrier, that would be your selection.

Now, if you do not trust my recommendation or using adjustable straps, you can also rely on more exact measurements.

Keep in mind, these are basic guidelines, and muzzle sizes may still vary for each dog.

Here are basic guideline measurements for a Jack Russell Terrier Muzzle.

  • 2XS, XS or Small
  • Snout Girth- 6.5 Inches
  • Snout Length 1 9/16 Inches

A Muzzle May Be A Great Solution for Your Jack Russell Terrier for Several Reasons

As we have discussed for most of this post, the reasons you may want a muzzle for your Jack Russell may differ, and they can also be plentiful.

For me personally, a muzzle for my Jack Russell would have been the most helpful from the ages of about 3 months-1-year-old.

During this age, she literally barked at every bicycle (they scare the poop out of her), and she was much chewier and nippier at that time.

However, I can still see the appeal in a muzzle at her age now (she is almost 2)

When she interacts with my 4-year-old son, she is merely playing but sometimes may nip an ear lobe or even his chin.

It is in no fashion a form of aggression, but they are just hyper and playful dogs.

1 year ago, my son would have screamed like a baby that just went through his first haunted house if she nipped him.

Now, he is understanding it is playful and that it does not hurt and just laughs it off and usually tells her not to bite or says no biting.

In my opinion, with discipline and training, Jack Russell’s are not problematic dogs in any fashion, but trust me, I do 100% agree that a muzzle can be useful, and situations exist where they may even be necessary.

I know and have seen in enough online Facebook communities from others that own sibling Jack Russell’s that aggression and dominance can even be an issue for some.

My point I am trying to make is simple.

While you may disagree, or even believe they will not help you, I assure you they can, and that ethical pet owners and Jack Russell Terrier owners likely use them all the time.

I am behind those owners and see the usefulness, and everyone’s reasoning for using one may differ.

Why Do Jack Russell Terrier’s Wear Muzzles When Racing?

I honestly threw this question into this post because I find it interesting.

Jack Russell Terriers where muzzles when racing to ensure that no other dogs are hurt during a race.

It also makes the retrieval and hookup to a leash easier for the owner of the Jack Russell if they are muzzled.

Use A Muzzle If Necessary, With Your Jack Russell Terrier but Use It Correctly

While plenty of other great muzzles may be available, I am not a fan of presenting my audience and community with 1000 options.

Not only do I find that borderline useless, I just do not believe you need to consider other options outside of these two muzzles.

They are certainly what I would consider the best muzzles for your Jack Russell and will get the job done.

What more do you need?

Again, the reasons you may choose to use a muzzle for your Jack Russell may differ from owner to owner.

The only thing I urge all of you to consider is to always remain ethical and loving toward your Jack Russell and use a muzzle for the right reasons.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell’s and the journey ahead of you.

Share Your Thoughts About Jack Russell Terrier’s Wearing Muzzles

I know that muzzling a dog such as Jack Russell Terrier could be potentially a hot debate, so I would love some feedback from all of you.

Do you believe in using a muzzle for your Jack Russell, and what reasons do you consider ideal for muzzles?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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