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Jack Russell’s are a unique dog breed with unique needs and a personality that is second to none.

That is for sure.

Individuals who have the desire to adopt a Jack Russell or possibly recently adopted a Jack Russell are often curious about their options and have hundreds of questions in the beginning.

I was the exact same way, and you are attempting to provide the best home and the best care possible for your new JR simply by doing your research ahead of time.

One of the questions that I often see individuals ask about the Jack Russell relates to your options on where you can keep your Jack Russell at your home, depending on your circumstances.

More specifically, can Jack Russell’s live outside?

I have now owned a Jack Russell for almost 2 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Jack Russell’s can live outside if they are still provided plenty of exercise, social interaction, love and affection. To live outside, Jack Russell’s would also need a safe and climate-controlled shelter. Jack Russell’s in most situations should live indoors unless the above criteria can be met in order to provide the best care possible.

That is the short, sweet, and easy answer to the question at hand.

I do, however, want to take the time to cover this topic more in-depth and provide you with all the information you need to know about your Jack Russell living outside.

Below, I have made a quick table of contents you can use to navigate the post quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to use any of the links to skip around:

As mentioned, a moment ago, feel free to use the links above to skip around the post if you are short on time.

Otherwise, stick around for just a few minutes, and I will give you all the information you need to know about your Jack Russell living outside and the pros and cons you will experience doing so.

Here are the essential details you need to understand.

Can Jack Russell’s Live Outside Recap

Jack Russell’s are a loyal dog breed that loves to please their owners and love to be the center of attention when it is possible.

Some new dog owners who have never owned a dog or a Jack Russell in the past can become overwhelmed by this.

It is also possible that you live on a property with a substantial amount of land and might have the gut feeling that your Jack Russell would be happier living outside.

While it can be possible to allow a Jack Russell to live outside under the right conditions, it is not always the best solution and may not be what ultimately makes your Jack Russell happy.

I am going to start diving into those details now and explain why your Jack Russell likely should not be living outside.

Jack Russell’s Do not Prefer Isolation.

One of the most important things to realize before deciding that outdoors is the best place for your Jack Russell to live is the fact that they do not prefer to be isolated from their owners or their family.

Jack Russell’s are naturally a protective dog and show a lot of love and affection towards their family and caregivers.

If they had it their way, they would not want to have this kind of distance between them and a lack of social interaction.

My Jack Russell happens to follow me around just about everywhere I go.

It may have been slightly annoying at first, but in all honesty, I do not really notice it anymore and do not consider it to be an issue.

If your Jack Russell is living outside or not inside the home very often, they are not going to get much of this personal time around you or the rest of the family.

This can also ultimately lead to a Jack Russell being a more aggressive dog as they get older.

One of the tricks to avoiding aggression with any dog breed is letting them become social with other pets and other people right out of the gates.

Preferably, right when they arrive home after adoption.

This is going to make your dog more use to people, more use to other dogs, and avoid potential issues in the future.

Clearly, if you have your Jack Russell living outdoors, this is going to be more challenging to accommodate unless you have your Jack Russell living outside with other dogs, and you are also outside the majority of the time.

A situation where I can see this being a decent situation is if you live on a farm, and you are actively working on the property often.

If this is the case and you have other animals, dogs, and even family on the property working frequently, I do not see an issue with your Jack Russell’s sleeping quarters being located outside of the home.

I would just highly recommend that you have an exceptionally well-insulated dog shelter in place in addition to either an electric property line or a shock collar with training implemented to keep your Jack Russell from running away.

If you can avoid the dangers of your Jack Russell running into a roadway while living outside while still being provided a safe home, social activity, and the exercise they need, I do not see an issue with this at all.

Do not Allow Boredom or Neglect to Kick In

Now, let’s assume that you do live on a large property and opt to allow your Jack Russell to live outside.

One big recommendation I have for you is to ensure that you do not allow boredom or neglect to set in.

When you let your Jack Russell live outside, I could see out of sight and out of mind taking place relatively quickly, which I could see as a potential issue.

Make sure that if you do decide your Jack Russell is better suited for the outdoors that you are either providing work, interacting with, or preventing boredom for your new dog.

If you do not, they are going to explore, do some hunting on their own, excessively bark and potentially even dig and chew things you prefer they do not.

Trust me, I have made my fair share of mistakes owning dogs in the past, and this is one you do not want to deal with if it can be avoided.

Additional Tips If Your Jack Russell Is Going to Live Outside

Before sending you on your way, I just want to touch on a few things one more time if you ultimately are going to have your Jack Russell live outside.

First and foremost, I want to make sure I am 100% clear that I only advocate for this if the property and conditions are nearly perfect.

I am talking about a big safe farm type property with a safe, insulated, and proper living area for your Jack Russell.

This also includes some of the things we just discussed, such as ensuring they do not run off or run away.

Lastly, Jack Russell craves and needs to work, exercise, and be around people.

Isolation is never a good ending with a Jack Russell, so if you do decide this is best, be sure to show love, affection, and approval towards your Jack Russell if you ultimately want a working dog and a bond that can last 15 years or more in some case.

Final Thoughts

Jack Russell’s make fantastic family pets.

Especially when they get the care they need and desire.

Living outside can certainly be an option, but often, allowing your Jack Russell to live inside the home with the rest of the family is going to be safest and best bet.

Ensure you show some attention and love towards your Jack Russell and provide a safe home, and I assure you, adopting a JR will not be a decision you regret.

It has not been a regret for me thus far.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell and the journey and relationship you have ahead of you.


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Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

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