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Understanding the cost involved in adopting a new dog is typically step 1 before deciding to do anything.

Jack Russells are no different in this regard, and the cost can vary significantly depending on which path you decide to take.

I was the same way before adopting my Jack Russell and had the same questions.

How much does a Jack Russell Terrier cost?

After adopting my Jack Russell almost 2 years ago and going through the same process, you are considering now, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Jack Russells can differ in price significantly depending on how you intend to adopt a Jack Russell. Adopting a Jack Russell from a reputable rescue will run you around $300.00 and adopting a full-bred Jack Russell from a reputable breeder can cost you anywhere from $800.00-$2500.00.

Quick Cost Chart Of Adopting A Jack Russell

Jack Russell AgeCost Of Adopting From Jack Russell BreederCost Of Adopting From Local Dog Rescue
Primary Advantages Of Breeder Vs. RescueMore Socialized, Meet The Parents, More GuaranteesGive A Jack Russell a Warm and Loving Home, Cheaper Adoption
One Time Cost Following Adoption$200.00$200.00
Average Monthly Cost $30.00-$50.00$30.00-$50.00

I know these prices and costs of a Jack Russell seem to have a wide range gap, which is why I decided to create a quick post detailing the reasons why the cost to adopt a Jack Russell may differ depending on which option you choose.

More specifically, I intend on breaking down the price and ongoing cost of owning a Jack Russell Terrier in the following manner:

If need be, feel free to use the links provided above to skip around in this post.

Otherwise, give me about 3 minutes, and I will break down everything I know about the cost of adopting a Jack Russell.

Jack Russell Terrier

How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier Cost?

As mentioned just a moment ago, the price of adopting a Jack Russell can vary significantly depending on if you choose to adopt from a local rescue or a well-known Jack Russell breeder.

Rescues are always going to be the cheaper option you can choose when adopting a Jack Russell.

Breeders, for some good reasons, are going to cost you more for your Jack Russell.

I personally adopted my full bred Jack Russell from a breeder in Illinois that was located about 3 hours from my home.

While it was not the most fun to drive this far home with a new puppy, I am still happy with my choice.

Not that I am against adopting from a local rescue by any means.

Some rescues even specialize in Jack Russells and Terrier dog breeds in general, so they can certainly make a viable choice.

My Jack Russell was $850.00 for a female that was 10 weeks old at the time of the adoption.

However, my breeder was reputable and had a lot that came with paying that price (more on this soon).

In an easy to understand summary of the overall point, I am trying to make:

Jack Russell Terriers will cost less from a rescue in most circumstances, and Jack Russells from a reputable breeder will cost more.

Still, breeders may have more advantages, which we will cover later in this post.

For now, let’s cover the more specific cost that is common when choosing to adopt a full-bred Jack Russell.

Jack Russell Terrier in grass

How Much Is A Full-Bred Jack Russell?

Before diving into how much a full-bred Jack Russell cost, it is crucial to understand what full-bred means and why it even matters.

Full bred simply means that both parents are unmixed dogs.

This is typically desired from potential dog owners seeking certain traits from dogs that tend to stand out and excel when they are full bred.

With Jack Russells, this could be for hunting purposes since this is what they originally were bred for years ago.

Hunting foxes, more specifically.

Anytime you choose to search for a full-bred Jack Russell or any dog breed for that matter, the price can sometimes be inflated.

Simply because of that pure-bred tag that can be slapped on the advertising and reputation of the dog.

I, personally, have always adopted pure-bred dogs.

I do not feel as if I do for it any specific reason and think adopting a mix is just as desirable in many situations.

It is just how I have always adopted and what I currently own today.

A pure-bred Jack Russell 2-year-old female and a pure-bred English yellow lab that is going to be 7 years old next year in August.

Yes, both ended up costing more due to this.

This does not mean that you need to take this approach and adopt a full-bred Jack Russell.

However, if you do decide to adopt a full-bred Jack Russell, the cost is going to range from $800.00-$2500.00.

From a pure-bred Jack Russell breeder, you will likely be closer to the $800.00 mark.

However, if you move into the very reputable breeding farms for Jack Russells, the price can exceed $2000.00 relatively quickly.

Especially depending on the bloodlines, pedigree, and guarantees that the breeder is offering (more on this soon).

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Pricing and Cost

Adopting a Jack Russell puppy is much like adopting any Jack Russell we have discussed thus far.

In fact, when you adopt a Jack Russell from a breeder, it will be a puppy ranging from 8-12 weeks in age.

On the flip side, when you decide to adopt a Jack Russell from a local rescue, the ages may vary along with the price.

As far as pricing is concerned with Jack Russell puppies, it is going to be like what we have already covered.

Breeders will vary in cost based on reputation and popularity in addition to the guarantees they offer.

Supply and demand may even come into the equation.

These prices for Jack Russell puppies will likely range from $800.00-$2500.00.

On the other hand, adopting a Jack Russell puppy may be cheaper from a local rescue but come with fewer guarantees and be more difficult to find.

Why Are Jack Russells So Expensive?

A question that I have noticed come up across social platforms is regarding the overall cost of a Jack Russell and if the cost is justified.

More specifically, why are Jack Russells so expensive?

The fact is, Jack Russells are not necessarily more or less expensive than other terrier dog breeds that are either full-bred or mixed. With breeders and the cost of a Jack Russell, you will have supply and demand, causing price fluctuations.

What do I mean by this?

Well, each kind of dog breed goes through spurts of popularity and demand, and the time of year and breeding can even make a difference.

If demand is high, but supply is low, you may be one of the individuals who experience the cost of a Jack Russell to be higher than average.

On the flip side, if demand is low, but the supply of new Jack Russell puppies is busting at the seams, you may be someone who gets the opportunity to adopt a Jack Russell for much cheaper.

Now, let’s begin to discuss some of the primary differences you may notice and things you should look for when deciding between a breeder and a rescue for your Jack Russell Terrier.

Breeders Vs. Rescue

As we have covered thus far into this post, the two primary options you have when you adopt a Jack Russell is a breeder near you or local rescue.

Both vary in cost, as we have covered previously.

However, it is essential to note that the inflated cost of adopting a Jack Russell from a breeder is typically due to a few reasons I want to break down now:

Jack Russell Terrier face

Guarantee’s to Search For

When adopting a Jack Russell, you have some obvious perks, such as having the ability to meet the parents.

I loved this when I adopted my Jack Russell even if the cost was higher to do so.

Breeders, for the cost you pay, are also going to offer more health guarantees and have often tested their bloodlines for specific hereditary issues that are common with Jack Russells.

If you have not spoken to your breeder about this, be sure to do so.

Especially for the cost of a Jack Russell in these situations.

Behavior and Temperament

You also have other benefits of adopting a Jack Russell from a breeder, which can also factor into why they cost more.

They are already going to be socialized dogs and are used to be around other pets and likely even people.

With a breeder, you also get the opportunity to mold the behavior you wish to see from your Jack Russell, which for the cost if often overlooked.

This can help significantly down the road with issues such as discipline and training.

I would rather pay more money for a Jack Russell to have this ability than to take over the personality of a Jack Russell from a rescue, but again, I have nothing against adopting from a rescue either.

Especially if you are trying to save money or give a dog a new heartwarming home


Breeders are also going to be expensive compared to a rescue due to all the documentation they can provide you.

They often have records not only on the parents but established records on your Jack Russell puppy.

This may include immunizations, microchipping, and health guarantees, like mentioned previously.

A good breeder for a Jack Russell will typically even throw in additional perks as part of the cost, such as cheat sheets about traveling home with your new Jack Russell or a small supply of the food they have been eating.

They will even take the time to guide you and answer common questions such as the best methods for leaving your new Jack Russell home alone.


The support a breeder will typically provide is the last key topic I want to cover to ensure we understand why a Jack Russell may be expensive from a breeder and a Jack Russell cost what it does to adopt.

Breeders that are reputable often want to remain in your puppy’s life or hear about the journey you have.

Maybe they check in to see how your Jack Russell is adapting, and maybe they even ask for pictures and a testimonial.

A lot of the time, breeders even have access to discounted food supplies or other items that can be beneficial for your Jack Russell and are worth inquiring about.

Nonetheless, a Jack Russell and the cost associated with adopting one are often worth the charges after you factor in everything you are getting from a reputable Jack Russell breeder.

That is my opinion, at least, and I am sticking to it.

Other Cost of Jack Russells Following the Adoption

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to determine the cost of adopting a Jack Russell is that it by no means ends after the adoption.

It is just the beginning.

Jack Russell Terriers needs some love, attention, and exercise every day.

At a bare minimum, you are going to also need to purchase a crate for crate training, a collar, a leash, and suitable dog food and chew toys.

If you are anything like me, you will begin buying all sorts of items, which is clearly going to jack up the cost of adopting a Jack Russell even more.

With those costs being factored into the equation, I did the math and believe it is safe to say that you have roughly $200.00 in additional expenses when it comes to adopting a Jack Russell, and even more if you are considering tail docking.

Following these costs, your monthly costs will consist of food, which will be about $30.00 per month for quality food and any ongoing care such as vet bills for routine checkups or any health problems that pop up.

The Cost of a Jack Russell Terrier Is Worth It

I like to make it a point to emphasize that you should not stress the cost of a Jack Russell.

All the costs associated with the adoption of a JR are well worth it if you ask me, and I would do it over again every time if given the opportunity.

Jack Russells are a hyper dog breed but can bring a ton of joy to the family.

They are loving and loyal pets.

Save back some money, throw it in a rainy-day fund and begin saving for the chance to adopt your own Jack Russell in the future.

You will not regret it!

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your upcoming adoption if you do decide to adopt a Jack Russell and the journey ahead of you.

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Did you adopt your Jack Russell from a local breeder or a rescue?

Do you have anything further you can share with the readers about the cost they can expect when adopting a Jack Russell?

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As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

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