Jack Russell Terrier Breeders Near You [Best Options & Tips]

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Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier is exciting, and they certainly make for excellent family pets.

No doubt about it.

However, before you get to this stage to go through with an adoption, you must find a reputable, local, and trustworthy Jack Russell Breeder to work with.

The good news is that this is relatively easy to do. Jack Russell’s are a dog that can be easily found with plenty of reliable and trustworthy breeders.

You also have a few other considerations to keep in mind before adopting a Jack Russell from a local breeder, which is another topic, I intend to break down for you today in this brief 4-minute post.

To kickstart things, I want to first look at the extensive list of reputable Jack Russell Breeders you can choose from based on which state you currently live in.

Breakdown of All Jack Russell Terrier Breeders by State

State of Jack Russell BreederName of Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
AlabamaBlue Creek
AlabamaSweet Briar Kennel
AlabamaC. C. Ranch
ArizonaGoswick Shorty Jacks
ArizonaDel Shay Jack Russell Terriers
ArkansasRiver Bottom
ArkansasLittle Sidekick Shorty Jack Russell’s
ArkansasQuail Ridge Kennels
CaliforniaBritish Grit
CaliforniaHoney Tree
CaliforniaJack Russell’s New Hope Farms
CaliforniaLipizzans West Jack Russell’s
ColoradoShavano Creek
ColoradoColorado Jack Russell Terriers
ConnecticutHillside Jack Russell’s
ConnecticutHuckle Hill (Always Serves MA)
DelawareReynard Farms
FloridaWest Elk
FloridaBright Jacks Jack Russell Terriers
FloridaRusting Oaks
FloridaButterball Kennel
FloridaCeltic River
GeorgiaBriddle Creek
GeorgiaConasuaga (Also Serves FL)
GeorgiaDig Em Out Terriers
GeorgiaCold Water Creek
GeorgiaGeorgia Jack Russell Shorties
HawaiiBig Island Bullies
IdahoGem Dandy Jack Russell’s
IdahoSage Creek Jack Russell’s
IdahoHigh Meadow Terriers
IdahoRiver Glenn Terriers
IllinoisFabrizius Farms
IllinoisFox Valley Parsons
IndianaClearview Farms
IndianaWillow Crest JRT’s
IowaRough House Jack Russell
IowaKimberlite Jack Russell’s
KansasRock Chalk
Louisiana Snow Creek
LouisianaMeyers Hunt
MaineConnemara Jacks
MarylandBriar Patch Jack Russell’s
MassachusettsDiamond Gates
MassachusettsHuckle Hill
MassachusettsRaven Wolf
MassachusettsSea Dog
MassachusettsDouble D Jack Russell’s
MichiganJRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers
MichiganKracker Jack’s Kennel
MichiganCher Car Kennels
MichiganParadise Kennel
MinnesotaJG Kennels
MinnesotaIden Rye Kennel
MississippiHi Cotton
MississippiBlue Gene Jack Russell’s
MissouriMeadow Pond Farms
MissouriJack’s Or Better
MissouriMingstrom Farms
MontanaSnow Wind Farm
MontanaLazy C Ranch
NebraskaHidden Acres
NebraskaNebraska Jack
NebraskaOutlaw Kennel
NevadaFox Fire Jacks
New HampshirePatch wood Farms
New JerseyFleet Street
New JerseyMousemoor
New JerseyNorthgate
New JerseyRabble Rouser
New JerseyRebel Run
New JerseyJRT Puddin Pups
New JerseyNicholas Jack Russell’s
New JerseyBreeders Club of America
New MexicoFlat Land Jack Russell’s
New MexicoNew Mexico AF
New YorkConquest
New YorkLittle Eden
New YorkShelmar
New YorkEmpire Puppies
New YorkCentral Park Puppies
New YorkFoxfield Terriers
New YorkLong Island Puppies
North CarolinaCedar Grove
North CarolinaFiery Fox
North CarolinaLockenlode
North CarolinaLong Creek
North CarolinaRun Away Farm
North CarolinaWinslow Farms
North DakotaNone
OhioShingle Oak
OhioBuckeye Puppies
OhioShorty Jack’s
OhioLancaster Puppies
Oklahoma Jack N Around
OklahomaLeap N River
OklahomaMarsha’s Puppies
OklahomaDee’s Jack Russell’s
OregonWhite Oak Ranch
OregonRogue Russell’s
OregonRosewood Parson Terrier’s
PennsylvaniaSass N Dash
PennsylvaniaAA Ridgewood Kennel’s
Rhode IslandNone
South CarolinaDuncan Chase Jack Russell’s
South CarolinaColdwater Creek
South CarolinaMyrtle Beach Jack Russell’s
South DakotaJim River Valley
TennesseeHart Farms
TennesseeRolling Hill Russell’s
TennesseeSexton Family Farm
TennesseeAllison Hollows Farms and Puppies
TexasBlack Brush
TexasHigh Range
TexasCuttin Up Jack Russell’s
TexasLoblolly Farm
TexasPanhandle Jack Russell’s
TexasDukes Legacy
UtahSpanky’s Dogs
VermontStill Meadows
VirginiaJames River
VirginiaMay Day
VirginiaPine Hill
VirginiaSmilin Jack’s
WashingtonJ & J
WashingtonSweet Grass
West VirginiaHart Farms
WisconsinMoon Crest
WyomingAvalanche Acres

For further information on any of the following Jack Russell Breeders, simply copy and past the name of the breeder back into google.

This will retrieve full contact information including website, Facebook page and the address of the breeder for you in addition to Jack Russell’s currently available for adoption.

Now that you have an idea of where you can find your reputable Jack Russell Breeder, I want to also cover some other need to know information about using a breeder for your adoption and other considerations you need to keep in mind.

More specifically, I want to break this post down for you in the following manner:


Understanding the Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders Near You by State

As you can see from the table above, the number of options you have to adopt a Jack Russell from a breeder is plentiful.

While some states have more than others, it appears that for most individuals considering a Jack Russell Terrier, you can likely adopt one from a reputable breeder near you that is within driving distance.

However, it is also important to note that you should be doing some research on the breeder you intend to use to ensure you are comfortable with what they are offering and what you are receiving for the price you are paying (more on this later).

Nonetheless, a Jack Russell is one of the more popular terrier breeds, and you have plenty of options.

I also want to discuss the key differences between using a breeder and a local rescue when adopting your first JR.

Choosing A Jack Russell Breeder Vs. Using A Local Jack Russell Rescue

While this post is specifically geared towards finding you one of the best breeders in your area, it is also important to note that you always have the option to adopt from a local rescue as well.

The main disadvantage to doing this is not knowing 100%, what kind of socialization your Jack Russell has been exposed to in the past and you may not be able to get reliable information about what kind of behavior and temperament a potential Jack Russell you may adopt is working with.

Not to mention, they are typically going to be older than a puppy, and you will not be afforded the same health guarantees that are offered by a local breeder.

However, using a rescue can save a few bucks during the adoption phase, which can be desired for many in this situation trying to find their next loveable and loyal Jack Russell.

I also want to touch briefly about the Jack Russell Club of America list of breeders.

Jack Russell Club of America Breeders Vs. Non JRTCA Breeders

The Jack Russell Club of America Breeders is another resource online that provides some information on certain Jack Russell breeders that have been given special recognition by the JRTCA.

However, you should take this with a grain of salt.

On the JRTCA website, it specifically states that the JRTCA is also an advertising platform for Jack Russell breeders in certain states and areas.

This does not necessarily make the breeders on this website you see any better or any worse than any of the breeders we have listed out in our table above.

My advice is to simply ensure that you do your research on a local breeder within driving distance and make sure that you feel comfortable with the entire process.

Outside of that, whether you are listed on the JRTCA should not be a determining factor in your decision as to which Jack Russell breeder you should be using.

The Story of Adopting My Jack Russell from A Local Breeder

Now that we have those disclaimers and primary information out of the way, I wanted to be sure to tell you how great of an experience it can be to use a local Jack Russell breeder in your area when you are ready to adopt.

I personally used a local breeder myself that was located about 3 hours away from me.

I first emailed her and inquired about what Jack Russell’s were currently available, which she promptly responded with all the adorable pictures of each individual Jack Russell that was available.

She was also kind of enough to explain all the guarantees the breeder offered in the form of health and testing.


My breeder even made sure to have my new 10-week-old female Jack Russell microchipped and ready to go for me.

When I arrived, I was not rushed and had plenty of time to meet all the puppies in addition to both parent Jack Russell’s.

She was also kind enough to allow me to ask a bunch of questions about the process and best practices.

Plus, I loved that she included a cheat sheet for traveling in a car with my Jack Russell for the first time In addition to two weeks’ worth of the food my Jack Russell had been eating to ensure I could break her into the food of my choice slowly.

My Jack Russell was well socialized and always around other Jack Russell’s, other animals, and other people, and it has been a great experience thus far with just about 2.5 years under my belt.

Overall, I would rate this method of adopting a Jack Russell a 10/10.

This is the same approach you want to take when you go to adopt your Jack Russell from a breeder.

Speak to them first and get comfortable.

Ask as many questions as you want and feel out the breeder even further once you arrive.

Meet the parents and other puppies, ask questions, and get all anxiety and questions out of the way and ensure that the environment seems up to par for a dog breeder.

The dogs should ideally be in a climate-controlled area and appear to be well taken care of.

If you have any gut feeling that this is not the case and begin second-guessing the situation, it is okay to walk away and choose a different breeder to work with.

I doubt this often happens, especially with prior research ahead of time.

Ensure You Find the Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeder Possible

This is re-emphasizing some of what we just discussed, but it is essential to touch on.

Yes, driving distance is a concern.

Especially considering that you have a new puppy in your car that is prone to get car sick the first time they go for a ride.

I was unfortunate enough to have my sweet 10-week-old puke in my lap while driving home.

I totally get wanting to get a Jack Russell from a breeder as close to your home as possible.

However, it is also essential that you are considering all options.

Especially if you are in a state where several options are available, and several JR breeders are available.

Go with the breeder with more positive reviews, better response times, and a better feel to the process when you first make contact. A Jack Russell is a long-living Terrier.

Over 15 years, most of the time.

This is a decision you want to place some weight on and make sure that you get it right and find the best breeder for you and ultimately the best Jack Russell.

Again, if you get any bad gut feelings or start having second thoughts, do not hesitate to walk away and work with another breeder if necessary.

Cost of Adopting A Jack Russell Using A Local Breeder

A lot of individuals who are ready to take the next step and adopt a Jack Russell from a local breeder are often curious about what the cost may be.

The best thing I can do for you to answer this question is to refer you to my post about how much Jack Russell’s cost here.

It is going to break down the cost difference you will likely run into choosing a Jack Russell compared to using a local rescue.

Overall, using a local Jack Russell breeder that is reputable will run you anywhere from $800.00-2500.00.

Sometimes, even more.

An $800.00 Jack Russell is no worse than a $2500.00 Jack Russell if you ask me.

However, sometimes more guarantees and unique champion bloodlines are available.

Supply and demand will also be a factor in the price in addition to the state you live in.

Outside of reading the article, I referenced previously, it is best just to begin researching on your own and determining your options in your area.

Becoming Mentally Prepared for Your Jack Russell Adoption

The last thing we are going to touch on in this post before sending you on your way is a simple.

You need to get prepared for the adoption of your Jack Russell.

This means mentally preparing and getting some of the necessities out of the way beforehand.

At a bare minimum, I would ensure you have the following ready to go:

  • A Suitable Sized Crate for Your Jack Russell
  • A Puppy Dog Collar
  • A New Leash
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Chew Toys

As far as mentally preparing, be sure you understand that this is a hyper dog breed.

They need plenty of exercise.

In the beginning, they are going to act like a puppy in every fashion possible no matter how good of a Jack Russell breeder you have found.

This includes the typical behaviors you are familiar with all dog breeds.

You will have the chewing.

You will also have some barking, especially in the crate during the first few nights.

Do not worry.

With some work and some proper training, these annoying behaviors start to go away and improve.

Prepare to work with your Jack Russell, and they can become a fantastic family pet.

Do not just plan on adopting a cute dog that you can leave at home alone.

It does not work like that with Jack Russell’s, and it does not work like that with any dog breed.

Jack Russell Breeders Are All Over, Choose One and Enjoy the Journey

Jack Russell’s can become one of the most affectionate and loving dogs you can choose to adopt.

After finding the best Jack Russell breeder near you, it becomes a journey that can bring a great deal of joy and a new companion and family member to the household.

Do your research and feel comfortable with the process and have a blast with your new Jack Russell.

Hopefully, this post has shown you that finding one of the best and local Jack Russell Terrier Breeders is not overly complicated.

The list is relatively large for your options.

Most Jack Russell breeders will be an excellent choice and are extremely educated about this dog breed and love to help.

Make sure you are prepared in other ways for what comes following the adoption and enjoy the journey with your new JR.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming adoption and the breeder you ultimately decide to work with.

Share Your Thoughts

Any further recommendations you can share with anyone looking to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier from a local breeder soon?

Do you prefer to adopt from a local breeder or a rescue?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

Thanks again, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded TerrierOwner.com to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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