Jack Russell Terrier Colors [Color Options, Coats, & Markings]

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Jack Russell Terriers have a personality that can certainly grab the attention of the room, and the different colors, coats, and markings make this breed of terrier’s even more unique.

The appearances of a Jack Russell can come in many colors, different coats, and even markings, and individuals who are often considering adopting a Jack Russell Terrier are curious as to what colors this energetic dog breed is available and bred in.

That is what the rest of this brief post is going to break down for you.

I want to inform anyone considering a Jack Russell Terrier or anyone thinking of making that trip to a local Jack Russell breeder near you that you have plenty of adorable options and colors to choose from.

In addition to unique coat styles and markings.

Here is the breakdown and quick navigation of this post:

Jack Russell Terrier Colors, Markings, and Coats

The Different Colors of Jack Russell Terriers

While the overall appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier will not differ much between the different coats, colors, and markings, you still have quite a long list of different color options with this unique and intelligent dog breed.

Below, I am going to begin diving into the huge selection of different colors that you could possibly elect to adopt in the future.

Each combination will have a mostly white coat, but researchers have found that the more white that is in a Jack Russell’s coat, the more likely they are to be deaf.

While not every breeder will have all these colors available and some are more common than others, each color is an option with Jack Russells and just waiting for the perfect home.

Here we go.

Black and White Jack Russell Terriers

A black and white Jack Russell Terrier is going to be primarily white but has black markings and patches.

White and Tan Jack Russell Terriers

Primarily white Jack Russell Terriers with tan markings or patches.

White and Chestnut Jack Russell Terriers

Primarily white Jack Russell Terrier with chestnut-colored markings and or patches.

Tri-Color Jack Russell Terriers (Black, White, and Brown)

A tri-color Jack Russell Terrier can have two primary combinations of the dominant colors.

Tri-Color Combo #1- Primarily White with tan and black markings and patches

Tri-Color Combo #2- Primarily white with tan and brown markings and or patches.

Lemon White Jack Russell Terriers

Lemon and white Jack Russell Terriers are primarily white with lemon-colored patches and or markings.

Red and White Jack Russell Terriers

The red and white Jack Russell Terrier is slightly misleading.

This Jack Russell Terrier is primarily white with bright brown coloring patches or markings that are reddish in color around the face.

One of the more unique color options of a Jack Russell Terrier if you ask me.

Now that we are aware of all the color combinations Jack Russell Terriers may be bred in or available in, we also need to discuss the different markings you may notice with a Jack Russell Terrier.

Black Jack Russell Terriers

Like the red and white, a black Jack Russell is also misleading, but in a different way.

A black Jack Russell is actually a Jack Russell mix that is predominantly JRT.

Jack Russell Terrier colors

Jack Russells And Their Unique Markings

Jack Russell Terriers vary in the markings and spots they have just like they do with the color of their fur.

This could mean that the markings or spots appear in different locations on the Jack Russell Terrier’s body, have multiple spots, different shapes, and different sizes.

Some Jack Russell Terriers even have spots and markings that are difficult to notice.

Nonetheless, I want to dive into some of the typical locations of markings and spots that you may notice on a Jack Russell Terrier.

Patches Over the Eyes

A patch over the eye of a Jack Russell Terrier will differ in size and shape but commonly will present over one eye or the other.

Not both.

Patches Over the Ears

The patches over the ear will also often differ in how noticeable the patch or marking is on a Jack Russell and vary in shape and size but will once again, typically only appear over one ear of a Jack Russell Terrier.

Not both.

A Full Face Mask

I love the Jack Russell Terriers that have a full-face mask.

This is also easy to distinguish compared to other Jack Russell Terrier markings spots.

When this is the case, the body of the Jack Russell will be completely white, but the face of the Jack Russell will be masked in one of the colors we discussed previously in this post (black, tan or brown)

Face Masks with Streaks

Now we have the face masks that have a streak through them.

When this is the case, the Jack Russell’s body will remain white, and the face mask will be present but have a white streak running through the middle of the various colored face masks.

Another one of my favorite color and marking combinations for a Jack Russell Terrier and the kind of markings of my Jack Russell Terrier.

Saddle Markings

Saddle markings on a Jack Russell Terrier will be noticeable by a combination of varying shapes and or sizes of patches and markings down the back or sides of the Jack Russell where you would consider the common spot typically for a “saddle.”

Spots on The Tail

Spots on the tail are exactly what it sounds like.

This will be a different colored tail or a spot on the tail of the Jack Russell Terrier while the rest of the body is primarily white.

This is what my Jack Russell Terrier currently has.

She is primarily white with a brown spotted tail and a streaked face mask that is brown.

You can see photos of her in my about us section of this website to get a better picture as to what this looks like.

We have now discussed and covered all the color combinations of Jack Russells in addition to the common markings of Jack Russell Terriers.

The last big distinguisher of the physical appearance of a Jack Russell Terrier is the coat.

I want to move into those details next.

The Different Coats of Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers will have 3 different coats that they can present with.

The smooth coat, broken coat, and rough coat.

With any of these coats, any of the color combinations and marking combinations are possible.

Here is an overview of each of these 3 coat options with Jack Russell Terriers.

Jack Russell Terrier Coat Types

Smooth Coat

The smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier has short fur compared to the other two coat options with JR’s and it appears to be smooth just as it sounds.

This coat is going to run one direction and is the easiest of the 3 coats to care for.

However, do not be fooled by the smooth coat.

While it easy to care for and only really requires weekly brushing, it does still have a strong tendency to hold oil and dirt.

The smooth-coated Jack Russell if kept as a farm or working dog, may also experience the highest chances of feeling cold in the winter compared to the other two coat options.

Broken Coat

The broken coat Jack Russell Terrier is what it sounds like.

It is a combination of the rough coat and the smooth coat on the same dog.

No, the broken coat is not split down the middle, either like a bad haircut.

The broken coat JR will typically have patches on their body with smooth coats and other patches with a rough coat.

No rhyme or reason as to where the smooth or rough patches appear is common.

However, it is common that the broken coat is about an equal 50/50 blend of each coat.

50% rough coat and 50% smooth coat.

This, however, can also vary.

Rough Coat

The rough-coated Jack Russell is going to be the opposite of the smooth-coated Jack Russell.

Long fur, which is considered rough in texture and looks a bit more unkept.

The rough coat Jack Russell Terrier will also typically have varying hair lengths and is often referred to as the wire-haired or wire coated Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier Ticking

Jack Russell Terrier ticking is common, and most Jack Russell Terriers appear with ticking.

This is when your puppies have spots across their body, and the color, sizes, or shapes tend to vary.

The size of the ticking or spots tends to change as they grow older and mature.

Do Jack Russell Terrier Markings Change?

Yes, this is referencing ticking. As your Jack Russell Terrier matures, the spots, sizes, and shapes of the markings will change.

Markings changing or ticking taking place is entirely normal and nothing to worry about.

It is common with all Jack Russell Terriers.

Can Jack Russells Be Black and White?

Jack Russell Terriers will always be primarily white.

It is a possible color combination that a Jack Russell will have black markings such as full-face masks or straddle markings.

Black and white is a common color combination with Jack Russell Terriers, but the primary color will always be white.

Do Jack Russell Terriers Change Colors?

No, Jack Russell Terriers do not change colors, but their markings, also known as ticking, do change as the dog matures.

Jack Russells Come in All Colors, Markings, and Coats and All Make Fantastic Dogs

As you can see, Jack Russell Terriers come in many colors, markings, and even coat types.

While the colors, markings, and coats may change with a Jack Russell, their personality remains hyper, loving, and a joy to own.

Jack Russell Terriers make for excellent pets no matter which color, coat, or marking combination you ultimately choose.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck if you end up deciding to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier!

What Are Your Thoughts on All the Color, Coat, and Unique Options Jack Russells Offer?

Which color and coat do you find to be the most appealing option when it comes to Jack Russell Terriers?

Which color and coat of Jack Russell Terrier do you currently parent?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded TerrierOwner.com to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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