Jack Russell Terrier Sleeping Habits [How Often & More]

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As a new Jack Russell owner or maybe someone thinking about adopting a Jack Russell, you may be curious about the sleeping habits of this dog breed and what you can expect.

We all have our reasons for having these questions about a dog breed, and I was the same way.

I had a specific question on the topic.

Do Jack Russell Terriers sleep a lot?

After raising my Jack Russell for the past few years, here is what I can tell you about this topic.

Jack Russells sleep a lot when they are a puppy adjusting to a new environment. Jack Russells will also sleep often when they are provided adequate exercise. When Jack Russells get older, they also begin sleeping more often.

While this gives you a short and sweet answer to the question, I wanted to dive a bit deeper and explain everything I know about Jack Russell’s sleeping habits and behaviors.

Here is what I would like to cover today in this brief 3-minute post:

Feel free to use any of the links directly above to skip around to find the information you need or desire to read more about.

Otherwise, sit tight and I will break down everything I know about the sleeping behaviors of a Jack Russell Terrier.

Understanding Jack Russell Terriers and How They Sleep

Jack Russells go through a few different phases with their sleep

Jack Russells go through a few different phases with their sleep based on their ages and the general activity around the household.

In general, A Jack Russell is a relatively high energy dog breed that can keep pace with family activities and prefer to do so.

They enjoy working, want to learn a task, and enjoy being the center of attention.

However, Jack Russells are also intelligent and adapt to their environment quickly.

My Jack Russell has transitioned from some early day extreme energy and not sleeping as much to a more relaxed and calmer dog.

That is likely because my household is not all that crazy.

I do have a 4-year-old son, so sometimes the energy in the house can be on the higher side, and she will mimic that behavior.

For the most part, however, it is just a calm household, and most of the more festive activities usually take place outdoors when the weather permits.

Of course, like many dogs, my Jack Russell will have no issue curling up down on the floor near your feet and snoozing off.

She is currently 2 years old, and this is typical of her.

She also sleeps through the night often with me, which is roughly 6-8 hours each day.

But even as your dog sleeps, research has shown that their brains are still active and can pick up on the sound of your voice.

Let’s talk about other factors now that will impact the sleeping behaviors of a Jack Russell and what you can expect.

Exercise and Work Play A Major Role in Sleeping Patterns

If you were not aware already, Jack Russells are a dog breed that needs a lot of exercise and prefers a lot of exercise.

The more you give them, the more you can expect to tucker them out, and you can expect them to be more relaxed during the day resulting in more naps and more sleep from them.

The less energy that they are capable of releasing throughout the day or the week, the less you can expect them to sleep, and honestly, the more you can expect their behavior to be a bit more wild and hyper.

If you are trying to get your Jack Russell to relax a bit more or wanting a Jack Russell that is perfectly fine with an afternoon nap, take them out for a run or even consider other physical activity that they can participate in to help them burn off some of that energy.

The more exercise, the better in nearly all situations.

Puppies and Older Jack Russells Will Sleep More Often

Puppies and Older Jack Russells Will Sleep More Often

It is also important to note that Jack Russells are naturally going to sleep more in the puppy days and older years then they do during their prime years.

My Jack Russell puppy did nearly nothing except nap and sleep when I got home from the breeder.

This went on for a few weeks.

She loved to cuddle up, curl up in her special curly position, and sleep away the day.

Coming home and leaving their families and mother is draining on a puppy, and they are slow to fully adjust to their surroundings when they return home.

In the later years, while they are clearly adjusted, they are just more easily exhausted.

Exercise at the adulthood years does more to wear them out, and they simply do not have the energy they once did.

This is entirely normal and nothing to worry about.

Is My Jack Russell Okay to Sleep Under Blankets Near Me?

Jack Russell under the blankets

I have been seeing this pop up frequently lately, and I had the same thing happen to me, and my Jack Russell still does this to this day.

When she sleeps near the couch or in the bed with me, she finds a way to get her paws on the extra blanket and almost burroughs herself into a sleeping position under the blankets.

It scared me at first, but it is normal, and I have never had an issue with it.

She is always breathing fine, enjoys it, and keeps my feet warm all at the same time.

So, if your Jack Russell is sleeping under the blankets and prefers this, do not worry about it too much and let them do their thing.

Outside Sleeping and Crate Training

Another huge recommendation I want to make sure we touch on is crate training.

I highly recommend crate training your Jack Russell Terrier.

I highly recommend crate training your Jack Russell Terrier

It is going to help immensely with potty training and other behaviors that are hard to monitor at night when your sleeping.

Especially behaviors such as chewing.

I also recommend that you never allow your Jack Russell to sleep outside.

Jack Russells are masters at digging and jumping and having the entire night to themselves to navigate a yard is asking for the potential of your Jack Russell leaving or escaping the yard.

Do Not Overthink It, Let Your Jack Russell Sleep When They Choose

Jack Russells are much like any other dog breed when it comes to sleeping patterns and habits.

They make excellent pets for the family and will sleep much like any other dog breed.

Don’t overthink the sleeping behaviors of your Jack Russell and go with the flow.

Don't overthink the sleeping behaviors of your Jack Russell (Jack Russell yawning)

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russells and the many nights of puppy dreams they have ahead of them.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you have anything further to share or provide the community about a Jack Russell’s sleeping behaviors and habits?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck and appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

We will see you next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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