Jack Russell Terriers Become New Royal Dogs

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A new era has begun for the British monarchy as King Charles III was officially coronated today, following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last year.

This change in reign also marks a transition in the royal family’s canine companions. Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for her love of Corgis, but now it’s time for the Jack Russell Terriers to take the spotlight.

King Charles and his wife, Camilla, are proud owners of two lovely Jack Russell Terriers named Beth and Bluebell, who are set to become the new faces of royal dogs in the United Kingdom.

In this article, we’ll explore the history and characteristics of Jack Russell Terriers, their place in the royal household, and how they compare to the beloved Corgis of Queen Elizabeth II.

Quick Background on Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are a small, energetic breed that originated in England in the early 19th century. They were initially bred by Reverend John Russell, an avid hunter, for their exceptional fox hunting abilities.

The breed is known for its fearless, intelligent, and spirited temperament, as well as its remarkable agility and athleticism.

King Charles and Camilla’s Jack Russell Terriers

King Charles and his wife Camilla adopted their two beloved Jack Russell Terriers, Beth and Bluebell, from London’s Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2017.

The royal couple has been dedicated to supporting animal welfare causes and chose to adopt rather than purchase from a breeder, setting a positive example for the public.

In a radio interview, Camilla shared her fondness for dogs, stating, “The nice thing about dogs is you can sit them down, you could have a nice long conversation, you could be cross, you could be sad, and they just sit looking at you wagging their tail.”

Beth and Bluebell have an important place within the royal household, accompanying King Charles and Camilla on numerous occasions. They are cherished members of the family, and their presence adds warmth and affection to the royal home.

While Beth and Bluebell enjoy a privileged position within the royal household, there are still boundaries in place. The dogs are allowed almost everywhere, including private living areas and gardens, but they are not permitted on the bed – I guess even royalty have rules to follow.

Comparing Royal Dogs: Corgis vs. Jack Russell Terriers

Queen Elizabeth II was famously devoted to her Corgis throughout her reign. She received her first Corgi, Susan, as an 18th birthday present and went on to own more than 30 Corgis during her lifetime.

The queen’s love for these small, spirited dogs was well-known, and her Corgis often accompanied her to various royal engagements, making numerous appearances in the public eye.

The queen’s passion for Corgis contributed to a significant increase in the breed’s popularity within the United Kingdom and beyond. As the public came to associate Corgis with the royal family, the breed’s status grew, and many people chose to welcome Corgis into their own homes.

Corgis became iconic symbols of the British monarchy, and their charming looks and playful personalities captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

Now that Jack Russell Terriers have become the new royal dogs, it’s possible that they will experience a similar surge in popularity. As King Charles III and Camilla continue to showcase their love for Beth and Bluebell, the public may become more interested in adopting or purchasing Jack Russell Terriers as pets.

The breed’s energetic, intelligent, and affectionate nature could make them an appealing choice for many households, leading to a new era of royal canine companions.

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