Jack Russell’s and Jumping [How High, How Often + Ending It]

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Jack Russell’s certainly has a personality that is tough to compare to any other dog breed.

They are loyal and extremely energetic and just a pure joy to own under most circumstances.

However, do not be fooled. An unprepared Jack Russell owner may begin to realize that these dogs also have some quirky behaviors that they may put on display from time to time.

One of these behaviors includes jumping.

Yep, jumping high, jumping often, and jumping for no reason in some circumstances.

Due to how prevalent jumping is with Jack Russell Terriers, I decided I would make a quick post detailing what you can expect when it comes to jumping and answer other frequently asked questions.

If at the very least, it will help you to be more prepared to provide the best care possible for your new JR.

I also wanted to ensure that I give you my inside tips as to what you can do to begin curbing the tendency to jump and attempt to eliminate jumping with your Jack Russell.

To streamline this process and make this article easy for you to navigate, I have created a table of contents directly below that will allow you to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to learn more about:

Here Is what is on my lesson plan for today’s guide to Jack Russell’s and jumping:

As mentioned, a second ago, if you need to move around this post quickly or only need limited information, feel free to skip around using the links directly above.

Otherwise, give me about 2 minutes, and I will break down everything you need to know about Jack Russell’s and jumping.

Here are the critical details that you need to understand.

Jack Russell’s And Jumping Recap

Like we started this post discussing, it is crucial to understand that when you adopt a Jack Russell, you are going to have a dog that naturally enjoys jumping in the air for various reasons.

Jack Russell’s are a smart dog breed, and if they know that jumping may get them the desired outcome, they are going to understand that and use it to their advantage in just about any way they can.

This dog knows what it is looking for and is intelligent enough to understand that it only needs to go through a few motion, behaviors, and specific actions to likely get the desired outcome.

The goal that we ultimately want to reach when it comes to Jack Russell’s and jumping is not allowing them to win this mental game with us and begin re-programming their minds to understand that jumping nets them nothing except some exhaustion (more on this later)

For now, lets start diving into the reasons a Jack Russell will jump in a deeper fashion and break down the specifics.

Why do Jack Russell’s Jump?

To many of your surprise, Jack Russell’s are typically jumping for a specific reason.

I know, sometimes, it can feel like they are jumping purely because they know it is going to drive you bonkers.

That is likely not the case.

The more likely scenario taking place is that you accidentally programmed this jumping behavior into your Jack Russell beginning at a young age.

I get it.

I did the exact same thing because it is nearly impossible to resist.

At this age, the Jack Russell is about the cutest young pup you can choose to adopt.

However, this is also when your Jack Russell is learning behaviors that may be stickier than you probably thought when it was taking place.

With Jack Russell’s, they are jumping out of innocence, attention, and love.

It is when you begin placing your hands down to pick them up, show them love and pet them in return for the jump at young ages that started this downward spiral of a Jack Russell who is still jumping today.

Now, we can fast forward 6 months-2 years and our Jack Russell already has this engraved in their minds that when they jump, they get the desired outcome they are looking for.

In most situations, the desired outcome they are in search of is not rocket science to figure out.

It is going to include reasons such as the following:

  • To seek attention, being held or being shown, love
  • To seek playtime, a toy, or other interaction from you.
  • To help temporarily fix and cure boredom if they have nothing better to do

To make this simple for you, your Jack Russell is jumping to get your attention, get a toy, get a treat, or get your love.

It is that simple, and in just a minute or two later into this post, we will begin discussing how you can get this behavior to completely stop, so it does not remain a concern in the future.

Do Jack Russell’s Jump High?

This is the next most frequently asked question when it comes to Jack Russell’s and their unique jumping abilities.

Do Jack Russell’s jump high?

Yes, Jack Russell’s can jump high. Jack Russell’s are often capable of jumping 5 times their shoulder height. If a Jack Russell is 12 inches tall at the shoulders, they will be capable of jumping 5 feet in the air or up to a 60-inch vertical jump.

I know it is kind of crazy to think of a Jack Russell that has a more impressive vertical than professional sports players.

It is 100% true, though, and if you are considering adopting or perhaps recently did adopt, do not worry.

You are going to get a chance to witness for yourself soon.

When it is not performed in such an annoying manner, it is relatively exciting and entertaining to watch.

Sometimes, I watch my Jack Russell do this near a baby gate we utilize near our dining room.

The baby gate sits 48 inches tall off the ground, and if she exerted roughly 2% more effort and energy, she would be clearing the gate no problem.

She is already jumping higher than the gate sits.

She is not getting the horizontal movement or forward lunge effort down to come over the other side, however.


It can be relatively challenging to Jack Russell proof a room due to these jumping behaviors, so I am glad as of right now that we have been able to use this gate and not need anything else to keep her in her area when we desire too.

How Do I Get My Jack Russell Terrier to Stop Jumping?

Now is when we need to begin transitioning this post into solutions and how you can actively start working towards a less jumpy Jack Russell.

I mean, I think we would all prefer if we can get all our Jack Russell’s to stop jumping all together or jump less.

Well, the good news?

It is entirely possible to get your Jack Russell to jump less or stop jumping altogether.

Let’s move into exactly how to get this to happen now.

First, you need to do your best to do nothing going forward from here on out when your Jack Russell jumps and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

That means that you do not acknowledge the jump, and you do not reward the jump with love, toys, treats, or any other form of reward that makes a Jack Russell excited.

Again, these are smart dogs, and if jumping gets them what they want, they are surely going to continue that behavior to continue getting the reward.

If you can show them that jumping nets them no reward and no attention it is going to be easier to break the habit.

Step 2- Now, you need to begin replacing the behavior as quickly as possible.

This means wait until they are doing or performing a more desirable behavior to give them what they want.

This can include when they sit down, lay down, or just wait patiently next to you.

This is going to re-program their minds that the new desired behavior is what ultimately nets them the reward that they desire.

Ensure that you give it to them.

It will not take long with this smart dog breed to catch on and begin understanding what you prefer to see and what behaviors you prefer they display.

Other Tips and Tricks to Implement

The most significant piece of advice I can give you when it comes to your Jack Russell and jumping is to embrace it.

This dog is a jumper.

It is up to you to work with your Jack Russell to get them to a point where jumping does not seem like a rewarding action on their end.

And of course, ensure you are providing plenty of exercise for your Jack Russell.

This is always going to help your Jack Russell burn off steam, reduce excessive barking and help with jumping as well.

The more tuckered out you can get these guys, the less negative behavior you will encounter, much like any other dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Listen, I get it.

The jumping that a Jack Russell is known for can be cute in the beginning and grow to be annoying later in the process.

No doubt about it.

The good news is that Jack Russell’s is also one of the most trainable dogs you can adopt and make for great family pets.

I do not have any doubts in my mind that you can program this jumping behavior out of your Jack Russell just like I have done with my 2-year-old female Jack Russell.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell, the journey ahead of you, and the success of getting your JR to relax more and stop jumping so often.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you have any further advice you can provide the readers when it comes to Jack Russell’s and their jumping behaviors?

Any additional tips you can add to start teaching and training your Jack Russell to stop jumping?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

Thanks again, and we will see you next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded TerrierOwner.com to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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