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Neutering your Jack Russell may seem like a decision that is hard to navigate and decide if it is better to complete neutering or hold off.

I know where you are coming from and had to decide with my own Jack Russell Terrier.

Should I Get My Jack Russel Neutered?

Yes, you should get your Jack Russell Terrier neutered if you have no breeding intentions in the future. Neutering a Jack Russell Terrier can help decrease the chance of testicular cancer and decrease the chances of your dog running away. Neutering can also increase your dog’s tolerance for other dogs.

I already know the question you still have and what you want to know.

I bet you are curious if your Jack Russell will experience any behavior changes after being neutered which I also plan to cover in this discussion if you stick around for just a couple more minutes.

Here is how I plan to break it down and what I intend to cover today:

Should I Get My Jack Russell Neutered?

Whether or not you neuter your Jack Russell is 100% your decision, but I do recommend that you at least become educated on the pros and cons of doing so.

Neutering can be highly beneficial for a Jack Russell Terrier and does not carry many downfalls if you never intend to breed your dog in the future.

Neutering, unfortunately, is not known to change the behavior of a Jack Russell dramatically, but it is known to help eliminate a few behaviors (more on this later).

For now, I want to start diving into some of the primary benefits you will notice when you neuter your Jack Russell Terrier.

Benefits of Neutering A Jack Russell Terrier

A Neutered Jack Russell Is Less Likely To Run Away

One of the most observable behaviors that can be altered if you decide to neuter your Jack Russell is your Jack Russell’s tendency to run away.

When a Jack Russell is neutered, they do not have the same drive to pick up a scent from female dogs in heat and no longer have the temptation to find a smart way to escape that backyard fence.

While this is not a direct health benefit, anyone who has had a dog escape, the yard understands how frustrating this can be.

Especially those of us who own and raise Jack Russell Terriers. We know this dog breed is arguably known to be one of the most masterful dogs when it comes to finding ways to dig or jump out of your yard.

Jack Russell’s are much smarter than you probably think.

If this is a problem for you, consider neutering your Jack Russell.

I can nearly guarantee that the temptation to leave the yard decreases, and you will not have to be driving up and down the streets looking for your dog anymore.

Neutering A Jack Russell Can Help Prevent Cancer For Your Jack Russell

Neutering a Jack Russell is also shown to show similar benefits that the female Jack Russell Terrier enjoys when being spayed.

No, I am not referring to your dog not having heat cycles anymore.

Male Jack Russell’s do not have heat cycles in case you were not aware.

I am talking about the reduced risk of cancer with your Jack Russell if you decide to have them neutered.

With male Jack Russell Terriers, getting neutered dramatically decreases the chances of developing testicular cancer in the future.

Why it is obviously no guarantee that this eliminates cancer’s chances completely, if neutering your Jack Russell can at least improve the odds, why not at least consider it?

Tolerance For Other Dogs and Social Situations Increases With Neutering

As a Jack Russell owner myself, I honestly have never seen much of an issue with my dog behaving around other dogs. Still, there have been days where it is noticeable that she wants less to do with my yellow lab.

I also know that other Jack Russell parents have reported that being around other dogs, especially dogs of the same sex, can tend to be an issue.

Neutering your male Jack Russell can help with this area of their behavior as well.

A neutered Jack Russell is more tolerant and less aggressive towards other dogs and other dog breeds in general.

If this is a pain point for you right now, considering completing the procedure.

Neutering A Jack Russell Is Not A Behavior Fix Overall

Before moving into the neutering procedure’s specifics, I want to be 100% clear about 1 thing.

If you have a Jack Russell currently struggling with other forms of behavior issues that have not been mentioned, neutering your dog is not the answer.

Neutering a dog can often be mistaken as this life-changing, behavior-altering procedure.

Absolutely not true.

Neutering your Jack Russell will help with a few of the minor behaviors we have already discussed. Still, the only cure for other behavior issues is training and discipline.

Socialization for your Jack Russell is equally as important.

Neutering may calm your Jack Russell slightly but not dramatically.

Specific personality characteristics of the Jack Russell remain unchanged whether you neuter your dog or not.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Now, I want to dive into more specifics about the procedure, and some of the frequently asked questions about neutering.

What Age Should A Jack Russell Be Neutered?

Male Jack Russell’s can be neutered a little later than a female Jack Russell.

For males, the general timeline or ideal timeframe to get the neutering completed is between 5-18 months of age.

However, most vets will want to see and examine your Jack Russell before completing any neutering procedure, so I always recommend sitting down and speaking with your vet about your options.

You should be educated, comfortable, and excited about getting the operation completed.

Will Neutering Your Jack Russell Calm Him Down?

Neutering a Jack Russell Terrier can reduce some hyperactive tendencies but will not change the overall behavior of a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell’s are active dogs with more energy than other dog breeds and neutering your Jack Russell does not change this personality characteristic.

I hate to break that news to you, my friends, but it is true.

While your Jack Russell may be calmer in some situations, such as interacting with other dogs or even people, their overall personality and energy levels will not dramatically decrease.

To put this more simply, your dog is still going to want plenty of exercise.

Your Jack Russell is still going to demand a lot of your attention, and your JR will always do all the quirky things that he did before.

That may not be the answer you were looking for, but it is the truth.

How Much Will Neutering Your Jack Russell Cost?

Neutering a Jack Russell Terrier can have a wide range when it comes to cost.

Many factors will be at play, such as where you live, the price the average vet charges, and how simple of an operation it will be for your dog.

Therefore, most vets typically want to see and examine your Jack Russell ahead of time.

Some vets even use the Jack Russell’s weight as a metric to determine how much the procedure will cost you.

Overall, you can expect the neutering to cost you between $150.00 and $650.00 based on the factors we just discussed above.

Preparing Your Jack Russell For The Neutering Procedure

You can also help achieve some peace of mind before a neutering procedure by planning and preparing.

You should be consulting with your vet and gain an understanding of the pre-operation best practices and procedures.

These will typically include what your Jack Russell should eat and drink before the surgery.

Be sure to follow these directions to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Additionally, be sure to ask your vet about all post-operation recommendations to ensure your dog can recover quickly and painlessly.

You may also want to consider other small factors, such as having a muzzle handy for your Jack Russell when you arrive at the vet.

For vocal dogs such as Jack Russell, it is always courteous to consider using a safe and breathable muzzle at the vet office to keep the staff and other visitors at the vet office feeling comfortable.

And, For keeping liability away from you in case, your Jack Russell gets scared and shows any aggression.

Do not Forget That Jack Russell’s Are Overpopulated In Some Areas.

The only other consideration I want to touch on before sending you on your way about neutering your Jack Russell is simple.

When deciding if it makes sense, you should consider the over-population of the Jack Russell dog breed. How many of these dogs already need good homes?

Not only that, but Jack Russell’s are often put down in dog pounds because of how many show up and how infrequently they find good homes after being abandoned.

So, if you cannot decide, maybe the inability to reproduce for your Jack Russell is not always considered negative.

Just food for thought.

Neutering Your Jack Russell Can Offer Plenty Of Benefits, Consider It

Nobody knows better than you or can make the decision for you if you should neuter your Jack Russell.

It entirely depends on what you plan to do in the future and how you feel about the procedure.

While it will not be life-altering behavior changes that neutering can cause, it can surely help with a few of them.

Not to mention, neutering your Jack Russell can offer some highly beneficial health perks for your Jack Russell.

Speak to a vet in your area that you are comfortable with and learn more about the procedure and recommend it.

Jack Russell’s can make for one of the best dogs you and your family can adopt.

Make your decision after you are 100% comfortable.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell Terriers and the journey you have ahead of you.

Did You Have Your Jack Russell Neutered?

Have you had your male Jack Russell Terrier Neutered?

What further advice and recommendations can you provide the readers?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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