Walking A Jack Russell Terrier [Best Methods+ 6 Key Tips]

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Exercise is imperative for Jack Russell Terriers, which makes it extremely common to be curious as to how to train your Jack Russell to go on walks like a champ.

None of us want to be pulled around anymore or have that Jack Russell Terrier that tends to bark at anything and everything in their line of vision.

That is why I am creating this brief guide that will help detail the information you need to know about walking a Jack Russell Terrier in the best fashion possible.

This article will go over the basics of walking a Jack Russell Terrier. You can also read more advanced tips from Cesar Millan.

More specifically, I intend to cover several important aspects of walking a Jack Russell, including the following:

I will also have a quick video just a short scroll away of me walking my Jack Russell and breaking down this information for you.

Stick around for about 3 minutes, and I will fill you in on what is essential when it comes to having a Jack Russell Terrier that knows how to go on a walk better than any other dog on the block.

Here are the critical details to understand.

Walking A Jack Russell Terrier and Why It Is So Important

For those of you who are new to raising and owning a Jack Russell Terrier, I want to be as clear as possible about 1 thing.

Exercise is not optional, and walking your Jack Russell is the bare minimum that should be offered to a Jack Russell when it comes to physical activity.

Do not get me wrong.

Walking is plenty fine if that is all your calendar can permit, but a Jack Russell is undoubtedly capable of more strenuous exercise.

Not only capable but willing and would enjoy it.

If it is not walking, I am talking about exercises such as running, swimming, or even going with you on a bicycle ride or rollerblading.

The point I am trying to make is simple.

Walking is a requirement for these dogs to release some of that high energy hyper behavior and avoid obesity.

Trust me; you will enjoy your Jack Russell much more if they are provided walks and exercise.

Tucker them out a bit, and everything else gets easier.

How Do You Train A Jack Russell Terrier to Walk on A Lead?

Now comes the important details.

To walk a Jack Russell Terrier or to at least enjoy walking a Jack Russell Terrier, you need to teach them to walk on a lead.

This means that you are not being pulled in 4 different directions, chasing your Jack Russell around the neighborhood, or having other problems.

First, I want to start with this brief video breaking down my advice for walking a Jack Russell Terrier.

News flash, my son will appear in this video as an expert Jack Russell walker as well.

Since my video skills are not the best, I want to be sure to continue detailing my top tips and recommendations for walking your Jack Russell Terrier.

Below, I have compiled my 6 best tips for walking your Jack Russell Terrier.

6 Tips for A Fantastic Jack Russell Walking Partner

Tip #1-Start Walking Your Russell Terrier Immediately

This is essential when it comes to training a Jack Russell anything.

Discipline comes with consistency and beginning young.

Hence, begin walking your Jack Russell Terrier as a puppy right away.

While they are likely going to be un-polished when they are young, it still offers a ton of benefits.

First, they are beginning the socialization process in more ways than you can imagine.

Think of all the people, animals, cars, and other stimulus you can encounter on one short 30-minute walk with your Jack Russell.

If you want to eventually ensure your Jack Russell Terrier can walk without pulling the lead and, in an enjoyable manner, start walking them right away after the adoption.

You will not regret it in the future.

Tip #2-Start Walking Your Jack Russell Terrier at Home

Sometimes the distractions in the outside world can be too much for a Jack Russell Terrier.

If they are not too much for your JRT to handle on a walk, maybe it is too much for you to handle after a long day at work.

That is okay, but you should still begin teaching your Jack Russell to walk on a lead and walk correctly in general at the house.

Maybe you do this in the yard or inside the home.

It honestly makes no difference where you do it but ensure you are teaching them the basics and making it clear when they make a mistake pulling on the lead.

Reward them with treats when they walk correctly for a certain amount of time.

Reward them with love and affection when they reach milestones or desirable behavior as well.

The point here is simple.

If you cannot or choose not to go on long walks around the neighborhood, find a way to simulate the walking in a fashion that is easier for you to manage and begin teaching them the basics.

They are smart dogs and will figure it out regardless if you are willing to put in the time and effort with them.

Tip #3-Use Treats as Rewards.

Rewards are always going to serve your training efforts better than harsh discipline.

When teaching your Jack Russell to walk on a lead, be sure that they understand when they are doing it correctly.

Examples of when you can offer treats to your Jack Russell Terrier on a walk can include the following:

  • When They Reach A Certain Amount of Time Without Pulling
  • Walking in Stride with You
  • Not Trying to Bark at Other Walkers
  • Not Trying to Bark or Pull Towards Other Stimuli Such as Cars, Wild Animals, Other Dogs and People

Those examples are nothing more than a few recommendations.

You know your dog better than anyone, and you should reward your Jack Russell when it makes sense for their performance and behavior.

Have fun with it and work with them but ensure you reward good behavior with attention and treats.

Ultimately, once they figure this out that desired walking behaviors net them something they love, and desire, this will begin to cement into their mind and make walking much easier in the future.

Tip #4-Make Them Pay Attention to You

It is tough to get your new Jack Russell to do much of anything until they understand who the boss is.

Clearly, you need to do this in an ethical way, but it is important to start training your Jack Russell by being vocal and in charge.

At no point should your Jack Russell be trying to guess what they should be doing.

Use basic commands and do not over complicate things.

I use small phrases on walks, such as the following:

  • No Pulling
  • Go Potty
  • Stay
  • No Barking
  • Sit

Again, the point I am trying to make is simple.

Use whatever commands you want, but make sure that you are communicating to your Jack Russell what you want from them in a clear manner.

This is going to expedite significantly how quickly you can gain the trust and discipline from your Jack Russell’s on your walks.

Tip #5-Make Sure Pulling the Lead While Walking Is Corrected Quickly

This ties directly into the previous tip.

If we are trying to correct lead pulling when you walk your Jack Russell, you need to ensure you are letting them know when they are pulling the lead and making a mistake.

Again, I use the phrase, no pulling to communicate this.

I also use the vibrate and audible mode on my dog training collar to begin sending the message that I do not want her pulling on her lead during walks.

It is still amazing to me if you refer back to the video in the post at how much she understands she can pull my son wherever she wants, and then if we switch who is holding the lead, she all the sudden behaves again.

These dogs are smart and will push their boundaries unless you communicate with them.

Be sure to do so if you want walking to get easier and want your Jack Russell to stop pulling on that lead for good.

Tip #6-A Jack Russell Should Never Feel Dominant or In Charge

The last tip I have for you is to ensure that you raise your Jack Russell in a manner that they never feel dominant or in charge.

At home, this can be as simple as not allowing your Jack Russell on furniture.

When walking your Jack Russell, this is simple to do.

Make sure they are not leading the way and taking you for a walk.

You should be leading them on an even pace about 1-2 steps ahead at all time.

Not the opposite.

If you want your Jack Russell Terrier to walk like a pro, make sure they know you are the leader.

It is as simple as that.

How Long Should You Walk A Jack Russell Terrier and A Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Now we can start diving into more of the specifics.

Many individuals who have recently adopted a Jack Russell Terrier want to know how long the walks should be.

When a Jack Russell Terrier is a puppy, you do not need to overdo it.

30-minute walks for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy is ideal.

As your Jack Russell matures, you can kick this up a notch.

I would recommend a minimum of 45 minutes-60-minutes per day for walking a Jack Russell or exercise in general.

If you have a mature Jack Russell, you can push it past this time allotment as well.

Trust me; they can keep up with the best of them and have plenty of energy.

On the other hand, if you have an elderly Jack Russell, I recommend something closer to 10-15 minutes to ensure you are not putting too much stress on your JR’s joints.

Overall, Jack Russell’s can be walked for as long as you choose, but I would say that the more exercise that they get, the better.

Discipline, Consistency, and Patience Are Critical with Walking A Jack Russell Terrier

Hopefully, at this point in this post, one thing is clear.

Consistency and discipline are key with Jack Russell’s, and walking your Jack Russell’s requires the same training, discipline, and consistency to turn into the desired outcome that you want.

You need to stick with it.

Walk your Jack Russell every day when possible, and they will get much better at it.

Not to mention, the more exercise and walking you do with your Jack Russell, the better behaved they will be for the rest of the day and with other activities.

Recommended Gear, Leashes and Harnesses for Walking Jack Russell Terriers

When it comes to walking a Jack Russell in the easiest fashion, the gear that you use can make a world of difference.

Briefly, I want to touch on all the recommended walking gear I would advise you consider purchasing for your Jack Russell.

Trust me; this is going to make walking your Jack Russell much easier.

Here is a look at the gear I use, that I know works great and that I recommend for all of you.

My Best and Recommended Jack Russell Terrier Walking Harnesses

I want to start with harnesses.

Harnesses can make walking your Jack Russell much easier.

Especially in the beginning due to the amount of pulling they can reduce.

Here are my top picks.

Poy Pet No Pull Harness

This is the harness I currently use, and I love it.

It fits my female Jack Russell flawlessly.

It is a no-pull and no choke harness and has a locking mechanism.

It is available in 5 different sizes and more than 10 colors.

Overall, my number 1 recommended harness for your Jack Russell.

You can check it out here for yourself (Link to Amazon)

My Best and Recommended Jack Russell Terrier Leads and Leashes

#Fida Retractable Dog Leash

This is the lead that I use for my Jack Russell.

It is offered in various colors and offers a 16-foot lead even though you will likely only need a few feet of it.

I have been using it for more than a year and have had no issues.

This, in combination with my recommended harness, makes an awesome combination for walking a Jack Russell Terrier.

You can check it out yourself here (Link to Amazon)

My Best and Recommended Shock Collar for Jack Russell Terriers

Lastly, you have your shock collars or training collars for your Jack Russell.

This is completely optional, and I highly recommend you watch videos or learn how to use them correctly for training so that the shock is never needed.

However, I personally love these devices for training, and yes, I do use them ethically and correctly.

Patpet Shock Collar

This is the training collar I currently use, and it works great.

It is also extremely affordable compared to other options you will find at local pet stores.

The batteries last a full day, and the controls are straightforward to learn.

I used this frequently on walks with my Jack Russell, in the beginning, to send her messages in high-stimulus or stressful situations such as a heavy foot or bicycle traffic and to teach her to reduce pulling.

Again, just be sure to learn how to use these collars ethically and responsibly, and they can make excellent training tools.

You can see this training collar here (Link to Amazon)

Special Surprise, My Favorite Walking Treats

Finally, it is equally as crucial as the leash, harnesses, and training collar for your Jack Russell.

You cannot effectively train a Jack Russell to walk without pulling and to take walks with you like you prefer without rewarding the good behavior.

To do this, use small treats.

Small treats help not to upset your dogs’ stomach, and you may have to reward them more than ten times on one walk to begin the training process.

I love ordering a few bags of the Buckley Trainer Treats.

Buckley Trainer Treats

My Jack Russell loves these treats.

I also love that I can offer her as many as I want during one walking session or training session without causing her an upset stomach or the need to take an additional potty break.

For the price, you cannot go wrong with the Buckley Trainer Treats.

Pick any treats you want but understand that treats and rewards need to come with you on walks.

Especially in the beginning, when you are trying to relay them what you desire and what you prefer to see them do on their walks.

You can see the Buckley Trainer Treats for yourself here (Link to Amazon)

Walking A Jack Russell Terrier Is Important, Learn to Do It Correctly

Walking your Jack Russell should not only be a leisure activity for you and your new Jack Russell Terrier.

It should be a chore and on your to-list daily.

At least some kind of physical activity should be.

It will help keep your Jack Russell strong, healthy, and well behaved.

Jack Russell’s make for great family pets if you are willing to show love, put in time and effort, and remain consistent.

Walk your Jack Russell daily and reap the rewards of the journey with your JR.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell Terriers and hope they adapt to walking like a pro in no-time.

What Is Your Expertise You Can Share About Walking A Jack Russell Terrier?

Do you believe any other information needs presented to the Terrier Community that can make walking a Jack Russell Terrier even easier in the future?

How did you train your Jack Russell Terrier to walk like a pro and not pull on the lead during walks?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded TerrierOwner.com to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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