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When your Pitbull is young and beginning to wean off the mother Pitbull, they have a lot to learn and a big world around them to understand.

Potty training is certainly something that they do not yet understand.

It leads individuals to often ask what they can expect about potty training, a Pitbull Terrier.

I have been raising a Terrier for the past 2+ years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Are Pitbull’s Hard To Potty Train?

Pitbull Terriers are not hard to potty train. It does require consistency, the utilization of crate training, and patience during the potty-training process. The time it takes to potty train a Pitbull will vary on the individual dog and the effort of the Pitbull’s owners.

I know that this likely does not pinpoint the answer in the fashion you prefer, but I promise I will make that up to you in the rest of this post.

I had a tough time myself in the beginning with my Terrier, and over the course of that process, have learned what works and what does not work when it comes to potty training one of these dogs effectively.

The rest of this post will be my top 11 tips for potty training your Pitbull Terrier and a quick guide on everything you need to understand about the process.

Here is how I intend to break it down for you today:

Are Pitbull’s Hard To Potty Train and Why

Pitbull’s are much like any other dog breed when it comes to potty training.

If you put in the effort and do your end of the deal, it will get much better and much easier as time passes.

Pitbull’s are intelligent dogs and pick up on training quickly if you are willing to provide it in an effective manner.

You should understand right out of the gates that your Pitbull puppy is likely going to make a few mistakes inside of the home and that patience will be key.

Use the remaining 11 tips to ensure you potty train your Pitbull Terrier in the most effective fashion and speed up the process.

11 Tips To Effectively Potty Train A Pitbull Terrier

#1- Always Utilize Crate Training During Potty Training With A Pitbull

Crate training can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your Pitbull and serves many more purposes than just aiding with potty training.

It is also a hugely beneficial tool for socialization and learning to be home alone without causing destruction.

When it comes to potty training, crate training is effective because you cannot always be awake, and you cannot always be home.

Your Pitbull needs sleep as well.

Using a crate during these times eliminates any chances of your Pitbull going in the home and allowing your Pitbull to adjust to your schedule and routines.

A dog does not like to soil the area where they are going lay or sleep.

Make sure to use a properly sized crate that can be adjusted if need be as your Pitbull grows.

Trust me, utilize crate training during the potty-training process, and you will not regret it.

#2- Remain Consistent With Your Schedule

The next thing you need to do during the potty-training process is to remain consistent with your schedule.

Let your Pitbull out first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, and a few times in the evening.

The more your dog can learn your schedule and routine, the better they will become at holding their bowel movements and urinating in the house.

Do not fluctuate in and make drastic changes to your schedule for the best results during the process.

#3- Always Offer Rewards and Verbal Confirmation When Potty Training

Rewards become your best friend with any form of training and a Pitbull Terrier.

Well, this is true for all dogs.

Make sure that when your Pitbull goes potty outside in the correct place, you reward them with praise, treats, and love.

Dogs love to get rewards, and as soon as your Pitbull can understand that the action of going potty is what is causing the reward to take place, they will definitely want to continue this behavior in the future.

Keep in mind that in order for this to happen, you will need to be present, which means that you need to be going outside with your Pitbull in the beginning phases of the potty training process.

This helps dramatically, and it is what I highly recommend.

Use a leash if need be but be around and be present when your Pitbull is going potty in the correct place to ensure you can time the reward effectively.

#4- Remain Close To Your Pitbull Puppy

This is somewhat like the previous tip, but you also need to apply this thinking when you are inside of the home.

Typically, dogs, including Pitbull Terriers, will soil inside of the home when they wander off and will not usually do it right in front of you.

If you are not keeping an eye on the dog, this makes it easier for them to make a mistake.

Not to mention, it makes it much more difficult for you to catch a negative behavior in progress, and I never recommending disciplining a dog after they have made an error.

They likely will not understand why you are disciplining them and confuse them even further.

Keep an eye on your Pitbull in the beginning, and the potty-training process will go much smoother.

#5- Take Your Pitbull Outside As Often As Possible When Potty Training

Some Pitbull owners overestimate the power and holding capabilities of a Pitbull’s bladder.

Especially when they are young puppies.

Keep in mind that when your Pitbull is a puppy, they also have a small puppy bladder that holds less fluid than you think before they get to urge to use the potty inside of the home.

The more you can let your Pitbull outside early in the process, the more likely they are to make fewer mistakes and catch on to the training.

Stay with them when outside and make sure that they are getting those rewards and praise we discussed earlier to ensure that they are getting even more positive reinforcement for the correct and desired behaviors.

#6- Stop Buying Puppy Pads, They Are Worthless

Puppy pads are a purchase that I have never found to be an effective tool.

They are, in a nutshell, teaching your Pitbull that they can use the restroom inside of the house.

While it is nice that they can keep their potty in one area, it is not a good idea to make them think that inside of the house is the desired spot to use the bathroom because eventually, you will want to stop purchasing those puppy pads.

While they may work for some, I am going to give my recommendation to avoid them if possible, for the best results, and do it the old school way.

It may be less convenient, but it is also the most effective, in my opinion.

#7- Do not Discipline After The Fact, Only If Caught During The Act

Never discipline your Pitbull puppy after you have found that they have made a potty mistake inside of the home.

If you cannot catch them in the actual act, you need to clean it up and move on.

Disciplining after the bad deed has taken place is likely to confuse your puppy, and they will not even know what they are being disciplined for.

It is imperative to keep your Pitbull puppy close, in the beginning, so you have the best chances of catching the bad act in progress.

If you do catch the bad act in progress, it is much more effective to pick them up immediately, take them outside and then praise if they finish the job outside.

Also, keep in mind that if this happens, you are also at blame for not letting your dog out often enough or not paying attention to the subtle cues they may be leaving you when they need to go potty.

Pay attention and be alert but if you miss the mistake, move on, clean it up, and get better at it for the next time.

#8- Get Exercised Involved With Your Potty Training

Exercise is another highly beneficial activity you can participate in with the Pitbull that can also aid you with the potty-training process.

Exercise helps a Pitbull to release energy, which will make them more effective and intent to training and commands at other times of the day.

Not to mention, it is a bonding opportunity for you and your dog, and they will likely use the potty while partaking in this exercise, which gives you another opportunity to provide your Pitbull with a reward.

Consider including more exercise into your routine with your Pitbull, such as running or even taking your Pitbull for a few walks per day.

#9- Be Careful With Water Intake For Your Pitbull

This is one of the most overlooked tips on this list and will help a lot with potty training.

Especially for urinating inside of the house.

Obviously, you want to make sure your Pitbull has access to water when they need it but when the night is getting near the end, consider putting the water up for the night and getting your Pitbull inside of the crate.

There is nothing cruel about limiting the water intake for your dog before bed if you are sure they have had plenty of access to water during the other hours of the day.

Heck, I even need to limit my fluid intake of fluids in the evening to ensure I can get a good night’s rest.

Apply the same style of thinking for your Pitbull to make the process even easier.

#10- Always Clean Up The Mess

Ever heard that a dog likes to return to the scene of the crime or where they have used the potty before?

Well, it is true, and it is important that you ensure you clean any soiled areas inside of the home very well.

You do not want your Pitbull to be able to return to the scent and soil the same spot.

The better you clean up, the less the second potty mistake will take place.

#11- Be Patient and Get Creative During The Process

My last tip of the day for you is to be realistic.

At the end of the day, your Pitbull is learning the world around them and trying to get used to many things.

Whether this is your family life and getting used to the children in the home or even learning what your routines may be.

Mistakes happen, and it should be expected with a new puppy.

If you remain patient and get creative with your efforts, it will likely be more fun and less frustrating for you.

Trust me, it will not be long before you can look back and understand that your Pitbull did a great job with the potty-training process.

However, I do understand the beginning frustrations, and sometimes it can feel like they will last forever.

Following These Tips, Your Pitbull Will Be Potty Trained In No Time

As you can see, potty training a Pitbull Terrier is not necessarily difficult.

It does require you to take some time and effort.

It also requires that you remain consistent and diligent during the potty-training process.

If you can do these things for your Pitbull, they will ultimately be relatively easy to potty train, and you can enjoy the bond with your loving and affectionate new dog.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your new Pitbull puppies and the journey you have ahead of you, and we certainly hope that the potty-training process goes smoothly for you.

Do You Have Any Further Recommendations About Potty Training a Pitbull?

Can you share any further insight about how to potty train a Pitbull effectively?

Any other tips you think should be mentioned here in this post?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by, and we will see you again next time.

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