8 Best Harnesses for A Pitbull Terrier [No Pull & More]

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Pitbull’s have quickly made the transition from working dogs to a dedicated family member, companion, and loyal dog breed with a great passion for the outdoors and, of course, exercise, which certainly includes walking and running.

Choosing one of the best harnesses for a Pitbull Terrier is not only going to make your life easier during walks with your new Pitbull but is also going to ensure your Pitbull is safe, well-controlled, and comfortable during your walks.

A Pitbull is undoubtedly one of the strongest dog breeds you can choose to adopt, which makes selecting a correctly fitted and reliable, trusted, and top recommended harness even more imperative.

While some Pitbull’s will be excellent walkers on their own and may not need a harness, others will have a stubborn side of them that causes you to be dealing with tugging, pulling, and attempting to maintain control of your Pitbull each time something excites them on the street during a walk a normal occurrence.

This brief review guide of the best harnesses for Pitbull Terriers can change that for you.

Here is how I intend to break it down for you today:

8 Best Harnesses for A Pitbull Terrier

My Picks for The Best Pitbull Harnesses

RankingBest Dog Harness For A Pitbull TerrierView Specification and Pricing
1Dogs Kingdom 24 Inch-32 InchView on Amazon
2Auroth Tactical Dog HarnessView on Amazon
3Pet Artist Leather Dog HarnessView on Amazon
4Juxzh Truelove Front Dog HarnessView on Amazon
5Eagloo Dog Harness No PullView on Amazon
6Babyltrl Big Dog HarnessView on Amazon
7Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness for Large DogsView on Amazon
8tobeDRI No Pull Dog HarnessView on Amazon
Best Dog Harnesses For Pitbull Terriers

#1- Dogs Kingdom 24 Inch-32 Inch Soft Leather Dog Harness

My Pick
Dogs Kingdom 24"-32" Soft Leather Dog Harness & Leash Set
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03/08/2024 05:56 am GMT

This is a soft leather harness that also includes a strong, stainless chain with a leather handle for holding.

This is made of 1-inch leather and includes a heavy-duty D ring for the leash attachment.

When it comes to durability, a harness of this quality cannot be beaten.

The same can be said for the overall quality and the comfort it will provide your Pitbull.

This harness also allows for 5 adjustable settings making it a perfect fit for your Pitbull.

It measures 24 x 32 before making any adjustments, which is right in the wheelhouse for most Pitbull’s sizing and chest-girth size.

Overall, this is a harness made for Pitbull’s, sized for Pitbull’s with high-quality leather, heavy-duty rings, and a 28-inch stainless chain leash included.

This is also a lightweight harness, available in 4 different colors and made to allow for movement of your dog’s muscles while also providing you full control.

While it one of the more expensive harnesses on the list, it simply cannot be beaten in terms of quality compared to the other harnesses if you ask me.

My Overall Rating- 9.6/10

Only Downfall- Non-Reflective

#2- Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness
$26.99 ($26.99 / Count)
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03/08/2024 06:16 am GMT

This harness is slightly cheaper on the price scale and still ranks as my #2 best dog harness for a Pitbull Terrier.

Measurements are included on the purchasing page for this harness allowing you to find the perfect fit for your Pitbull.

Additionally, this harness allows for easy adjustment utilizing 2 quick-release buckles and 4 fully adjustable straps.

This is also one of the most reliable and durable harnesses you can choose, made out of 900D Nylon, and even has pockets included on the vest allowing you to carry additional gear or perhaps just a few dogs treats if necessary.

This is a trusted and reliable harness for your Pitbull Terrier that will allow you max control of your dog and is offered in more than 10 colors and 6 sizes to make a perfect fit.

My Overall Rating- 9.2/10

Only Downfall- None

#3- Pet Artist Tactical Dog Harness

Pet Artist Tactical Dog Harness
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I absolutely love this harness for a Pitbull.

This is the second harness on my list that will be handcrafted leather.

While one of the most durable harnesses on the list, it remains lightweight to provide additional comfort for your Pitbull.

I also love that this harness includes three additional straps for a perfect fit and will fit most Pitbull’s, whether they are considered smaller, medium, or large.

This leather harness also includes the heavy-duty nickel-plated O-ring for durability.

It will get the job done when it comes to eliminating pull and giving you ultimate control.

On the downside, this is one of the harnesses that is a rear ring instead of a front ring.

This is the most ideal if your Pitbull is a puller but still can be controlled.

Overall, a fantastic harness for your new Pitbull pup.

My Overall Rating- 9.0/10

Only Downfall- Non-Reflective

#4- Juxzh Truelove Front Dog Harness

Juxzh Truelove Front Dog Harness
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03/08/2024 06:26 am GMT

This is one of the best dog harnesses you could choose for your Pitbull when it comes to overall versatility.

This harness is soft, which provides comfort and provides a front and rear-facing spot for your leash attachment, which gives you the ability to switch back and forth for ultimate control of your Pit.

This harness is available in 9 different colors and 5 different sizes giving you plenty of options for customizing and ensuring you get the fit for your Pitbull precisely right.

I also love that it includes the reflective design for good night visibility in addition to a strong nylon webbing design.

Overall, this is perhaps the best harness for the price but may lack a bit in the durability department when it comes to some of the other harnesses on the list.

My Overall Rating- 8.8/10

Only Downfall- Sizing Metrics in Small, Extra Small, Large, Extra Large, and Medium Instead of Measurements

#5- Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness

Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness
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03/08/2024 06:31 am GMT

This is another ideal harness for a Pitbull.

This harness is designed with metal rings placed on the front and rear of the harness, giving you ultimate control to decide which one to use.

This is also a soft vest/harness to ensure your Pitbull remains comfortable during use.

Available in 7 colors and 4 sizes, it is difficult not to find the option that best suits your Pitbull.

I also like that this harness is specifically designed for dogs with a chest girth between 17-34 inches allowing it to ideally fit for Pitbull Terriers.

It is a reflective vest, durable nylon, and overall good value for the money.

My Overall Rating- 8.4/10

Only Downfall- Less Color Options Than Other Harnesses

#6- Babyltrl Big Dog Harness

Babyltrl Big Dog Harness
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This harness is specifically designed for large dog breeds.

This is yet another of the reflective harnesses on the list, giving it good visibility for nighttime activities or walking.

Additionally, it is easily adjustable and has a breathable mesh lining for those long walks on hot days.

This is one of the lower-priced harnesses on the list and a good value overall.

My Overall Rating– 8.1/10

Only Downfall- Likely Not as Lasting or Durable

#7- Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness for Large Dogs

Barkbay No Pull Dog Harness for Large Dogs
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03/08/2024 07:16 am GMT

The Barbay harness is a run of the mill midline dog harness like all the other recommendations we have laid out for you thus far.

This is another reflective harness that uses two reflective stripes running down the middle of the front of the harness.

This comes available in 4 different chest girths making it a sure fit for your Pitbull.

This is also one of the harnesses on the list, including 2 ring attachments on the front and rear of the harness to give you ultimate control of your dog and to reduce pulling.

My Overall Rating- 7.9/10

Only Downfall- Slightly Cheaper Construction and Material Used

#8- tobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness

tobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness
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03/08/2024 07:21 am GMT

Rounding out the top 8 harnesses for Pitbulls, I have the Raining Pet No Pull Harness.

This harness is available in a wide variety of colors and comes available in 4 different sizes.

This harness also has a close grip handle for additional capabilities to control your dog and reduce pulling.

Do not let coming in 8th place fool you.

This would still make an excellent harness for your Pitbull, and it made our top 8 for a reason.

My Overall Rating- 7.7/10

Only Downfall- Non-Reflective

Why Use A Harness for A Pitbull Terrier?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you want to take your Pitbull for a calm and relaxing walk to realize you will be playing a game of tug-of-war with your Pitbull with a rabbit they see or a person that walks by.

I own a Terrier myself and another large dog (over 100lb lab), and it can be the most frustrating thing to deal with.

Seriously, it annoys me that much.

Not to mention, a harness that is correctly fitted for your Pitbull and provides comfort helps to keep your Pitbull safe and out of harm’s way.

Additionally, it keeps the neighbors happy knowing your dog is not going to pull you right up onto their front porch while they are out watering flowers.

Some dogs just need to have a well-fitted harness to walk safely, comfortably and without pulling, and a Pitbull, especially untrained to walk on a leash, is one of those dog breeds.

Keep in mind, you do have considerations that are worth taking a second or two to think about before choosing which dog harness is going to be the best for your Pitbull Terrier.

My Top 4 Harness Considerations to Keep in Mind

Sizing Your Pitbull For A Harness Is Critical

So here is the deal with choosing the correct size for a Pitbull Terrier.

Most of the time, you are going to be fine with ordering the Large version of a harness from most vendors.

This is due to the wide chest and muscular build of the Pitbull Terrier that typically ranges from 24-32 inches in size (girth).

However, for perfect sizing, I always recommend measuring your Pitbull to double-check that you have it correct.

Most harnesses will provide a measuring chart detailing how to do so and which size to choose based on your measurements.

However, in case the harness does not provide the instructions for measuring your Pitbull for the correct size harness, I want to be sure we cover that now.

Measuring Your Pitbull For the Correct Size Harness

The first thing to keep in mind when determining the correct size harness for your Pitbull is that a harness is typically going to be purchased when your Pitbull is young and still in the puppy years.

Your Pitbull is going to grow and grow fast.

It is recommended to choose a harness that not only fits your Pitbull puppy now but can be expanded and loosened for size as your Pitbull grows.

It is unlikely you will find a harness that will follow your Pitbull into the adult and mature years while still fitting, which is when it will be time to purchase a new harness.

At this point, you will want to get more precise measurements for fitting.

Especially now that your Pitbull’s muscles are at full mass and the pulling can be even more challenging to manage.

With Pitbull’s, the harness size is determined by measuring the chest girth and neck size.

This is where the harness will be secured around your dog.

After getting the correct measurements for your Pitbull be sure to use the chart provided on the purchasing page of most harnesses to get the correct size.

If you are ever stuck between sizes and cannot decide between the two, go with the next size up.

Also, keep in mind, most harness manufactures are willing to exchange the harness if you get the wrong size, so if you happen to make a mistake, it is not the end of the world!

Send it back and get the correct size.

Aim to Purchase A Reflective Harness If You Walk Your Pitbull At Night

I personally walk my dog all the time at night. 

I know many others do the same.

Therefore, I always recommend aiming for a harness that is reflective.

Of course, if you do not walk your Pitbull at night, a reflective harness is not as important.

This can keep your dog safe if they are near roadways and allows additional visibility for other walkers, vehicles, and even individuals on bicycles in heavily trafficked areas.

Not to mention, if your Pitbull did happen to break free from you somehow, it would be much safer for your dog at night with a reflective vest on in case they wander near oncoming traffic.

Keeping Your Pitbull’s Harness Comfortable

Comfort is something you should aim for when purchasing a harness and is the ethical thing to do for your Pitbull and as a new Pitbull owner.

You want the walk to be enjoyable for both of you and your dog not to be begging to get out of the harness after only a few short steps.

Not to worry, the recommendations we have placed up above have this factored into the mix.

The Different Types of Harnesses You Can Use for Your Pitbull Terrier

The last thing about choosing the best harness for your Pitbull that is worth noting before sending you on your way is the different types of harnesses you can consider.

Most notably, the front clip, dual clip, or rear clip are the 3 primary kinds of harnesses.

All 3 of these harnesses are considered “no-pull harnesses,” but each harness can give you the owner and the walker more control of your dog.

If you have an overly stubborn dog that really likes to pull and get wild on walks, I will highly recommend a dual clip or a front clip harness.

A front-clip harness is known to tangle and provide less flexibility for the dog, but sometimes it is just what is needed to make walking your Pitbull manageable and enjoyable.

If your Pitbull is a decent walker and you are not overly concerned with full power over the dog, a rear clip is perfectly fine that attached near the back of their neck.

This will cause fewer tangles in the leash but will also give your dog more ability to pull.

And of course, you have the dual clip harnesses, which is the best of both worlds and my #1 recommendation.

Listen, if you are already going to spend $15.00-$20.00 on a harness with a front clip or a rear clip, I do not think $3.00-$4.00 extra bucks will break the budget giving you the ability to use either clip if necessary.

Think about your Pitbull and how they typically behave on walks, and the decision and conclusion should be relatively easy to navigate for you.

A Reliable Harness for Your Pitbull Will Save Time, Headaches, and Frustration

Choosing one of the best harnesses for your Pitbull can be a real-life saver when it comes to walking your dog.

No doubt about it.

While some Pitbull’s are capable of walking without a harness, the vast majority, without training, will become easily excited, and the stubborn side of their personality will begin to shine.

Use a reliable and well-fitted harness for your Pitbull to remove this frustration and begin walking your Pitbull with ease and comfort.

Pitbull’s make for excellent and affectionate pets and deserve a harness that you can both enjoy.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terriers and hope that the harness you choose will save you a lot of time, headaches, frustration, and make walks with your Pitbull enjoyable again!

What Do You Think Is the Best Harness for A Pitbull Terrier?

Which harness do you believe is the best for a Pitbull Terrier?

Inform us why you feel that way, and we will consider adding your harness to our list above.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you all again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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