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It is normal to hesitate to bring a Pit Bull Terrier around other dogs or even potentially adopt a Pit Bull Terrier that will need to co-exist with other dogs in the home.

Most dog owners go through this phase of research. They want to make sure they understand the best methods before ultimately moving forward with any plans.

More specifically, I think this is quite a common question.

Do Pit Bull Terriers Get Along With Other Dogs?

As someone who has been raising a Terrier for the past 3 years, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Pit Bull Terriers get along with other dogs if they are well socialized and exposed to other dogs at a young age. Socialization with a Pit Bull Terrier should often occur to ensure a Pit Bull Terrier will get along or do well co-existing with other dog breeds.

While that answers many of the questions you might have on this topic, you are likely to still curious about the socialization process and what is expected of you during the process of being the owner of the Pit Bull to ensure the relationships and bonding with other dogs goes smoothly.

That is what the rest of this discussion is going to break down for you today, and here is how I would prefer to cover this topic:

Understanding A Pit Bull Terrier With Other Dogs

Pit Bull’s have been the victim of some bad press in the past and historically are pictured as a dog with brute strength and aggression.

However, this is not the case. Most Pit Bull’s with a proper upbringing and socialization can be loyal, affectionate, and extremely friendly dogs.

This goes for behavior towards owners, humans, and, yes, other dogs.

While Pit Bull’s are considered somewhat territorial and protective, they are certainly not bred to be evil dogs that cannot play well with other dogs or get along with other pets in general.

The opposite is true, but one thing will always hold true.

You, as the owner, are responsible for ensuring your dog is brought up in a loving and ethical home.

You are also responsible for socializing your Pit Bull to be around other dogs and to do it often.

This will ultimately make or break your chances at success and how your Pit Bull behaves around other dogs in the future.

I want to start with how you should introduce your Pit Bull Terrier to other dogs. Then we can dive deeper into the socialization process.

Introducing A Pit Bull Terrier To Other Dogs The Right Way

The key to starting a relationship between 2 dogs is making sure the introduction is calm and comfortable.

This is the beginning stage of the socialization process and can dramatically improve how a Pit Bull Terrier and another dog may behave around one another.

I wanted to break down my tips I would implement when beginning this process:

Start By Walking One Dog In Front Of The Other

The first thing you can do is allow your dogs to get comfortable with each other from a few feet away.

This allows them to get used to smells and just being in the general area of your Pit Bull Terrier.

Walk one dog in front of the other and monitor body language and behavior.

Introduce Your Dogs Face to Face With One Dog Behind A Gate

Next, for your safety and your dog’s safety, you can introduce your dogs face to face but use a gate to separate the dogs or a kennel.

Allow the dogs to sniff each other out through the gate and get even more comfortable with one another.

No Gate Introduction

The next step is to remove the gate from the equation and allow your Pit Bull Terrier and another dog to get to know each other with no gate involved. However, I would still recommend a leash if you wanted to control it.

The key is ensuring that the leash is always loose and comfortable.

You do not want to be the factor causing additional stress or anxiety during an introduction. Using a tight leash to do this will cause additional stress.

Allow the dogs to become comfortable with one another in a calm and relaxed environment and state of mind.

After completing the 3 steps above, the next step is to continue the socialization process, which is what I want to cover next.

Tips For Socializing A Pit Bull Terrier To Be Around And Live With Other Dogs

Now that we have an idea of what you should do to introduce a Pit Bull Terrier to another dog, I want to discuss my top tips you should implement during the socialization process.

These tips are in no particular order and should all be considered equally important if you plan to have a Pit Bull Terrier around other dogs.

Socialize Your Pit Bull Terrier Often

One of the most important things you should always understand about any dog breed, including Pit Bull Terriers is that socialization should not stop at any point and it should occur often.

Suppose you are adopting a Pit Bull and already have another dog. In that case, they should be getting opportunities around each other as often as possible.

The more practice and time with each other, the better.

We will talk about the importance of taking it slow and supervising shortly but ensure that you are always providing as many opportunities as possible for your Pit Bull to socialize with other dogs.

Start Slow and Supervise During Interactions

At the beginning of the socialization process with your Pit Bull, it is essential to allow the dogs to interact often. However, you still want to take it slow.

Short sessions of 10 minutes or less are excellent in the beginning while the dogs feel each other out and get used to one another.

Start slow, and do not push the situation too much to avoid over stimulating or stressing either of the dogs involved.

Continue Socialization In New Situations As Often As Possible

Lastly, I want to point out a common theme I see take place with dog owners.

They usually believe that once they have “a good dog” with other dogs or even people that the socialization process is basically over, and the work is done.

This is not the case, and you should always be trying to expose your dog to new situations and social activities.

You should also never feel guaranteed that your dog gets along with every dog and every dog breed.

Always use some common sense and continue training, socializing, and working with your Pit Bull for the best results.

Will Pit Bull Terriers Get Aggressive With Other Dogs?

A Pit Bull may get aggressive with other dogs if they are not well trained or well socialized.

While the Pit Bull is not pre-bred to be aggressive, any dog can get aggressive when put in a situation where they feel stressed, scared, or threatened.

Ensuring that you socialize your Pit Bull and raise your dog in an ethical and loving home will help make sure this never happens.

And of course, never stop training or socializing your Pit Bull.

Can Pit Bull Terriers Live With Small Dogs?

Yes, Pit Bull Terriers can live with small dogs but still need to be socialized and taught how to behave around small dogs.

Regardless of the dog breed and dog size, a Pit Bull can be a loving and affectionate companion with the proper environment.

Without the proper environment, training, and socialization, it is possible that small dogs and a Pit Bull may be aggressive or not get along with one another.

Be sure to always provide the socialization we have discussed thus far in this discussion for the best results.

With Socialization, Pit Bull Terriers Can Definitely Be Around Other Dogs

Hopefully, I have been clear that Pit Bull Terriers can and certainly will get along with other dogs.

Especially with proper introductions and proper socialization.

While Pit Bull’s have been the victim of some bad news press in the past, they are one of the most loving and affectionate dogs you can choose to adopt.

Work on slow and steady socialization and work on it often. You will not have issues with your Pit Bull Terrier getting along with other dogs.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pit Bull Terriers and hope that you have no issues bonding your two dogs to become best friends as quickly as possible.

Share Your Thoughts On The Topic

Do you have any experience with raising a Pit Bull Terrier with other dogs?

Any additional socialization tips you can offer the community to make the process that much easier?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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