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The American Pit Bull Terrier has been known to have a rough reputation in the past, and the thought of allowing your Pit Bull to be around your beloved cat may give you anxiety to even think about.

Today, I want to have a discussion dedicated to explaining this question and educating on if Pit Bulls get along with cats and if Pit Bull’s can live with cats.

I have been a Terrier owner for nearly 3 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Can Pit Bulls Live With Cats?

Yes, Pit Bulls can live with cats. Pit Bulls need to be socialized to cats beginning at a young age and be introduced to the cat at a slow and steady pace. With time and socialization, a Pit Bull Terrier can live in harmony and co-exist with a cat in the household without issue.

Now, keep in mind that I mentioned socialization. The introduction between your Pit Bull and your cat needs to be taken seriously and at a steady and comfortable pace.

The rest of this discussion will break down how to do this and what you need to prepare to have your Pit Bull live with your cat without issues.

Here is how I intend to break down the information for you today.

Can Pit Bulls Get Along With and Live With Cats?

The narrative that Pit Bull Terriers are not good dogs with other animals or even people has been overplayed and never been substantiated by any real evidence.

In fact, I would argue that Pit bulls who struggle to be socialized with other household animals are typically the result of the owners not putting in the effort.

Pit bulls make for one of the best dog breeds you can choose to adopt and can undoubtedly co-exist with cats in the same house.

For this to be successful, socialization needs to occur, and the owner needs to be aware of specific tasks to complete early in your Pit bull’s life.

That is what we are going to begin diving into next.

Do Pit Bull’s and Cat’s Get Along

Yes, Pit bull terriers can get along with cats if they are socialized with cats beginning at a young age.

If you put in the effort to ensure the bonding and socialization takes place without issue a cat and Pit bull can 100% live together and get along.

Next, I want to dive into what I would consider the 5 essential steps you should complete with your Pit bull terrier to have your Pit bull and cat living in the same household without issues.

How To Introduce Your Pit Bull To Your Cat In 5 Steps

Socialization With Your Pit Bull And Cat Should Start Immediately

The first tip I have for you if you want your cat and Pit bull to live together without issues is to begin the socialization process as soon as possible.

In many circumstances, you will either adopt a Pit bull Terrier from a breeder around the age of 8 weeks old or you will adopt a Pit bull terrier from a local rescue.

Regardless of which one of these avenues you choose, you need to begin the socialization process right away after arriving home with your new dog.

Of course, the same applies if you recently adopted a cat.

Allow your Pit bull and cat to get used to each other but remain in control of the social interaction.

Perhaps you choose an area of the home where you can easily separate the animals if any issues arise, or you hold your cat or new pit bull puppy while they are sniffing each other out.

The point is to make sure exposure is taking place in a controlled environment.

You want your cat and your pit bull to begin understanding each other, each other’s smells and scents, and start getting comfortable.

The more comfortable they can become and the more both animals can understand that they will be living with one another, the better.

The sooner this socialization process begins with your Pit bull and your cat, the more comfortable they will ultimately become, making the future interactions much more stress-free and less worry for you.

Start the socialization process right away for the best results and best chances of your Pit bull and cat getting along into the future.

Supervise Interactions With Your Cat And Pit Bull In The Early Phases

Remember how I just mentioned that Pit bulls and cats need the opportunity to begin the socialization process right away?

Well, that is 100% true, but it should not be completed without supervision and not in situations where you are not in control.

Make sure you begin the process but do not assume they will become best friends immediately.

Do not adopt a Pit bull and then leave your Pit bull home alone with a cat if they have never met or interacted before.

Even my Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador took a few weeks to be 100% comfortable with each other and become friends.

To prevent any unwanted harm or injuries for either animal, be sure that you supervise the interactions until you are 100% confident that both animals get along with one another and that you have nothing to worry about.

Train and Reinforce Behaviors Along The Way

There is nothing more powerful for a dog, including a Pit bull, than reinforcing positive behavior.

The same could even be said for a cat.

Animals like rewards and tend to find ways to achieve more rewards once they understand what causes you to be pleased with their behaviors.

In the beginning, when you are socializing your Pit bull and cat, be sure that if both animals or even one of the two animals is behaving and playing nice that you make it clear to that animal that they are doing a good job.

Praise them and reward them with treats.

A pit bull will learn quickly what is okay and what is not okay, and if you take it one step further and proactively reward them when being nice to the family cat, they will understand much faster how to interact in the future.

Make Sure Your Pit Bull And Cat Can Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

2 animals in the home, such as a pit bull and a cat, is one thing even if they get along but do not neglect the fact that even best friends need some space.

I found this out with my two dogs of different breeds.

While they are typically connected at the hip and best friends, times do still exist where they need space and their own time away.

They also need their own time to interact with you as the owner.

Jealousy can be a real thing and a real problem with animals and should not be ignored.

After your Pit bull and cat become friends, be sure that they can still be alone and away from one another if they are in a mood or just not feeling the friendship vibe for the day.

This can prevent unwanted sparks of aggression in the future which, yes, can happen even after a bonded relationship has been created.

Do Not Assume A Good Relationship Carries Over To Other Animals

The last tip I have for you when it comes to bonding your Pit bull and cat to live together is to never push your luck and assume you have the friendliest pets you could ever adopt.

Maybe you were successful with getting your cat and pit bull to become best friends, but that does not mean another new animal would create the same fortunes.

Any new animal you adopt in the future, or even if you are just visiting friends with other animals, will need the same TLC, supervision, and socialization process to ensure injury or acts of aggression do not occur.

Why Some May Believe Pit Bull’s and Cats Cannot Co-Exist

Before sending you on your way, I wanted to be sure I made 1 thing clear.

While it is typically possible to bond a pit bull and cat to live together in the same home, it is not always possible.

Typically, this will be the situation if you adopted an older pit bull from a rescue that already has prior issues with socialization and acts aggressively towards other animals.

The same could be said for a cat that is stuck in their ways and does not play well with dogs or other cats.

Every scenario requires a bit of research, questions asked on your end during the adoption, and effort from you to ensure the process is safe and taken in baby steps.

Do not assume that every pit bull and cat will get along but do assume that if you give it a real effort and understand that your Pit bull or cat are naturally social and nice towards other pets and animals, that you will likely be okay.

Pit Bull’s and Cats Can Co-Exist Without Issue With Proper Socialization

Pit bulls’ terriers and cats can 100% get along and live together in the same house.

While this may seem crazy to you due to the pit bull terrier’s physical build and exterior look, I can assure you that this dog breed is nothing more than a social, loving, and affectionate pet when appropriately socialized.

Be sure to provide that training, supervision, and socialization to bring one of these pets into the same household as the other.

A friendship between the two animals may form and become stronger than you ever imagined.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pit Bull Terrier and the journey you have ahead of you and certainly hope your introduction to your cat goes smoothly and they become new best friends!

Share Your Experience With Your Pit Bull Terrier and Cat Co-Existing And Living With One Another

Does your Pit Bull get along with your cat, or have you tried having your Pit Bull co-exist with your cat?

How did it turn out for you, and what other tips can you share with the community to make this introduction friendly and successful?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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