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Pitbull terriers can make for an excellent addition to the family. Still, many new potential Pitbull parents may be curious if a Pitbull is known to be a frequent chewer before deciding to adopt.

Do Pitbull’s chew a lot?

As someone who has been raising a terrier myself for the past several years, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Pitbull’s will chew a lot when they are puppies. Pitbull’s will also chew a lot if they are presented with the opportunity to chew when they are teething and when they are not trained not to chew. It is best to teach your Pitbull to chew on items such as bones and other chew toys to avoid frequent chewing.

Sounds like a good majority of dogs when it comes to chewing if you ask me.

The rest of this post will dive into more depth about the chewing behaviors you will experience if you adopt a Pitbull terrier and action steps you can take to avoid your Pitbull chewing.

Here is how I intend to break down this topic for you:

Do Pitbull’s Chew A Lot?

Like many dog breeds, a Pitbull will chew often.

Especially when they do not know any better, have no guidance on what to chew, and are presented with the opportunity to chew.

Pitbull’s can even chew out of boredom and due to separation anxiety when they are young.

The reason a Pitbull may chew frequently is a relatively long list.

Still, most of the time, the cause can be pinpointed to a few things, and active steps can be taken to avoid frequent chewing in the future.

Steps can even be taken right when you arrive home with your new Pitbull to ensure you get off on the right foot and avoid destructive chewing as much as possible right after the adoption.

Before diving into those active steps that you can take to avoid and decrease chewing, I want to discuss some of the primary reasons why your Pitbull maybe chewing in the first place.

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Why Do Pitbull’s Chew Everything?

Like many problems that arise in life, if you know the root of the issue and problem, it is typically much easier to offer a solution.

When it comes to a Pitbull chewing frequently or destructively chewing, understanding why they are chewing in the first place will help you tailor the solution.

Here are some of the most common reasons why Pitbull’s will frequently chew.

Common Reasons a Pitbull Will Chew Frequently or Destructively Chew

Pitbull’s have been noted to chew on dozens of different items around the home.

This may include wood trim, shoes, and even blankets.

Heck, sometimes you may even catch your Pitbull chewing on their own paws or their own tails.

While this may be amusing to watch, when your house and belongings start becoming the victim of chewing, you may be curious about what is causing it and how to fix it.

You may also start getting slightly annoyed with this chewing behavior.

Here are those common causes for chewing with Pitbull’s:

The Pitbull Puppy Chews

Puppies chew, and Pitbull’s are no different.

It is not uncommon for all puppies to chew in some capacity, and even nip at your hands.

They are learning their world and environment and often use their mouths to understand texture and objects.

To avoid this, try and be around and supervising when your Pitbull puppy is out roaming the house and keep belongings up and away from your Pitbull.

Encourage the use of chew toys and use other methods such as basic training to keep your Pitbull’s mind occupied.

Separation Anxiety May Cause Chewing Behaviors with Pitbull’s

I noticed this taking place often with my own Terrier.

When I would lock her in her crate at night to sleep, she would chew at the cage bars.

Pitbull’s may also chew more frequently due to stress and separation anxiety when they are away from you.

When you leave a pitbull home alone, do not be surprised if they chew or destructively chew if they are not in a crate.

Especially in the first week or so after arriving home and taking them away from their family.

Do not worry.

Typically, this form of chewing and behavior will begin to fade out as they begin to warm up to the home and new environment.

Chewing Relieves Teething Pain for Pitbull’s

Teething is perhaps the number 1 cause for chewing across all dog breeds when they are young puppies.

Teething causes pain, and chewing helps relieve pain.

Make sure that when your Pitbull is teething and going through this chew crazy time that you are providing plenty of teething toys and other safe options for them to chew.

This form of chewing will also pass.

Boredom and Neglect Can Cause Chewing

This is one form of chewing that will not pass or go away.

In fact, it will continue or even get worse if you do not find ways to provide love, attention, and some form of mental stimulation for your Pitbull’s.

While they are not considered the most active dog breed you can adopt, they certainly need some activity throughout the day.

If you neglect them, leave them home alone often, and they begin to feel this neglect, chewing may be the way they show you their frustration.

Make sure you accommodate the affectionate dog a Pitbull can be and never neglect your Pitbull.

Lack of Exercise Can Cause Chewing and Other Destructive Behaviors

Lack of exercise for terriers, in general, can be an issue you want to avoid.

I had this issue myself when I first adopted my Jack Russell Terrier.

Terriers, in general, are active, strong-willed, and relatively hyper dogs.

They need exercise to burn off some of that additional energy.

Be sure to provide this for your Pitbull’s, and you will notice better behavior for the rest of the day if you do.

Of course, better behavior will mean that you experience less chewing and less destructive chewing from your Pitbull.

How to Stop a Pitbull From Chewing Everything

Now that we understand what may be causing your Pitbull to chew frequently or cause your Pitbull to damage your favorite shoes, we need to begin making a shift and fixing the chewing problem.

We need to be training our Pitbull’s not to chew and replace the chewing behavior with something positive.

Here are my recommendations on how to begin training your Pitbull not to chew so often.

Training and Discipline

Nothing is better for any dog breed, including Pitbull’s than some good old-fashioned training and discipline.

Personally, I am a big fan of clicker training and positive rewards as my primary training methods.

Any training method is fine if it is being provided.

It is not necessarily that you are training your Pitbull not to chew but to spend time working with them and stimulating their mind.

The more training, discipline, and consistency you can provide your Pitbull, the less chewing you will be experiencing.

Removing Chewable Items from Your Pitbull’s Areas

Seems simple right?

You would be surprised how easy this is to forget.

Make sure that you puppy proof the area that your Pitbull will be interacting in for the majority of the day.

Keep items off ground level and do not allow them to get their mouths around the legs of any fancy furniture or finishes in the home.

The more items you can remove from their areas’ the less chance they will have to chew in the first place.

Providing Plenty of Chew Toys

This tip can go further than you think for ensuring you’re Pitbull does not chew other items in the home.

If you can provide them safe chew toys that they enjoy, they can begin to learn what is okay to chew and what is not okay to chew.

Be sure to provide as many of these toys as possible and replace them as needed.

Pitbull’s may also grow bored with certain toys so be willing to change out toys as this occurs and keep them busy with what you prefer them to be chewing.

Not what they should not be chewing.

Correcting Negative Chewing Behaviors

I know that we all have busy lives, and other obligations can sometimes get in the way.

However, it is essential to attempt to catch your Pitbull performing a malicious behavior such as chewing and to stop the behavior and then replace it with the correct behavior.

This is one of the most effective methods you can use to train a Pitbull or any dog for that matter.

Be sure to reward your Pitbull when they chew the correct items so that the idea of what is okay to chew and what is not okay to chew begins to cement into their minds.

Provide Plenty of Exercise and Love to Avoid Chewing With Your Pitbull

Exercise, exercise, exercise.

The more you can provide, the better.

The same happened to me, as I mentioned previously, with my Jack Russell.

Get your Pitbull active and burning energy when you can and perform activities such as the following:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Fetch
  • Dog Parks
  • Tug of War

Trust me, when you tucker these dogs out, they tend not to even have the energy or the motivation to perform negative behaviors such as chewing, and your life becomes much easier.

Without an Alternative, Pitbull’s Will Definitely Chew Often

Pitbull’s are much like any other dog breed when it comes to chewing and destructive chewing.

Several factors may be causing your Pitbull to chew, and you have plenty you can do as the owner to begin correcting this chewing behavior.

You need to be routined and disciplined with your approach and begin replacing that chewing behavior with the desired behavior for optimal results.

Nonetheless, a Pitbull can make for an excellent family pet, and chewing is something you often can’t always avoid with any dog, so it should never be a deal-breaker if you are considering adopting a Pitbull in the future.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull’s and the journey you have ahead of you.

Does Your Pitbull Chew A lot?

How often does your Pitbull chew?

How many belongings have you lost due to a Pitbull going a bit chew crazy?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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