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Pitbull’s have quickly transitioned from a dog breed with a bad rap to one of the most loving dog breeds you can decide to adopt. It is normal to be curious if a Pitbull will naturally protect you as the owner.

Whether you want to know for safety concerns or because you are looking for an excellent guard dog, it is still a popular question that many potential Pitbull parents want to understand before the adoption.

Do Pit Bulls Protect Their Owners?

Yes, a Pit Bull will protect their owners if they sense immediate danger. Pit Bulls grow into a loving, loyal, and attached dog and quickly become fond of their owners and are willing to protect them.

Many attached dogs are willing to protect, but not all dogs are trained in a fashion that immediately indicates they will attack to protect.

The rest of this post will break down the protective nature of the Pit Bull, how much they love their owners, and what you need to understand about a Pitbull and how they show affection.

Here is how I intend to layout this information for you today:

Do Pit Bulls Protect Their Owners?

Something important to keep in mind when you begin discussing if a Pit Bull will protect their owner is that protecting their owner does not necessarily translate into your dog attacking another person violently.

All Pit Bulls are different and protecting and having a genuine concern for their owners may mean that they come to their side or bark and alert you of any potential threats or danger.

They are most likely willing to protect their home as well if left home alone to watch the property.

Not all Pit Bulls will act identically in the way they protect their owners.

However, a consensus can be concluded that Pit Bulls are protective in nature and begin to form a deep love, affection, and friendship with their owners that they would defend if necessary.

Pit Bulls are protective in nature and begin to form a deep love, affection, and friendship with their owners.

Which leads me directly into my next topic of discussion.

Is A Pit Bull a Good Guard Dog?

Love and protection go hand in hand when it comes to Pit Bulls and their guard dog nature.

As they begin to adapt to their new homes, new owners, and the world after puppyhood, a Pit Bull becomes an extremely affectionate dog breed.

They may even experience some separation anxiety the first time you leave them home alone after the adoption.

Once your Pit Bull becomes more alert and has a better understanding of their surroundings, they will become an excellent guard dog.

Pit Bulls are vocal dogs when they want to inform you of a visitor at home or if they sense anything out of the ordinary.

Many terrier dog breeds share this same personality characteristic.

In addition to chewing. 😔

If you are looking for a good guard dog that will be informing you of everyone at the door, on the property or of anything out of the ordinary in general, a Pit Bull may be one of the best options for you.

Will A Pit Bull Love Their Owners?

Yes, a Pit Bull will love their owners.

Pit Bulls are quickly erasing a previously bad reputation and becoming one of the favorite dog breeds around the world.

Most of this popularity is stemming from how loving and attached a Pit Bull can become and how smart and receptive the Pit Bull Terrier is in general.

3 Ways A Pit Bull Shows They Love Their Owners and Are Willing to Protect Them

Pit Bulls are protective of their owners and make excellent guard dogs.

Instead of only telling you that Pit Bulls can be loving and affectionate and protective of there owners, I have decided to break down 3 common ways a Pit Bull will show their love, affection, and devotion to you as the owner.

Thus, leading them to be protective of you and making them excellent guard dogs.

#1- Pit Bulls Are Extremely Loyal

A Pit Bulls loyalty is one of the reasons they are more prone to protect their owners and one of the reasons they make for such a loving dog.

Pit Bulls take a strong liking towards their owners and grow very fond and protective of their primary caregivers.

This is only one of the many ways a Pitbull will show their love.

#2- A Pit Bull Will Show Love and Protect You by Following You Everywhere

This is a known trait of the Pit Bull that does not seem to bother most Pit Bull owners.

Most of the time.

This dog enjoys being around you and being by your side.

This does not necessarily mean that they do this in an annoying fashion.

They like to make sure you are okay and always allowing you to show them some love, attention, and affection.

#3- A Pit Bull Is Not Scared to Cuddle Up

Pit Bulls at one point in time was known for dog fighting from unethical owners across the world.

That false information has begun to fade, and most will tell you how much a Pit Bull is willing to lay or sit right next to you in a calm manner, willing to cuddle!

Why Do Pit Bulls Get a Bad Rap?

As we have mentioned so far into this post, a Pit Bull is a protective dog, but this is due to how much they love their owners.

This also does not mean that they will always be showing teeth, biting, and clawing at anyone that comes near you.

It means that they like to be around you as the owner, and if necessary, they would 100% be willing to step between you and potential danger.

It is how they show love and protect you.

However, Pit Bulls were not always loved by society, and fears originally stemmed from individuals who would raise these dogs in a non-loving home.

A home where abuse took place, and Pitbull’s were raised to fight due to their strength and unique athletic abilities.

It is important to understand that although a Pit Bull may be considered a good guard dog and willing to protect you, that deep down, they are soft-hearted and loving dog looking for a safe and loving home.

In fact, Pit Bulls passed a temperament test at a higher rate than Golden Retrievers.

Love Your Pit Bull Back for An Unbreakable Bond and A Dog Willing To Protect You

Pit Bulls will certainly protect you as the owner and make excellent guard dogs.

However, their desire to protect you and guard the home begins when they are puppies and begin forming that unbreakable love and bond with you.

A Pit Bull can make for an intimidating bodyguard, but overall, it is one of the sweetest, loving, and affectionate dogs you can adopt.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pit Bulls if you do decide to adopt and the bond and friendship you can look forward to.

How Does Your Pit Bull Show Love Towards You and Protect You?

Does your Pit Bull do anything we have not discussed in this post to show love towards you as the owner or to show their protective side towards you?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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