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If you recently adopted a Pitbull Terrier, you may be wondering if you should spay your dog and if spaying your Pitbull Terrier can calm them down and provide any other behavior benefits.

Spaying is a decision only you should make after speaking with your vet, but overall, some consensus has been reached about what benefits spaying your Pitbull Terrier can offer.

Here is what I can tell you on this topic:

Does Spaying A Pitbull, Calm Them Down?

Spaying a Pitbull Terrier may provide behavior improvements towards other animals and reduce aggression. Spaying can also reduce the tendency of your Pitbull to run away.  Overall, spaying a Pitbull will not make dramatic behavior or calming changes but does provide many health benefits.

I know you may be slightly disappointed in that answer, but I recommend you read the rest of this brief post to get the details.

Spaying offers many other benefits for your Pitbull Terrier. It is worth considering, which is what I plan to explain in the remainder of this discussion.

Here is how I intend to break down that information for you:

Understanding Spaying With Female Pitbull Terriers

It is essential to understand how spaying your Pitbull can benefit them, but it is essential to understand what is taking place.

Female Pitbull Terriers will become sexually mature between 6 and 12 months of age.

This is when the hormones start to get active and start having an impact on your Pitbull.

Estrogen is causing your Pitbull to begin the reproductive cycle, which in turn causes those heat cycles you may or may not be familiar with.

This is also known as estrus.

Without being spayed, your Pitbull will likely have 2 heat cycles per year, which carry their own health impacts and a few behavioral impacts.

For now, let’s start with the behavior changes you will see, and the behavior changes you will not see with your Pitbull if you decide to complete the spaying procedure.

Behaviors Will Not Change Drastically With Pitbull’s Due To Spaying

The most important thing that I think all Pitbull parents need to realize is that you will not see a drastic shift in your Pitbull behaviors by getting them spayed.

While a few things may change for the better, overall, your Pitbull will display the same personality and characteristics that they did before being spayed.

More importantly, if your Pitbull has some behavior issues, spaying will not fix them.

The only thing that can help remedy negative behaviors with a Pitbull is discipline and training.

This, in addition to socialization, will take you much further towards helping your Pitbull’s behavior as opposed to spaying.

However, you should get at least a little excited because some behavior changes do or can take place for the better that include the following:

The Tendency To Run Away Is Reduced After Spaying

Not many behaviors are as alarming or annoying as your Pitbull running away or finding a way to get out of the yard.

No one has fun chasing their dog through the streets.

Spaying can help this behavior dramatically.

Pitbull’s that have been spayed have been documented to be less curious, pick up less breeding scents, and have a decreased tendency and desire to wander off.

If this is a problem your having consistently, consider spaying your Pitbull.

Heat Cycles Can Cause More Potty Mistakes Due To Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is something that can be caused by heat cycles with Pitbull Terriers.

Female dogs in general.

While this will not impact all dogs who have heat cycles, it affects a good majority.

If this has been an ongoing issue, spaying may help your dog regain control over bladder movements and frequent urination.

Obviously, a benefit all of us as dog owners would enjoy immensely.

Increased Aggression, Moodiness, and Irritability Is Common With Heat Cycles

Heat cycles are also known to cause a bit of a mood and aggression with Pitbull Terriers.

All-female dogs, for that matter.

Getting your Pitbull fixed/spayed can help solve some of the aggression and irritability they have during those heat cycles.

The Benefits Of Spaying A Pitbull Terrier

Now that we know some of the behavior issues that will improve with getting your Pitbull spayed, I want to also touch on some of the major health benefits that are known to be associated with getting a Pitbull spayed.

Ovarian And Uterine Tumors Are Reduced Dramatically After Spaying

Ovarian and uterine tumors are two common health concerns you can run into with a Pitbull that is not spayed.

Completing spaying at the recommended ages’ can ensure that these two health conditions are never something that takes your Pitbull too early.

A reason to consider getting the spaying completed if you ask me.

Having Puppies Can Be Difficult On A Pitbull Terrier

I think we can all agree that giving birth to a litter of Pitbull puppies might be relatively stressful and put some wear and tear on the body.

Not to mention stress and other potential health complications.

A Pitbull that has been spayed will not have to deal with any of the stress of giving birth to a litter of Pitbull puppies.

If you have no breeding intentions, spaying will help eliminate the accidental breeding and never risk your Pitbull enduring this situation.

I know, as cute as those Pitbull puppies, maybe, if you were not planning on it, it is not worth risking your affectionate dog’s health over.

Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

To be completely transparent, spaying your Pitbull Terrier does not fully eliminate the chances of your Pitbull getting breast cancer in the future, but it does reduce those chances dramatically.

This reason alone is a reason to consider completing the procedure if you ask me.

Pyometra Bacteria Is A Concern If You Do Not Complete Spaying

Pyometra bacteria is a bacteria that can infect your Pitbull’s uterus and, if untreated and unnoticed, become fatal.

It is not common for Pyometra to occur at young ages.

As your Pitbull gets older, up to 25% of female Pitbull’s can be infected with this bacteria before they reach the age of 10.

Common signs or symptoms of Pyometra can include the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Anorexia
  • Excessive Water Intake/Drinking
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight Loss
  • Abdominal Distention
  • Inflamed Eyes

If any of these are currently displaying with your Pitbull, you need to contact a vet and get your Pitbull seen as soon as possible.

However, suppose this is not something you’re concerned with and perhaps just recently adopted a Pitbull.

In that case, it is something that can be dramatically reduced by spaying your dog.

When Should You Have Your Pitbull Terrier Spayed?

It is common to spay a female Pitbull before they have their first heat cycle, which typically occurs between 6-9 months of age.

However, you should never spay a Pitbull before the age of 3 months of age to avoid other health conditions and increased chances of hip dysplasia in the future.

Overall, between the ages of 4 and 6 months is one of the most common and recommended ages to get your Pitbull spayed.

How Much Does It Cost To Spay A Female Pitbull?

The price you will pay to get your Pitbull spayed will vary based on your local vets and where you live. It is possible to find cheaper options with individual vets, and some charge much more but offer a much more comprehensive pre-op, post-op, and overall experience for your dog.

Typically, you can expect the cost to spay your Pitbull to range between $150.00 and $650.00, with the price tag often being over $1000.00 in some areas and with some reputable vets.

My recommendation is simple.

Call your local vets, compare prices but do not only price shop.

Ensure you are comfortable with the vet, find out what is included, and the breakdown of the actual charges.

It is more important to feel good about the procedure than to save $100.00.

Can Female Pitbull’s Have Periods Or Go In Heat After Spaying?

No, a female Pitbull can no longer have periods after being spayed.

The heat cycle will be eliminated after being spayed, which is one of the most desired benefits of completing the procedure.

Prepare Your Pitbull For The Spaying Procedure

Another consideration you should keep in mind is your game plan for the procedure itself.

Make sure to get exact directions from your local vet about the spaying.

Find out what they recommend for pre-procedure recommendations such as diet and water intake.

Also, ask what the expected recovery time will be and what is expected from you during the process.

The more educated and comfortable you can become with the process, the easier it will be, and it will be over before you know it.

Finding A Vet For Local Spaying Near You

Suppose you recently adopted your Pitbull and have not chosen your local vet for your dog yet. In that case, you have a few things you can do to determine who your vet will be for the spaying procedure.

My recommendation is to first research all your local vets online and check reviews and the office’s overall feel.

Next, call around and get estimates and find a match that can be within your budget.

While an affordable vet is essential, a reputable and trusted vet is also incredibly important.

Not to mention, your overall confidence and comfort in times of need are also necessary when choosing a local vet near you.

Get it right the first time, and you can likely continue using them with your Pitbull for the duration of their life.

Spaying Your Pitbull Can Be Beneficial If You Have No Intentions Of Breeding

Whether you ultimately decide to spay your Pitbull Terrier is entirely up to you.

Clearly, some health benefits are apparent with spaying your Pitbull.

If you never intend to breed your Pitbull, you clearly will not want to take this approach.

Do not bank on any significant behavioral changes taking place and do what you believe is the best for you and your Pitbull Terrier.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terriers and the journey you have ahead of you. We also hope the spaying goes smooth and your Pitbull has a fast recovery!

Did You Have Your Female Pitbull Spayed?

Have you already had your female Pitbull spayed?

Why or why not, and at what age did you have the spaying completed for your Pitbull?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading, and we will see you again next time.

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