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With a new family dog in the household and the hectic pace of life these days, new Pitbull owners are often curious about how long they can leave their Pitbull alone.

It is a reasonable concern.

We want to make sure we provide the best care possible and protect our belongings from any form of destruction.

Especially if it is concerning a new Pitbull puppy without a solid foundation of training under their belt yet.

That is going to be the topic of discussion in today’s brief post.

How long can Pitbull’s be left alone?

As a terrier owner myself and having a great deal of experience with terrier breeds and dog ownership in general, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Pitbull’s can only be left at home alone for short amounts of time until they have adjusted to being alone in the house. Pitbull puppies should not be left home alone outside of a crate for more than 2 hours, and adult Pitbull’s not inside of crate should not be left home alone for more than 4 hours during the adjustment period.

What do I mean by the adjustment period?

Well, stick around for just a few minutes, and I will break down the topic of leaving your Pitbull home alone from about every angle I can.

By the end of this post, you should have a clear understanding of how to break your Pitbull into being left home alone without displaying any behaviors that are destructive.

Here is a brief outline of how I intend on breaking down this topic:

If you are short on time or need to jump around in this post, feel free to do so using the links provided directly above.

If not, relax, take a breath, and stick around, and I will have you feeling better and up to speed about leaving your Pitbull home alone without issues.

Here are the essential details you should be aware of.

How Long Can Pitbull’s Be Left Alone?

Pitbull’s are a unique dog breed that can become one of the most obedient and loyal dog breeds you can choose to adopt.

However, there is no question that at some point, our lives get in the way.

We all have jobs and family events we need to attend or just a night out for dinner.

If the time has not presented itself yet, it will present itself soon, and you will find yourself needing to leave your Pitbull home alone.

Maybe this will be shortly after adoption while they are still a puppy, and maybe your Pitbull will be more trained and have a better grasp of essential discipline when the time to leave them alone does come up.

Nonetheless, it is coming and likely soon.

We do not want to come home to chewed up belongings, a shredded couch, or a potty mess in the house.

We also do not want our Pitbull’s feeling as if they are being neglected.

I had the same fear with my terrier.

Although a different breed, I am a firm believer that the same principals will apply.

The most significant factor I want to point out in this post is that it is going to completely depend on how long you need to be away from home and what you have already implemented into your training with your Pitbull.

A Full Day of Work24 Hour Absence From A Pitbull

A full day of work is likely the most common situation where you would need to leave a Pitbull home alone, and it is also one of the longer durations you would encounter.

Likely 8 hours or more.

If you need to do this, especially in the early days when your Pitbull is still a puppy, you absolutely must implement crate training.

To do this without feeling guilty, break your Pitbull into crate training by having them sleep in at night first while you are still home.

Yes, in the beginning, they are going to whine and hate it, but it will not take long before they accept it and become more comfortable with the idea.

The key is ensuring you have a crate large enough for them to be comfortable but small enough that they are not willing to potty inside of it.

Dog’s hate using the restroom anywhere where they sleep and lay.

Therefore, not purchasing too large of a crate is imperative.

It is also why breaking them into the crate while you are home at night is your best bet.

It gives you a chance to see how they behave and get comfortable with the crate before it is time to leave your pit home alone in the crate for the first time.

Remain diligent with your training and always allow them to eat, drink water, and use the restroom before placing them in a crate to leave them alone while you are at work.

Also, plan to have a backup individual that can allow your Pitbull out of the crate in case you are going to be stuck at work longer, or errands arise after your day is complete.

Introduce this individual to your Pitbull before you need them to ensure both your Pitbull and a trusted friend are comfortable with each other.

This gives you the ability to allow your Pitbull out to use the restroom just in case something comes up.

Which unfortunately, that is life, and something will eventually come up that is out of our control.

Do not allow your Pitbull to be the victim of that and force them to potty where they lay or be in discomfort waiting for you to return.

Now, let’s start diving into leaving your Pitbull alone for just a few hours.

A Few Hours Out and About Away From Your Pitbull

This is the shortest amount of time you would ever need to leave your Pitbull alone, but it can also be the most frightening.

Mainly because you are just not sure what you can expect in the beginning.

The honest answer for how to leave your Pitbull alone for a few hours is that it entirely depends on where you are in the training process and what preparation you have put in place.

After enough time of crate training, and once potty-training is complete, it can feel safe to leave your Pitbull alone in the home outside of the crate while you do a little grocery shopping.

This may very well be the case.

However, the best advice I can give you is to break this in slowly as well.

Start with going for a jog for 30 minutes or a walk with the family for 30 minutes while your Pitbull remains in the home alone.

This ensures you will be back in time to stop any behavior and that you are not stretching their potty-training capabilities.

Take a mental note of how they do and what they were doing when you came home.

Were they in areas of the home they should not be or up on the furniture?

Did they have that look that they were about to do something they should not be doing?

If so, maybe only run errands for shorter time frames at first or continue to use crate training.

It took me almost 7 months with my terrier with crate training until I fully trusted her to be home alone without her crate.

After this trust is built, it is imperative that you continue to give them something to do to occupy their minds while you are gone.

Pitbull’s are social dogs and like to move around.

Get them acclimated to chewing bones and toys that are safe and will give them something positive to work on while you are leaving them alone.

Trust me, in the beginning, it can be rough leaving a Pitbull home alone, but it only gets easier and better as time passes and the trust grows.

An Extended Leave With Pitbulls

The last scenario where you would need to leave your Pitbull alone is what I would refer to as the “extended leave”.

Unfortunately, when you leave your Pitbull home in these situations, your options are minimal.

You can either take your Pitbull with you depending on your destination or you can find a pet-sitter.

Again, make sure it is a sitter that you can trust while leaving your Pitbull alone, and someone, your Pitbull, is acclimated being around.

You want this person to be able to control your dog and have some form of authority.

Lastly, consider calling local dog boarders to see what it would cost to keep your Pitbull safe while you are away.

No other options are available outside of these 3.

You will just have to use your best judgment and go with your gut on what makes the most sense for you, your family, and your new Pit.

Will A Pitbull Have Separation Anxiety?

Unfortunately, yes.

Pitbull’s are much like all other dog breeds and can suffer from separation anxiety.

This can happen at all ages with a Pitbull.

Like most terriers, if your Pitbull has separation anxiety, they are likely to either chew or bark excessively and whine.

To help with chewing, if your Pitbull is suffering from separation anxiety, ensure they have plenty of items they can chew safely, and that will not result in you losing furniture.

Before taking the risks of leaving, make sure they like and enjoy the chew toys you have purchased for them and that they prefer to use them.

For barking, try and remove the stimulus that could cause more barking than usual.

This can be done by shielding your pit in a room with a gate where they will not see others walking by in the neighborhood.

Limiting space in general when leaving a Pitbull home alone in the initial months of adoption is a good idea.

Invest in a sturdy and tall enough gate and pick a room where you know your Pitbull will be safe and cannot damage anything in the home.

With how busy we live these days; you are going to have to give it a try and see how it goes.

Again, leaving a Pitbull alone is only going to get easier as time passes.

If you are in those initial days and have a lot of anxiety, you are in the worst times right now as we speak, and it will get better sooner than you think.

Provide Ways for Your Pitbull To Remain Occupied When Alone

We have touched on this some already, but it is imperative to mention it again.

Always make sure your Pitbull has something constructive that they can do while you leave them alone.

Chew toys are going to be your best friend.

I am ordering chew toys on amazon about every week it seems, but guess what?

I still have my couch and a terrier that understands what should be in their mouth and what should not.

While I had to utilize crate training for several months with my terrier, toys, and mental stimulation finally got me to the point where I felt comfortable leaving her alone at home for longer durations.

Accept it, purchase the toys, work with them, and move on.

Can Pitbull Puppies Be Left Alone at Home?

We have also already touched on this some, but I wanted to hit on it one more time.

Pitbull puppies are not going to understand right from wrong.

Ensure that if you are leaving a Pitbull puppy home alone that it is for short time frames unless you have someone who can let them outside to remain diligent with potty training and to keep your Pit comfortable.

Secondly, absolutely 100% utilize crate training with a Pitbull puppy when leaving them home alone even if it gives you an odd feeling in your stomach during the first few times of doing it.

Trust me; it is the best way to get a Pit or any dog for that matter to get acclimated with behaving while you are away.

It is that simple, my 2 cents, and I am sticking to it.

Remain Consistent with Discipline and Potty Training

To save your home and mental sanity, always remain diligent with potty training your Pitbull.

Especially if you work the same hours every day.

When you leave your Pitbull home alone, this will help immensely with ensuring you get their bowel movements and pee schedule down to a routine.

Routine with dogs, including Pitbull’s, is essential.

Especially if they must be let home alone often.

This is going to get them acclimated to understanding when they go out each day when they eat and help them to control their bodily functions.

Not to mention, Pitbull’s are very smart dogs, and they will adjust to these routines quickly, making it easier every day to leave them home alone.

Leaving A Pitbull Home Alone May Be Tricky In The Beginning But It Gets Easier

At the end of the day, leaving our Pitbull’s or other dog breeds home alone is something that will have to happen at one point or another.

If you cannot avoid it, why not become a pro at it?

Implement the advice laid out for you today in this post to leave your Pitbull home alone without issue or damage to your home.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your new Pitbull and hope that leaving them home alone goes as smoothly as possible.

When Did You Start Leaving Your Pitbull Home Alone?

Do you have any further recommendations or advice you believe the Terrier Owner Community could benefit from when it comes to leaving a Pitbull home alone?

What other strategies did you implement, leaving your Pitbull puppy or adult home alone during the initial days after adoption?

Be sure to share those stories, concerns, and thoughts by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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