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Exercise for Pitbull’s is an essential part of their lives. It needs to be part of their routine to keep them active, healthy, and happy.

The question I see that frequently arises from new Pitbull owners is how often you need to provide exercise for your Pitbull, what exercises you need to offer, and the best methods you can use.

How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need?

Pitbull’s require exercise daily. Pitbull’s have the stamina and muscle mass to exercise daily for long durations of time. Pitbull’s can participate in various exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, and even swimming.

That is only the short answer to the question.

How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need?

Pitbull’s are much like any other dog breed in many ways but also have unique needs of their own.

With strong and muscular bodies and the ability to exercise any day of the week, it is essential to provide this exercise in some fashion.

Now, keep in mind that depending on your lifestyle and overall activity in the household, you may need to go out of your way to provide this exercise and you may not.

I discuss in-depth in my article discussing how often you need to walk a Pitbull Terrier.

Point being, if your Pitbull is naturally getting a lot of exercise and movement throughout the day without dedicated effort on your end, you will not need to go to such extremes to provide it.

Should you still provide some dedicated exercise in the form of walking, running, or 1 on 1 bonding time?

Yes, absolutely, and as often as possible, but when your Pitbull is getting naturally worn out based on your lifestyle, it will not be nearly as imperative to set aside time on the calendar.

On the flip side, if your Pitbull is left at home alone often while you work and does not have much a yard for play and running around, you will have to think in the opposite fashion.

You will need to be providing 30-60 minutes of exercise to give your Pitbull the movement and exercise they need to remain happy, healthy, and well socialized.

Adjust Exercise Based on Your Pitbull’s Age, Pitbull Puppy Exercise

Something that you should always keep in mind when determining how much exercise your Pitbull needs is your Pitbull’s age and capabilities when it comes to exercise routines.

A Pitbull puppy cannot handle as long or strenuous exercise as a mature Pitbull.

Neither can an elderly Pitbull.

Nor do they need as much.

The impact on their bones and joints at this age is likely to outweigh any of the benefits your Pitbull may be gaining from exercise.

However, as your Pitbull grows into their full body weight and size, your exercise routines can increase in length and difficulty if you choose.

Once your Pitbull is roughly 9 months-1 year old, they will be capable of walking with you for longer distances or even going for a jog.

Not to mention the ability to do other exercises such as bicycling or rollerblading.

In the beginning, keep the exercise routine but do not overdo it.

As they age and reach full size, you can begin implementing the exercises you desire and increasing the duration and intensity of the training and exercise with your Pitbull.

How to Provide Exercise for Your Pitbull Terrier Effectively?

Now that you have a good feel for the basics of exercising for your Pitbull, your next logical question is likely how to provide it effectively.

No, I am not talking about which exercises you can perform with your Pitbull but am talking about approaching the entire situation.

Consistency Is Critical When Training and Proving Exercise to A Pitbull Terrier

The first thing I would always stress to a new Pitbull owner is that consistency is everything.

Whether you are talking about potty training, leaving your Pitbull home alone, or providing exercise.

Dogs, including Pitbull’s, are very routine and creatures of habit.

When they get used to a routine such as a walk before bed or a walk immediately when you wake up, they grow to adapt to that routine and even look forward to it.

If you consistently change, your routine is not only when your Pitbull will become confused, but when your Pitbull may even act out and have negative behaviors take place.

I can tell you from experience, my terrier absolutely loves her walks, needs her exercise, and without it, she builds up a lot of additional energy.

She will run around the house like a madwoman.

Other negative behaviors that can result in a lack of exercise for a Pitbull Terrier may include any of the following:

  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing
  • Following you around endlessly.
  • Anger chewing (toys or non-desired items)
  • Urination in the home

Keep in mind that a mature Pitbull may not necessarily result to acting like a 2-year-old throwing a fit if they do not get exercise, but a younger Pitbull, a Pitbull puppy, or a Pitbull that is very routine and feeling neglect may begin to display some of these negative behaviors due to a lack of exercise.

Now that we are getting a feel for the importance of exercise for a Pitbull, I want to start diving heavy into the specifics.

What exercises work out fantastic for a Pitbull Terrier and which exercises do I recommend.

Example Exercises and Routines You Can Use with Your Pitbull Terrier

#1- Walking Your Pitbull Terrier

Walking is the most basic form of exercise, but it also under-rated and a great way to get your Pitbull moving.

Not to mention, it can be beneficial for you as well.

When you first begin exercising your Pitbull in this fashion, be sure to work on basic training with walking on a lead and reducing pulling.

You can review my post about the best walking harnesses for a Pitbull Terrier here.

#2- Running with Your Pitbull

Running with your Pitbull is another fantastic exercise you can implement into your routine.

I would recommend you get your Pitbull walking like a pro before attempting to run long distances to avoid issues with pulling.

However, once you have this under control, running with a Pitbull is a great way to keep you both and shape and provide socialization.

#3- A Classic Game of Fetch

If you do not necessarily feel like running, walking, or leaving the house, stick to something simple such as a game of fetch in the backyard with your Pitbull.

You can use various toys such as tennis balls or even a frisbee.

An often overlooked but excellent form of physical exercise for your new Pitbull.

#4- Cycling

This is another one of those situations where I would personally wait until you are extremely comfortable with how your Pitbull behaves on a leash.

I would also 100% recommend utilizing a harness and the correct size lead for your Pitbull if you desire to cycle with your pitty.

Once you have these primary items checked off your list, cycling is a great way to cover a good amount of ground with your Pitbull, keep you both in shape, and keep your Pitbull gaining critical socialization skills.

#5- Rollerblading

Growing up, the house behind my families had 2 Pitbull’s and a Husky.

The owner of these dogs would literally go around the block on rollerblades with one dog at a time and then come home, swap out the dogs, and go again with the next dog.

It seems like this was every day.

Talk about getting some good exercise in and keeping to a consistent schedule.

It goes to prove that rollerblading is another great activity you can do with your Pitbull.

Again, make sure you are confident in your Pitbull’s pulling behaviors and obedience before taking this step.

The problem would be if your Pitbull is too intense and tends to pull when they see certain things, such as other individuals or other pets.

Obviously, this could result in injury or danger, so be sure to knock out that training before attempting this with your Pitbull.

#6- Swimming

Pitbull’s are not known to be the best swimmers, but this does not mean that they will not have a blast swimming or interacting in the water.

If you are someone who enjoys the water, swims often, or even enjoys a good majority of the days on the lake during the warm months, expose your Pitbull at a young age to this lifestyle and make watersports something your Pitbull grows to love.

#7- Tug-Of-War

Tug-Of-War can be a great spur of the moment way for you to get physical exercise in with your Pitbull and drain some of the excess energy they have built up.

Purchase a safe rope toy for your Pitbull, keep it around and on commercial breaks on your favorite tv show, pull out the rope and get in a quick 5-minute game of tug-of-war.


This may be like fetch, but it is a bit more advanced and potentially a lot more fun.

Not to mention it is an impressive trick to teach your Pitbull for when company comes over.

Get a frisbee and start by teaching your Pitbull the basics.

Once you have these down, use Frisbee as one of your go-to activities to provide your Pitbull exercise in the future.

#9- Hiking

Hiking rounds out my list of basic exercises that your Pitbull will enjoy.

Go explore new paths and take your Pitbull for a longer hike on a nice day.

Be sure to pack plenty of freshwater and keep your Pitbull well hydrated.

Additionally, be sure not to push your Pitbull past their limits to avoid any heat exhaustion or injuries.

Advanced Exercise and Training for A Pitbull

The 9 exercises we covered would consider more of the primary and easy exercises you can use for your Pitbull.

It does not make them any less effective.

Still, you have a few other options, exercises to consider, and things you do to provide some physical activity.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are one way to get your Pitbull up and moving, but they have never been a go-to exercise I have used.

Not because I do not think they are beneficial; I honestly have never trained a dog to excel with an obstacle course.

However, Pitbull’s are a very smart dog breed and desire to please you as the owner.

If you are willing to teach them and have patience during the process, they are certainly ready to learn.

So, if you feel like taking the exercise up a notch, obstacle courses can certainly be a way to do so.

Strength Training Exercises for A Pitbull Terrier

I think most of us are aware that a Pitbull is one of the strongest dog breeds in the world.

Strength training is not only beneficial to humans.

It can be hugely beneficial for your Pitbull as well.

It can help to improve overall health, joints and keep your Pitbull at ideal body weights.

This, in addition to consistency with your exercise routines, can help a Pitbull live a long, healthy, and active life.

When you search for various things you can do to strength train with your Pitbull, you will get tons of ideas and different suggestions.

One recommendation I have is not to overdo it or go too crazy.

However, some strength training exercises are known to be beneficial and not cause harm to a Pitbull.

Not to mention provide the much-needed health benefits we said a moment ago.

Here are a few examples:

Spring Poles

A spring pole can allow your Pitbull to have a ton of fun while getting in exercise.

It allows your dog to pull, swing, and tug.

What could be better?

In a nutshell, it is basically a pole with a toy attached to one end of the pole.

Your Pitbull will jump to get the toy and then hang, tug and have a blast while building up some muscle mass.

Incorporating Running and Walking with Hills

This could be considered nothing more than hiking, but it is still an excellent option and workout for your Pitbull.

It would fall into the category of strength training as well.

If you want to take the exercise to the next level with your Pitbull, incorporate more hills and some rough terrain.

Mental Stimulation for A Pitbull Terrier Is Equally Essential

Exercise can obviously come in many forms, but it is essential to know that you can incorporate mental stimulation for Pitbull in addition to physical stimulation.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to always be training your Pitbull and always be working with them.

Even after your Pitbull masters a trick, continue reinforcing training, discipline, and new tricks to keep your Pitbull sharp.

Mental stimulation can help burn energy equally as much as physical stimulation and help your Pitbull become more socialized and obedient through the process.

Provide Exercise for Your Pitbull Indoors and Outdoors

I get it.

Winter comes, and it becomes more challenging to get outside and remain moving around with your Pitbull.

It becomes easy to neglect the exercise.

However, it is vital that your dog does not go through these cold months without some form of movement and exercise.

If you want your dog to get the winter blues and a little depression, ignoring exercise will certainly be a way this could happen.

Do not allow the weather or circumstances in your life to make you forget about what your Pitbull needs.

If you cannot get outside and active with your Pitbull, take part in games inside with them, such as tug-of-war with a rope toy or other training exercises.

I get it, and I have been in that situation where it can be easy to put off walks, runs, and other routines on the backburner when the weather gets cold and the days get shorter.

Keep up with your consistency and keep providing some exercise for your Pitbull all year round.

Beware of Providing Too Much Exercise for A Pitbull, Regardless of Age

We touched on this when we started this post, but I wanted to be sure we recapped this critical aspect of exercise for our Pitbull’s.

Be sure that when you have a Pitbull puppy, you do not force too much exercise and overdo it.

The same can be said with an elderly Pitbull.

As your Pitbull gets older, adjust accordingly, and increase the exercise and intensity.

While it may seem like your Pitbull puppy is up for anything, it can be counter-productive to push the limits too far.

Keep the walks shorter and work on training your Pitbull with the basics before moving into the more strenuous or advanced exercises we have broken down in this post for you today.

A Pitbull Is A Dog Breed Meant to Exercise, Be Sure to Provide It

As you can probably tell, the amount of exercise a Pitbull will require can vary depending on your lifestyle and the exercises you choose to utilize.

Nonetheless, it is an incredibly important part of Pitbull ownership and needs to be planned for in advance.

Ensure that you provide exercise for your Pitbull in some fashion to keep your Pitbull at peak health and happiness.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terriers, your exercise routines, and the journey you have ahead of you.

What Other Exercise Ideas for Pitbull Terriers Can You Share with The Readers?

What other exercises do you participate in with your Pitbull Terrier?

Do you have any other recommendations for the readers on the topic of exercise for Pitbull Terriers?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by, and we will see you again next time.

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