When Do Pitbulls Stop Teething [Quick Guide + Tips]

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The teething phase with a Pitbull Terrier may be one of the most challenging times you will encounter during the early stages of owning your Pitbull.

I cannot say that I blame you for wondering when the teething phase will end and what you can expect.

When Do Pitbull’s Stop Teething?

I have been a Terrier owner myself for over 2.5 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

A Pitbull will be done with the teething stage between the age of 4-7 months old. The teething phase begins when a Pitbull is 8 weeks old, and baby teeth can continue to fall out until they are 3 months of age, which is when your Pitbull will begin growing their molars.

Overall, the timeline for Pitbull’s teething, how long it will last, and what behaviors will display will vary with each Pitbull.

The rest of this post will break down what you can expect most of the time.

Consider this a quick guide to understanding the teething process with your Pitbull puppy.

Here is how I intend to present the information for you:

Pitbull Puppies and Teething Overview

Much like a baby, a Pitbull is also going to go through the teething stage.

It is part of the process and, unfortunately, not a stage you can avoid with a new Pitbull Terrier.

Luckily, your Pitbull is going to get through the teething stage much faster than a child will.

Most of the time, it will only take 3-5 months for a Pitbull’s adult teeth to be pushed entirely through and showing (more on this soon when we discuss the teeth growth process)

The problem with Pitbull’s compared to babies is that they typically display different behaviors that can be annoying and, yes, more painful during the teething phase than a cranky baby crying.

Before you can start to help your Pitbull with these teething pains and negative behaviors, you need to recognize when teething is taking place and when the pain is present inside of their mouths.

That is what we are going to cover next.

4 Ways To Recognize If Your Pitbull Is Teething

#1- Chewing Is A Sign of Teething

Chewing is typically the most common sign of your Pitbull teething.

It can also be one of the most stressful behaviors a Pitbull will display during the teething phase.

A Pitbull will literally chew on anything during the teething phase.

This may be your couch; this may be your sweatpants, it may even be your fingers or toes.

Do not worry.

I will cover ways to help your Pitbull chew on the correct items in the future (more on this later).

When your Pitbull starts getting into his nippy and chew frenzy stage, you can almost bank on the fact that they are in the teething stage.

It is time for you to step in and start providing some guidance, comfort, and help with your new puppy.

#2- Swollen Gums Or Blood Present In The Gums Can Indicate Teething For A Pitbull

Blood present in your Pitbull’s gums is not as much to worry about as you may think, and do not let overly stress you out.

In most circumstances, teething will not cause much if any bleeding in the gums, but it is possible and a sign you should look for to understand if your Pitbull is teething or not.

While it may be painful for your Pitbull, you can provide comfort, and the pain will be gone before you know it.

#3- Excessive Drooling Can Indicate Teething

While slightly disgusting and annoying to clean up, drooling is a symptom of teething and something you should pay attention to when your Pitbull puppy is at age when teething is common and most likely taking place.

Drooling is also not a symptom that you need to worry about and is typically only a sign that your Pitbull’s new adult teeth are trying to push through and most commonly will be noticeable when your Pitbull sleeps, or by showing up where they lay and rest a majority of the day.

#4- Smaller Appetite Than Usual

This reminds me much of how a baby will present when they are refusing to eat and only want their bottle and the ability to chew on a pacifier when they are teething.

Well, a Pitbull may act in the same fashion any may not be acting as hungry as they typically are.

Be careful when your Pitbull displays these symptoms not to ignore the symptom but also not to get overly concerned that another health issue is present.

Teething will cause your Pitbull not to be as excited over their bowl of food sometimes.

Plain and simple.

A Breakdown and Overview of Your Pitbull’s Teeth

Next, I thought it would be not only relevant but also helpful for you to understand your Pitbull’s mouth and teeth in general.

Ergo, I have decided to create a quick breakdown of your Pitbull’s teeth through the various stages of their lives and the teething process.

Take a look.

Pitbull’s First Teeth

After that adorable Pitbull, you desire to adopt is born, a first tooth does come in, and it typically happens relatively quickly after leaving the mother Pitbull and after weaning from the mother’s milk.

Most of the time this will be in the 4-6 weeks of age range but can take until the 6-8-week age mark.

This is technically when the teething process is beginning for your Pitbull.

Your Pitbull Losing Baby Teeth

Luckily for all of us, those sharp knife-like puppy teeth fall out relatively quickly, and they will typically lose their first incisors around the age of 3 months old.

Your Pitbull’s 6 Month Teeth

Fast forward to the 6-month mark and your Pitbull now most likely has a good majority of their adult teeth, but the growth will typically continue for another couple of months.

This is also when problems may need to be taken care of, such as an overbite.

Taking care of these issues now is much easier and better for your dog than waiting.

Especially since teeth issues with your Pitbull’s adult teeth can lead to difficulty eating and other problems if left untreated.

Adult Teeth For A Pitbull

As mentioned, a moment ago, you still have a few months past the 6-month mark for the adult teeth of your Pitbull to continue to grow and come in.

Now that you have reached the adult teeth phase and are at 8 months of age, your Pitbull should have a total of 42 teeth.

20 Top Teeth

  • 6 Incisors
  • 2 Canines
  • 8 Premolars
  • 4 Molars

24 Bottom Teeth

  • 6 Incisors
  • 2 Canines
  • 8 Premolars
  • 6 Molars

You can also now take a breath and pat yourself on the back.

You have survived the teething stage and can sleep well, knowing the pain is over for your Pitbull.

Now, keep in mind, those adult teeth are also capable of chewing up your favorite shoes or the couch cushion as well!

A Pitbull Teething Chart To As A Recap

Pitbull Terrier Teeth Progression Chart
At Birth- No Teeth (Normally)
2-3 Weeks Of Age- First Baby Teeth Will Begin Coming In
3-4 Weeks of Age- First 12 Incisors Will Begin Coming In
4-5 Weeks of Age- First 4 Canines Will Begin Coming In
5-6 Weeks of Age- First Premolars Begin Coming In
7-8 Weeks of Age- Complete Set of Baby Teeth
Pitbull Tooth Growth Chart and Teething Progression

3 Ways To Help Your Pitbull Through The Teething Stage

Okay, so we know how the teething process can be recognized with your Pitbull, and we also understand the timeline of the teething process. Still, now it is time for you to provide your Pitbull with some help, comfort, and understanding during this painful process.

Here is how you do that.

#1- Be Patient and Understand The Pain and Discomfort Your Pitbull Is Going Through

My number 1 tip I have for you is to be patient and have some compassion for your Pitbull during the teething process.

It is easy to get lost in the fact that they are nipping at everything possible, perhaps chewed up your favorite pillow or take a liking to your socks when you’re trying to relax, but they are only a dog.

They are also going through pain that I highly doubt you would prefer to be going through.

These behaviors are how they get through the pain and relieve some of the pressure that is building in their gums as the adult teeth begin to push through.

Have you ever had a toothache or a tooth-related issue?

It usually hurts, and you likely are not in the best of moods, so I can promise you that patience and understanding while also correcting incorrect behaviors is a much better approach with your Pitbull during this process.

Be sure you provide it.

#2- Protect Your Pitbull From Chewing Anything They Should Not Be

Next is a critical piece of advice for your own hands, feet, and potentially young children but also for your personal property.

Remember that pressure is building in their gums, and chewing is how they relieve it.

Especially when they are young and do not understand any better approach.

If you do not want something chewed, you cannot only rely on discipline type training but also need to keep the items out of their reach.

If you do not want your shoes chewed, do not leave your shoes where your Pitbull can get them during the teething phase.

If you do not want your Pitbull nipping your hand due to teething, do not flaunt your hand in front of their mouth.

This is honestly nothing more than common sense but something most Pitbull owners forget to do, and I honestly forgot to do most of these things with my Terrier as well.

Trust me, take a few minutes to puppy proof the room for your Pitbull during the teething phase, and you will save yourself a lot of headaches, frustration, and even money.

#3- Provide The Best Pitbull Teething Toys

This tip is hugely beneficial for your Pitbull and your sanity during the teething process.

I literally cannot stress this tip enough for anyone reading.

Make sure you provide toys designed for teething that can help your Pitbull remain occupied during this phase and help them relieve the pain by chewing down on something safe.

Below, I have compiled a few of my favorite toys for a teething Pitbull that will work great in this situation for you.

#1- Nyla Bones

The Nyla Bone chew toy is one of my favorites and one of the toys I would recommend for your Pitbull if they are teething.

The Nyla Bones are flavored, hard to destruct, and, overall, a very safe option for your Pitbull to enjoy.

You can check it out here for yourself (Link to Amazon)

#2- Large Rubber Kong

The large rubber Kong has been a popular toy for quite some time and is an excellent toy for a Pitbull going through the teething phase.

First, these are extremely hard for a Pitbull to destruct.

Secondly, they allow you the ability to freeze food or treats inside of the Kong, making it even more stimulating and exciting for your Pitbull to enjoy.

Overall, one of the top options if you have a Pitbull in that teething phase.

You can view this toy yourself here (Link to Amazon)

#3- Goughnuts Maxx Chew Stick

The Goughnuts Max Chewstick is one of the most durable chews sticks you can provide your Pitbull.

Made from tough rubber and specifically designed for large breeds, it is going to help your Pitbull chew down and relieve some of that teething pressure and keep them occupied.

Not to mention, you can use it to double down in purpose and get a game of fetch or even tug in with your Pitbull to provide some much-needed exercise.

You can check this toy out for yourself here (Link to Amazon)

Rotate Toys For Your Pitbull To Keep Things Interesting For Your Pitbull During Teething

An additional tip I have for you while your Pitbull is teething is to be sure that you keep things interesting for your dog.

They may grow bored with certain toys and then move onto the next most exciting thing they can find.

This is when you can get into trouble and end up having your belongings chewed while your Pitbull is in that nippy teething stage.

Use a few toys for a few days and then rotate some new toys to keep your Pitbull engaged, interested, and relieving that pain they may be going through.

Make Sure Your Pitbull Chews Away From You To Avoid Distractions

Another thing you need to realize about the Pitbull Terrier is that they are very affectionate dogs.

They also enjoy protecting and being around their owners.

No matter how bad the teething is causing your Pitbull pain or how awesome toys you have purchased, they can easily be distracted and prefer to be around you and playing with you instead.

Clearly, this can lead to your Pitbull chewing or going through their teething pain with items you prefer.

They do not chew or even getting nippy with you in general if they are by themselves for at least a few minutes a day.

Give your Pitbull a chance to be alone for part of the day.

Let them learn to play with toys in a proofed room and learn to be away from you.

This is not only going to ultimately help with teething and learning to chew toys correctly but will help with other issues that can arise later for your Pitbull, such as separation anxiety.

Do not Forget To Take Care of Your Pitbull’s Adult Teeth As Well

Something we often forget as dog owners is that we also need to take care of our Pitbull’s teeth even after the teething process is over.

The best way to do this is to always ensure you are providing a healthy and balanced diet.

Additionally, avoid providing your Pitbull with foods they should not have.

Especially if they contain sugar.

And, if you want to really take it up a notch, consider brushing your Pitbull’s teeth from time to time to make sure those 42 new adult Pitbull teeth stay white, healthy, and strong.

My Pitbull Puppy is Biting Hard. What Should I Do?

Before wrapping up this article, I wanted to touch on one more thing.

A lot of owners get scared, discouraged, and even frustrated when their Pitbull puppy is teething and begins biting or nipping a bit too hard.

Below, I have put together 2 additional tips I recommend you implement to help with this issue and ultimately help your Pitbull become more socialized for the future and help them through this painful time.

Teach Your Pitbull The Word Ouch During Teething

First, you need to teach your Pitbull puppy that the biting hurts.

Yes, this should be completed verbally, and it should even startle them a bit.

When they bite down on your hand, make sure you say in a commanding and audible voice, “Ouch.”

Trust me, a Pitbull has no desire to harm their owner, and the loud verbal confirmation will help them realize that they need to stop this behavior.

Continue using this method until your Pitbull begins biting less and using you as a chew toy.

And of course, always refer to the teething chew toys I mentioned previously to ensure you can replace the behavior with something they should be chewing in the first place.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic During The Teething Phase

Finally, my friends, keep your expectations realistic during the teething phase with your Pitbull.

This is just like I mentioned when we began this conversation a few minutes ago.

At the end of the day, your Pitbull is nothing more than a dog, and they are also in pain.

Do not expect them to be perfect and expect a few things to be chewed and a few nips to take place during the teething phase.

If you know it’s coming, you can react with compassion instead of frustration, and ultimately this will help your Pitbull grow a closer bond with you and also help your Pitbull deal with the pain in these rough few months of teething.

Pretty simple if you ask me.

Teething With A Pitbull May Be Annoying, But It Does Not Last Forever

Teething for Pitbull’s may be a bit of a rough time when owning a Pitbull, but that time does pass and passes relatively quickly.

Be sure to do what you can to protect yourself and your Pitbull during this phase and prevent them from chewing items they should not be.

And of course, be sure to provide plenty of the best toys for Pitbull teething to help them through this phase.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull’s and the journey you have ahead of you, and we certainly hope the teething phase does not last too long for you!

What Is Your Experience With Your Pitbull Teething?

What else can you recommend to the readers about a Pitbull teething, and what else should they do to recognize Pitbull teething and help their Pitbull’s through the teething phase?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

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