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Making the decision to neuter your Pitbull can offer many benefits. Often, new Pitbull owners are curious if they should neuter their Pitbull’s and if any downfalls exist.

Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Should I Get My Pitbull Neutered?

Yes, you should get your Pitbull neutered if you have no intention to breed. Neutering your Pitbull can help reduce testicular cancer risks, decrease aggression, and eliminate the tendency for your Pitbull to run away and wander off.

Clearly, plenty of benefits can be offered by neutering your Pitbull.

It is also essential to understand the neutering procedure and everything you can expect.

Ultimately, this will make you comfortable with the procedure and understand what differences you may notice with your Pitbull in the future.

That is what the rest of this discussion is dedicated to answering for you.

Here is how I intend to cover this topic for you today:

Should I Get My Pitbull Neutered

In case you were wondering, neutering is the procedure that removes your Pitbull’s testes, testicular blood vessels, and spermatic ducts.

In plain English, your Pitbull will no longer have the reproductive organs he was initially born with.

Others may refer to neutering as castration.

The procedure is completed while your Pitbull is under anesthesia, and it does carry some slight risks.

Overall, it is a relatively standard and a safe procedure to have completed.

Neutering a Pitbull can offer plenty of health benefits and can even provide some behavioral benefits for your dog.

The health benefits often outweigh any behavioral changes that you will notice but are still essential to consider.

While it will not make any life-changing differences in your Pitbull’s personality, you still may notice a few desired and welcomed changes.

I want to start by hitting those potential behavior changes that neutering a Pitbull Terrier can offer.

Behavior Changes Of Getting A Pitbull Neutered

When it comes to behavior changes you can expect after neutering a Pitbull Terrier, I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first.

The bad news is that neutering a Pitbull Terrier will not fix any significant behavior problems your Pitbull may be experiencing.

The best remedy for major Pitbull behavior issues is going to revolve around training and discipline.

And, of course, socialization.

Neutering will not fix this for you.

On the other hand, neutering is known to help with a few Pitbull behaviors that I am sure we would love to see change.

I want to cover that next, and we will consider that the good news.

Your Pitbull Will Run Away Less If Neutered

Anyone reading ever had their Pitbull run away?

It may be the most frustrating thing on the planet to deal with.

Neutering can dramatically help with this behavior.

Your Pitbull will no longer have any interest in the scent put off by female dogs in heat.

This, in turn, makes it less likely for your Pitbull to attempt to escape the yard to find himself a hot date for the evening.

Your Pitbull Will Be More Tolerant Of Other Dogs After Being Neutered

Another significant behavior benefit of getting your Pitbull neutered is that your Pitbull should be more tolerant and less aggressive towards other dogs.

While this may not help with aggression problems that have stemmed from other issues, it will help if the aggression is caused by the male hormones your Pitbull is encountering.

Another great benefit if you prefer to have the neighborhood friendly Pitbull who can be well socialized around other dogs and animals.

The Chances of Marking Territory Is Decreased After Neutering Is Complete

Another massive benefit of getting this procedure done for your dog is the reduced likelihood of your Pitbull marking territory.

Some Pitbull’s will mark territory frequently while being walked.

Sometimes it happens while performing other exercises.

And sometimes, unfortunately, it can happen on a couch or in places you prefer it never would.

Get your Pitbull neutered to reduce this behavior.

Now that we know some of the behavioral benefits that neutering can offer your Pitbull, I want to explain the health benefits neutering a Pitbull can offer.

The Health Benefits Of Getting A Pitbull Terrier Neutered

If you did not already know, getting your male Pitbull neutered offers a few very essential health benefits for your dog.

Here are a few of them.

Cancer Chances Are Greatly Reduced By Neutering Your Pitbull

Neutering can also be highly beneficial and something to consider because of the significantly reduced risk of your Pitbull developing any cancer related to the testes.

It can also help reduce prostate disorder and the potential for perineal fistulas.

Other Health Risks Are Also Reduced

Neutering can also be great because you reduce the chances of diabetes in the future.

While neutering cannot eliminate the potential for diabetes becoming an issue for your Pitbull, it can undoubtedly help the chances, and it is a reason to consider completing the procedure.

Health Impacts and Risks of Neutering a Pitbull

It only seemed fair to also include some of the potential issues with neutering your Pitbull and some of the health risks it can pose in the future.

For the most part, the most known and common health risks that neutering is known to cause are weight-related problems.

A neutered Pitbull is 3x more likely to end up becoming obese, and it also increases the chances of hypothyroidism dramatically.

Additionally, the chances that your dog develops hip dysplasia, bone cancer, and other joint-related health issues is increased by getting your dog neutered.

Overall, I believe that the health benefits outweigh the risks involved and would recommend neutering your Pitbull if you have no intentions of breeding.

However, you do have more considerations to keep in mind.

What Age Should A Pitbull Be Neutered? When Should Pitbull Puppies Be Neutered?

Neutering a male Pitbull is recommended between the age of 5-9 months.

It should never be done before this age due to your Pitbull’s increased chances of developing health complications post-surgery.

However, if you are outside of the 5-9 months of age mark and your Pitbull is older, it is still okay to get them neutered.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Pitbull Neutered?

The cost to neuter a Pitbull will vary based on your local vets, where you live, and what the vet requires.

A good majority of vets will require you to bring your Pitbull in for a visit and full examination.

Some vets also offer much more complete pre-op and post-op packages that can easily cost more than $1000.00 to complete the procedure.

On average, it will cost you between $150.00-$650.00 to neuter your Pitbull Terrier.

Do Pitbull’s Get Neutered For Free?

Determining whether neutering a Pitbull Terrier is free or can have financial assistance offered will depend on your local vets.

PBRC Spay and Neuter Fund offers the ability to fill out an application to get financial assistance, and local vets may have similar programs.

Pitbull’s are a breed known to be over-populated, so assistance and programs have been offered in recent years to neuter and spay Pitbull’s for free or low cost to reduce over-population.

I would recommend checking what kind of assistance you can receive online and then contacting your local vet offices to see what they have any financial assistance available in your area.

You may be able to get more assistance than you think financially with the procedure if you do a little homework in advance.

Prepare Your Pitbull For The Neutering Procedure

You should be preparing for your neutering with your Pitbull.

If you can get comfortable with what is expected, it will be much smoother for you.

Speak to your vet about all the post-operation and pre-operation do’s and do not’s.

These will typically include what your vet wants your Pitbull to eat the day before and the day of and what fluids they can consume.

There may also be some pain management available for your Pitbull in case they have any soreness.

Speak to the vet you choose and get the specifics.

Finding A Local Vet Near You To Complete The Neutering

If you have recently adopted your Pitbull and do not have your vet of choice yet, you have a little work to do.

I always recommend reading reviews and doing some homework online about your local vets.

Find out what they offer, what others are saying about them, and get comfortable with a few of the options.

You can then contact those vet offices and decide who offers the best options and make you feel the most comfortable with the procedures.

Do not always be shopping vets for costs either.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and it is better to have peace of mind and know your Pitbull is in good hands if something did ever happen than to shave a few dollars on your budget.

Neutering A Pitbull Can Offer Plenty Of Benefits, You Should Consider It

Hopefully, by now, you can see that neutering a Pitbull can offer many behaviors and a lot of health benefits.

If you have no intentions of breeding, you should be considering neutering your dog.

Overall, that choice is up to you, and you only know what is best for you and your new affectionate Pitbull.

Do your homework, prepare in advance, and you will be in great shape.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terriers and the journey you have ahead of you. We also wish your Pitbull a speedy recovery if you decide to get him neutered soon.

Have You had Your Pitbull Neutered?

Have you already had your Pitbull Neutered?

Why or why not?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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