100 Names for Your New Westie Puppy (West Highland Terrier Name Ideas)

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Welcome to Your Guide for Naming Your New Westie Puppy! If you’ve recently added or are planning to add a West Highland White Terrier to your family, one of the first and most exciting decisions you get to make is choosing the perfect name for your new furry friend.

The Westie, as this breed is affectionately called, originates from Scotland and has a big personality packed into a small, sturdy body. Clever, curious, and energetic, the Westie needs a name to match its lively spirit.

To spark inspiration for naming your new pup, we’ve compiled a list of 100 Westie names broken down into 10 fun and unique themes. Each section provides 10 creative name ideas related to sports, music, nature, food, alcohol, celebrities, TV/movies, mythology, foreign languages, and human names.

Whether you want a quirky name that reflects your interests, one connected to your Westie’s appearance or personality, or something classic and timeless, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your new addition among these 100 options.

Sports Themed Names

Photo of a Westie (West Highland Terrier) energetically chasing after a soccer ball in a grassy field. The dog's eyes are focused on the ball.

If you want a name for your energetic Westie pup that captures their lively spirit, why not consider a fun sports-inspired name?

This type of name works well for active dogs and allows you to pay homage to your favorite sports team or athlete.

Here are 10 sporty name ideas to consider:

  1. Wrigley – Perfect for a Chicago Cubs fan, named after Wrigley Field
  2. Fenway – For the Boston Red Sox lover, named after Fenway Park
  3. Duke – A reference to famed college basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and his Duke Blue Devils
  4. Coach – A cute nod to all the coaches out there
  5. Huddle – An adorable name inspired by football huddles
  6. Bolt – A fast name after the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt
  7. Champ – What every athlete strives for, a champion
  8. Dash – For a dog with lightning speed
  9. Victory – To celebrate all the wins, big and small
  10. Ace – For your pup that always aces it, like an ace pitcher in baseball

With a sporty name, you can show off your fan pride while also capturing your Westie’s energetic spirit. So go team and pick a winner!

Music Themed Names

Photo of a Westie holding drumsticks in its paws, about to hit a snare drum. Other percussion instruments are scattered around.

Music is full of creative inspiration for naming a lively Westie pup. Consider a name that relates to your favorite musical artist, genre, or even instrument.

Here are 10 music-inspired name ideas:

  1. Rockie – A rockin’ name for a pup who loves music
  2. Poppy – Perfect for fans of pop music
  3. Bowie – After the late, great David Bowie
  4. Melody – A sweet name meaning “song”
  5. Lyric – For the lyrics that speak to our hearts
  6. Blues – After the blues music genre
  7. Jazz – A smooth name for a chill pup
  8. Banjo – Named after the fun, upbeat instrument
  9. Beatles – Pay tribute to your favorite band
  10. Elvis – The one and only king of rock and roll

With so many great musicians, songs, and inspirations, the possibilities are endless for a music-themed name that really sings for your new Westie pup!

Nature Inspired Names

Photo of a West Highland Terrier sitting next to a serene lake, its reflection visible in the calm water. Tall pine trees surround the lake.

The Westie breed originally comes from the rugged, beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Why not choose a name connected to nature and the outdoors for your new pup?

Here are 10 nature-inspired name ideas:

  1. Willow – A name inspired by the graceful willow tree
  2. River – After the rivers that flow through nature
  3. Forrest – A nod to beautiful forests
  4. Ridge – For a Westie who loves hiking mountains
  5. Snowy– A nod to the famous white coat of Westies
  6. Aspen – A tree name perfect for an adventurous pup
  7. Maple – A sweet name, after the maple tree
  8. Sandy – Inspired by sandy beaches and sand dunes
  9. Stormy – A powerful name for a strong pup
  10. Rainier – Named after Mt. Rainier in the Pacific Northwest

With a nature-themed name, you can celebrate the connection between your Westie and the great outdoors. It captures their sturdy spirit and sense of adventure perfectly.

Food Themed Names

Photo of a Westie with a slice of pepperoni pizza in its mouth, looking directly at the camera. There are pizza crumbs around.

Calling all foodies! Naming your pup after your favorite food or treat is a cute and quirky idea. Consider a food-inspired name that makes you smile.

Here are 10 food-themed names for your Westie:

  1. Bean – An adorable name, like a coffee bean
  2. Peaches – A sweet southern name, just like the fruit
  3. Pizza – For the pup who loves this cheesy treat
  4. Chip – Inspired by chocolate chips or potato chips
  5. Maple – A delicious name, like maple syrup
  6. Peanut – For the pup who’s small but mighty
  7. Pepper – A spicy name with a little kick
  8. Biscuit – Cute name for a tiny furry sidekick
  9. Honey – A golden sweet name
  10. Butter – A smooth name inspired by butter on toast

Picking a food-inspired name allows you to have a little fun while also potentially describing your dog’s coloring or personality. Get creative and cook up the perfect foodie name for your Westie!

Alcohol Themed Names

Photo of a Westie with its tongue out, trying to reach the last drop from a tilted glass bottle. The background is a sunny park.

Looking to toast your new Westie pup with a boozy name? Alcohol-inspired names lend themselves well to feisty little dogs with big personalities.

Here are 10 alcohol-themed ideas for your Westie:

  1. Whiskey – A spirited name for an energetic pup
  2. Guinness – Inspired by the dark Irish stout beer
  3. Margarita – A fun, bright name, like the cocktail
  4. Mimosa – Bubbly and effervescent, like the morning cocktail
  5. Brew – For beer lovers everywhere
  6. Merlot – Named after the rich red wine
  7. Moonshine – A nod to strong homemade spirits
  8. Brandy – Sophisticated name based on the liquor
  9. Sherry – A sweet name inspired by the fortified wine
  10. Bailey – A nod to the Irish cream liqueur Bailey’s

Naming your Westie after your favorite adult beverage is a playful way to celebrate your new addition.

Just don’t actually let them drink the real thing!

Celebrity Themed Names

Photo of a 1950s actress with platinum blonde hair, dressed in a white dress, posing next to a Westie (West Highland Terrier).

Why not name your spunky Westie pup after one of your favorite celebrities? Many celebrities are Westie owners themselves.

Giving your dog a famous name can be lots of fun.

Here are 10 celebrity-inspired names for your Westie:

  1. Marilyn – After Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe
  2. Sinatra – For the legendary singer Frank Sinatra
  3. Oprah – Inspired by the beloved talk show host
  4. Hemingway – After prolific author Ernest Hemingway
  5. Monroe – A reference to movie star Marilyn Monroe
  6. Drew – From Hollywood darling Drew Barrymore
  7. Victoria – Named for British queen Victoria Beckham
  8. Coco – Based on fashion icon Coco Chanel
  9. Audrey – As in Breakfast at Tiffany’s actress Audrey Hepburn
  10. Bowie – In memory of music legend David Bowie

Picking a famous celebrity moniker lets your Westie pup’s personality shine. Choose a name that you connect with and fits your dog’s quirky character.

Movie/TV Character Names

Illustration of a Westie (West Highland Terrier) playfully interacting with a blue tang fish, similar to the character from a popular animated movie. The background is an underwater scene with coral reefs.

For pop culture lovers, naming your pup after a favorite movie or TV character can be really fun. Consider these 10 options drawn from the big and small screens:

  1. Dory – The adorable forgetful fish from Finding Nemo
  2. Yoda – After the wise Jedi master from Star Wars
  3. Scooby – Inspired by the lovable Scooby Doo
  4. Dwight – For fans of The Office and Rainn Wilson’s character
  5. Leia – Princess Leia from Star Wars
  6. Buffy – Named after TV’s cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  7. Tyrion – Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this nod
  8. Elsa – The powerful icy queen from Frozen
  9. Chandler – After Matthew Perry’s Friends character
  10. Loki – The Marvel villain and fan favorite

Picking a pop culture puppy name is a great way to show off what you geek out over. It’s also a name guests will immediately recognize and smile about.

Mythology Names

Illustration of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and thunder, holding a lightning bolt in one hand, with a Westie (West Highland Terrier) sitting loyally by his side.

Mythology from various cultures offers unique name inspiration for your new Westie pup. Consider these 10 mythological names:

  1. Zeus – The top Greek god, ruler of Mount Olympus
  2. Loki – The Norse god of mischief and trickery
  3. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom and battle strategy
  4. Apollo – A Greek god associated with music and the sun
  5. Freya – The Norse goddess of love and fertility
  6. Luna – The Roman goddess of the moon
  7. Thor – The Norse god of thunder and lightning
  8. Juno – An important Roman goddess and wife to Jupiter
  9. Iris – The Greek goddess of the rainbow
  10. Atlas – Named for the Titan forced to hold up the sky

Choosing a mythological puppy name connects you and your dog to these epic stories from antiquity. Let your Westie’s personality shine by picking a fitting god or goddess name from mythology.

Foreign Words/Names

Photo of a Westie sitting elegantly on a stone wall, adorned with a kilt and a matching tam o' shanter hat.

Since Westies originate from Scotland, a foreign name could be a meaningful choice for your new pup. Consider these 10 options from other languages:

  1. Amigo – Spanish for friend
  2. Bonjour – A greeting in French meaning “good day”
  3. Angus – A Scottish name meaning one of strength
  4. Lassie – A Scottish term for a young girl
  5. Baguette – A fun French name for a little loaf
  6. Brie – Named after the creamy French cheese
  7. Pierogi – Inspired by Polish dumplings
  8. Kiki – A cute term meaning “dear one” in Chinese
  9. Fabio – An Italian name meaning bean grower
  10. Nikko – A Japanese name meaning sunlight

Picking an international name can give your Westie pup a worldly flair. Consider meanings that capture your dog’s spirit or playful terms from your favorite culture.

Human Names

Photo of a Westie lying down on a comfortable bed, with a close-up of its name tag that says 'Charlie'.

Giving your Westie a traditional human name is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Consider these 10 options:

  1. Charlie – A friendly, unisex name that works well for dogs
  2. Riley – Originally an Irish surname, now a popular first name
  3. Sammy – A cute shortening of Samuel or Samantha
  4. Scout – A strong name for an adventurous pup
  5. Cooper – An approachable name meaning barrel maker
  6. Parker – Traditional last name that transitioned to first name
  7. Bailey – A sweet name meaning administrator or bailiff
  8. Taylor – A modern name meaning cloth tailor
  9. Sawyer – An occupational name referring to a woodcutter
  10. Quinn – Irish name meaning fifth born child or counsel

Human names give your Westie an approachable, friendly vibe. Pick a classic name or fun spin on an old favorite when you want something simple but meaningful.

Find the Perfect Name for Your Westie Puppy

Naming a new furry friend is one of the most enjoyable parts of becoming a pet owner. With an energetic and lively West Highland White Terrier, you’ll want to pick the perfect moniker to match their spirited personality.

In this article, we’ve curated 100 delightful name ideas across 10 fun categories ranging from sports to mythology to food and drink. With so many creative and meaningful options to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal handle for your new Westie pup.

Consider names that capture their appearance, playful qualities, or your own hobbies and interests. Get the whole family involved in brainstorming possibilities too!

Beyond our name suggestions here, remember there are no real “rules” when it comes to naming your dog. Find something you connect with and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Most importantly, pick a name that brings joy and suits your new addition. With the right moniker, your Westie’s personality will shine for years to come. Enjoy this special process of naming your newest family member!

Kevin William

Kevin grew up with a female West Highland White Terrier named Murphy who was always by his side. Kevin currently lives in New York state with his family including a Labrabull (Labrador Retriever Pit Bull) named Lily.

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