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While Westies are high-energy dogs, you may have noticed that they also spend a good portion of their time snoozing.

How much sleep should your Westie be getting? The amount of sleep that Westies need varies depending on various factors such as age and environment.

Generally speaking, Westies will usually sleep between 12-14 hours each day. Both Westie puppies and senior Westies will sleep more.

  1. West Highland White Terrier Sleeping Habits
  2. Westie Puppy Sleeping Habits
  3. Senior Westie Sleeping Habits
  4. How Much Do Westies Sleep? Final Thoughts

West Highland White Terrier Sleeping Habits

Most adult West Highland Terriers will sleep between 12 and 14 hours each day, but not all at once. Westies will adapt to their environment and get on the same sleep schedule as their family.

Murphy, my family Westie when I was growing up, would go to bed when my parents did and then get up with them as well. While that’s only 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, she would nap throughout the day to make up for it. This is typical of most dogs.

However, if there was something going on at the house or we took her on a trip, she would be perfectly content to stay up all day long. She wouldn’t want to miss any of the action, after all.

So, while most days Westies will sleep 12 to 14 hours, it is not a requirement that they get a set number of hours of sleep each day.

Westie Puppy Sleeping Habits

If you are adopting a Westie puppy, it is important to be aware that puppies will sleep much more than adult dogs. Just like human babies, puppies spend most of their time sleeping.

In fact, for the first 8 weeks of their lives, a Westie puppy will sleep about 20 hours every day! By the time they are 6 months old, they will be down to 16 to 18 hours of sleep. And around 1 year old, they will be closer to their adult sleeping patterns – sleeping 14 to 16 hours per day and slowly transitioning down to 12 to 14 hours.

From a biological standpoint, there are many reasons why puppies spend so much time sleeping. For one thing, being a young animal means that your puppy is still growing and developing both physically and mentally.

As such, it is only natural that they would need lots of extra rest to help them manage all of the changes occurring in their bodies.

Additionally, puppies can also be quite active during their brief moments of wakefulness, meaning that they will often expend more calories during these short periods and then require longer periods of slumber to recover.

It may be tempting to play with your Westie puppy all day long, but it is important to make sure that your puppy is getting enough rest.

Senior Westie Sleeping Habits

Like puppies, senior Westies also require more sleep. As they age, you may notice that your Westie’s energy levels are slowing down and they are sleeping more.

As dogs age, they often suffer from health problems that can make them tired and less active. Additionally, older dogs may not have the same level of mental stimulation as younger dogs, leading them to seek out more opportunities to rest.

So if you notice your senior Westie spending more time napping, don’t be alarmed – it’s perfectly normal!

The number of hours a senior Westie sleeps will depend on the individual dog, but as they get into their twilight years they may sleep up to 18 hours per day.

While Westies can live up to 17 years old, they are typically considered senior dogs around 7 or 8 years old. But that doesn’t mean that they are suddenly going to be sleeping all the time.

Barring a specific health problem, the number of hours that an older Westie sleeps tends to increase very gradually over time until they may be sleeping 18 hours each day.

As you senior Westie’s activity level drops and they begin sleeping more, they will also be burning fewer calories. It may become necessary to adjust how much food they eat to prevent them from becoming overweight.

How Much Do Westies Sleep? Final Thoughts

In conclusion, on average adult Westies sleep 12 to 14 hours each day, Westie puppies sleep up to 20 hours each day, and senior Westies may sleep 18 hours each day. Remember, these are just averages and will vary based on the individual dog and their environment.

However, if you are concerned that your Westie is sleeping significantly more or less than the hours above, be sure to bring it up with your veterinarian. Sometimes, abnormal sleep patterns can be a sign of an underlying health issue.

You may also be interested to know that your dog is listening to you while they sleep.

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