25 Westies In Costumes [Halloween Costume Ideas for West Highland Terriers]

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Spooky season is here! It’s time to embarrass your Westie by dressing them up in silly Halloween costumes.

Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your own dog or just want to see some cute pictures of Westies, here are 25 West Highland Terriers in Halloween costumes. Because who doesn’t like seeing dogs wearing costumes?

Get your pup their own dog Halloween costume and join in on the fun.

1. Chucky Doll Westie

I know some dogs can be intimidating, but I never thought a Westie would be the most terrifying dog I’ve ever seen. I thought all West Highland White Terriers had white hair?

Chucky dog costume is available on Amazon.


2. Paging Dr. Westie

Can this cute innocent dog really be the same one with the bloody knife? I guess after he cuts you, he’ll sew you back up.


3. Devil Westie

This little pup is doing her best to look scary, but even with devil horns and a pitchfork she just looks too innocent.


4. Ghost Westie

This ghost costume really takes all white to the next level. I’m not actually sure if this is a costume or she just refuses to come out from under the covers.


5. Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Sorry Jackie, you’re not fooling anybody, but if I was going pumpkin picking I’d definitely pick you.


6. Westie Chia Pet

Grow your own Westie with the brand new Westie Chia Pet!

You won’t find this one in stores, but you can make your own.


7. Westie Jack-o-lantern

I know this one isn’t a costume, but how awesome is this Jack-o-lantern!

8. Fries Anyone?

If this Westie is anything like my Westie was, this costume stayed on just long enough to take the photo and then it immediately got shook off and destroyed.

9. Harry Potter Westie

I don’t know much about Harry Potter, but I don’t think there’s a more perfect breed to dress up like the wizard than a West Highland Terrier.

10. Westie Lumberjack

Ivy is ready to chop down some trees! I’m a sucker for costumes that make it look like the dog is standing on two legs.

11. Going Back to Their Roots

Originally from the Scottish Highlands, these Westies are paying homage to their homeland by dressing up in their Scottish tartan kilts.

12. Superman and Wonder Woman

I’ve heard of couples’ costumes, but matching terrier costumes? How super is that?!

13. Karate Westie

I don’t know if I’m more impressed by a dog with a black belt, or the fact that this Westie seems to have a sense of calm that is unmatched by any other terrier.

14. Yoda the Westie

Pet me, you will. The Force is strong with this one.

Star Wars fan Westie owners can get their own Yoda dog costume from Amazon.

15. Pope West Highland The First

They say that dog is just God spelled backwards. And it is, but I’m not sure what that means.

Pope costume available on Amazon.

16. Kevin the Minion Westie

This Westie decided to dress up as Kevin the Minion. When you think about it, Westies really are just like little Minions – well intentioned, but troublemakers at the same time.

17. Is It St. Patrick’s Day Yet?

A Scotsman pretending to be Irish? You could probably fool me. I can never tell those accents apart.

18. Queen Bee

People dress up in animal costumes all the time. Why can’t animals have a little fun pretending to be other animals, too?

19. Captain Westie

If the airline won’t let you bring your emotional support dog onto the plane, just tell them he’s the pilot.

20. Postal Worker Westie

I thought dogs were supposed to hate the postman? Not this Westie. He wants to be just like his mail man and deliver treats to all the humans.

Postal Service mail man and UPS driver costumes are available from Amazon.

21. Westie Santa Claus

Who says costumes are only for Halloween? Certainly not this Westie who can’t wait for Christmas.

22. Spiderman Westie

Peter Parker once said, “Some spiders change colors to blend into their environment. It’s a defense mechanism.”

This Westie just wants to blend in with all the hoomans wearing silly outfits.

23. Westie Gnome

This Westie must be a show dog because as they say, “There’s gnome business like show business!”

24. Captain Jack Sparrow

Coming this fall: Westies of the Caribbean!

Although Johnny Depp is not on our list of famous Westie owners, I’m sure he would approve.

Pirate costume is available from Amazon.

25. Olaf the Westie

This Westie shares a bond with Olaf the snowman from the movie Frozen. They both know how hard it is to keep their white coat clean.

Olaf costume available from Amazon.

There you have it. From cute to creepy, 25 pictures of Westies wearing Halloween costumes to inspire you to dress up your own dog this Halloween.

Just don’t be surprised when you spend 10 minutes getting the costume on them, only to have them shake it off in 10 seconds.

Kevin William

Kevin grew up with a female West Highland White Terrier named Murphy who was always by his side. Kevin currently lives in New York state with his family including a Labrabull (Labrador Retriever Pit Bull) named Lily.

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