100 Names for Your New Boston Terrier Puppy (Boston Terrier Name Ideas)

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Adding a Boston Terrier to your family is such an exciting time. One of the first fun steps is choosing the perfect name for your energetic new furry friend.

The Boston Terrier is an all-American breed known for its lively, amusing personality in a compact muscular body. Clever, affectionate, and eager to please – the “American Gentleman” needs a dapper name to match.

To help get those creative naming juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of 100 Boston Terrier names divided into 10 fun categories. Each section provides 10 name ideas related to food, locations, adjectives, pop culture, sports, nature, history, literature, and more.

Whether you want a sophisticated moniker or quirky handle related to your hobbies, there are so many options for capturing the essence of your new Boston.

Food Themed Names

Photo of a Boston Terrier with a playful expression, surrounded by scattered nacho chips on the ground. Some cheese is smeared on its snout, indicating it has been munching on them.

What better way to choose a name for your new pup than to pick something inspired by your favorite foods and treats! Consider a food-related name that will make you smile every time you call your Boston Terrier.

Here are 10 delicious food-themed names:

  1. Bean – An adorable name, like a coffee bean (which Boston Terriers should never eat)
  2. Biscuit – A cute name for a tasty sidekick
  3. Pepper – A spicy name with a little kick
  4. Popcorn – A fun, quirky name
  5. Nacho – Inspired by the cheesy appetizer
  6. Peaches – A sweet southern name, just like the fruit
  7. Chip – Like a chocolate or potato chip
  8. Cannoli – Sweet like the Italian dessert
  9. Ketchup – A playful condiment name
  10. Pancake – Fluffy and lovable, like breakfast

Picking a food-based name is a tasty way to show off your Boston’s sweet personality. Get creative in the kitchen!

Location/City Names

Photo of a Boston Terrier sitting on a cobblestone street in Paris. Behind the dog, the Eiffel Tower rises majestically against a clear blue sky.

Naming your Boston Terrier after a favorite city, state, or country is a fun way to show off where you’re from or dream of visiting. Consider these 10 location-inspired names:

  1. Austin – The capital of Texas
  2. Brooklyn – A NYC borough name
  3. London – Named for the English capital
  4. Paris – A chic French city name
  5. Rome – Inspired by the Italian capital
  6. Dublin – A nod to the Irish city
  7. Memphis – For the music city in Tennessee
  8. Adelaide – An Australian city name
  9. Aspen – A ski town in Colorado
  10. Boston – The breed’s origin city

Choosing a place name allows you to give your Boston a sophisticated handle connected to your own story. Pick a city that you love or have always wanted to explore!

Fun Adjectives

Photo of a happy Boston Terrier running on a grassy field on a sunny day. Its ears are perked up, and its tail is wagging, showcasing its joy.

An adorable name that describes your Boston’s appearance or personality is a cute option. Consider these 10 adjective-inspired names:

  1. Handsome – For a dapper gentleman
  2. Darling – A sweet old-fashioned term of endearment
  3. Peanut – For a small but mighty pup
  4. Feisty – Perfect for a spirited Boston
  5. Sassy – For your sassy and bold terrier
  6. Rocky – A strong, solid name for a sturdy dog
  7. Sweetie – An affectionate name for your sweet pup
  8. Sunny – Bright like their sunny personality
  9. Scout – A loyal companion always scouting ahead
  10. Snugs – A cuddly name for a cuddle bug

Picking an adjective name allows you to capture your Boston Terrier’s endearing qualities creatively. Choose a word that fits their charm!

Human Names

Photo of a Boston Terrier sitting attentively, wearing a shiny metal name tag on its collar. The tag is engraved with the name 'Charlie'.

Classic human names are always in style for naming your furry friend. Consider these 10 people name options for your Boston Terrier:

  1. Charlie – A friendly unisex name for dogs
  2. Jack – A classic male name meaning “God is gracious”
  3. Lucy – A cute female name meaning “light”
  4. Sadie – A sweet old-fashioned sounding name
  5. Max – Short for Maxwell, meaning “greatest”
  6. Sophie – A gentle female name meaning “wisdom”
  7. Benny – A fun variation on Benjamin
  8. Betty – A retro female name meaning “pledged to God”
  9. Duke – A strong male name meaning “leader”
  10. Josie – A feminine nickname for Josephine

Human names give your Boston an approachable, familiar vibe. Choose an old favorite or modern classic.

Pop Culture References

Photo of a Boston Terrier standing next to a life-sized plush toy of a wookie. The two are on a grassy field, with the wookie's furry arm gently resting on the Boston Terrier.

For pop culture fans, naming your new furball after a favorite movie/TV character, musician or celebrity can be lots of fun. Boston Terriers are also a favorite breed of celebrities.

Here are 10 pop culture-inspired names:

  1. Chewy – After the lovable Star Wars wookie
  2. Scooby – For fans of the classic Scooby Doo
  3. Bowie – In honor of music icon David Bowie
  4. Reese – Named for adorable actress Reese Witherspoon
  5. Marley – Inspired by the film Marley and Me
  6. Oprah – Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey
  7. Loki – Marvel’s popular mischief maker
  8. Lennon – For Beatles legend John Lennon
  9. Leia – Princess Leia from Star Wars
  10. Ellen – Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres

Pick a recognizable pop culture name that makes you smile. Show off your fandom!

Sports Themed Names

Photo of a Boston Terrier on a grassy soccer field, chasing after a soccer ball with enthusiasm. The goalpost can be seen in the background.

An active and energetic Boston Terrier deserves a fun sporty name. Consider these athletic name ideas:

  1. Rocky – A tough boxing name
  2. Coach – For the leader of the team
  3. Slugger – For your new MVP player
  4. Dodge – As in dodgeball
  5. Goalie – The protector of the net
  6. Sparky – An electrifying name
  7. Champ – What every athlete aims for
  8. Ace – First in the game, like an ace pitcher
  9. Rally – Comeback time, a rally cry
  10. Dash – A speedy fast name

With a sports-inspired name, you can cheer on your Boston Terrier to victory. Pick a spirited athletic moniker.

Nature Inspired Names

Photo of a Boston Terrier standing on a forest trail, surrounded by tall trees with sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a golden hue.

he Boston Terrier’s sweet, energetic spirit pairs nicely with a name drawn from the natural world. Consider these 10 nature-themed names:

  1. Willow – A graceful tree name
  2. River – After the rivers that flow through nature
  3. Bear – Fierce like a bear cub
  4. Aspen – A tree name perfect for adventures
  5. Orion – A constellation name
  6. Forrest – A nod to beautiful, lush forests
  7. Cliff – Rugged like a seaside cliff
  8. Sandy – Inspired by sandy beaches
  9. Rainier – Named after Mt. Rainier
  10. Maple – A cute tree name, like maple syrup

Pick a nature name to celebrate your Boston’s connection to the outdoors and channel their energetic spirit.

Historical Figures

Illustration of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, dressed in traditional robes, sitting on a stone bench and gently petting a Boston Terrier beside him. Scrolls and ancient texts are scattered around.

Naming your dog after an influential historical figure can give them a sophisticated name with rich meaning. Consider these 10 options:

  1. Darwin – Scientist Charles Darwin
  2. Tesla – Inventor Nikola Tesla
  3. Einstein – Physics genius Albert Einstein
  4. Caesar – After Roman ruler Julius Caesar
  5. Mozart – Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  6. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom
  7. Plato – Ancient Greek philosopher
  8. Aristole – Greek philosopher and scientist
  9. Amelia – Aviator Amelia Earhart
  10. Cleopatra – Powerful Egyptian queen

Choose an impactful historical figure that had admirable qualities or accomplishments. Give your Boston Terrier pup a worldly, cultured name.


Photo of a Boston Terrier sitting on a comfortable chair, with a book open in front of it. The dog seems to be intently looking at the pages, with reading glasses perched on its snout.

For bookworms, naming your pup after a favorite author or literary character can showcase your love of reading. Here are 10 bookish name ideas:

  1. Austen – After author Jane Austen
  2. Scout – Hero of To Kill a Mockingbird
  3. Hugo – Author of Les Miserables, Victor Hugo
  4. Poe – Writer Edgar Allan Poe
  5. Odysseus – Hero of Greek myth The Odyssey
  6. Potter – Harry Potter, the famous wizard
  7. Watson – Sherlock’s trusty sidekick
  8. Ripley – Tenacious character from Alien
  9. Atticus – Wise lawyer from To Kill a Mockingbird
  10. Katniss – Heroine of The Hunger Games

Pick a literary name to flaunt your inner book nerd. Share your bibliophile style with your Boston!

Foreign Words

Photo of a Boston Terrier on a wooden boardwalk, overlooking the Great Barrier Reef. Tropical fish and corals can be seen in the clear blue waters below.

Since Boston Terriers originated in the United States, a worldly foreign name could be an unexpected but cute choice. Consider these 10 international options:

  1. Pierre – A French version of Peter
  2. Liebling – German for darling
  3. Sakura – Japanese for cherry blossom
  4. Bonjour – French greeting for hello
  5. Kiki – Chinese for little one
  6. Kiaora – A New Zealand greeting
  7. Monsieur – French title for mister
  8. Guten Tag – German for good day
  9. Konnichiwa – A Japanese greeting
  10. Kangaroo – Australia’s iconic animal

Picking a foreign word name gives your Boston Terrier international flair. Choose something fun and meaningful.

Find the Perfect Handle for Your Boston Terrier

Deciding on that perfect name for your new Boston Terrier pup is so much fun and gives you an opportunity to get creative. This lovable, lively breed needs a name to match their charming personality.

In this post, we’ve offered 100 delightful name ideas spanning food, locations, adjectives, pop culture, sports, nature, history, literature, and foreign phrases. With so many options, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your Boston’s endearing character and your own personal tastes.

Get the whole family involved in brainstorming name options. Think about names inspired by favorite places, foods, books, movies, and more that hold meaning for you.

Most importantly, pick a name that you love saying and that captures your dog’s spunky spirit. Whether you go classic or quirky, the right moniker will help your furry best friend’s personality shine for years to come.

Enjoy this fun naming journey with your new Boston Terrier!

Kevin William

Kevin grew up with a female West Highland White Terrier named Murphy who was always by his side. Kevin currently lives in New York state with his family including a Labrabull (Labrador Retriever Pit Bull) named Lily.

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