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Providing the best care possible to your Jack Russell 100% involves providing an adequate diet and feeding your Jack Russell’s food that is not only safe but also loaded with the necessary nutrients.

Jack Russells are a highly active and hyper dog that burns energy all day long.

Ensuring they are provided what they need to remain happy and healthy is ultimately going to keep your Jack Russell strong and ready to go.

Not to mention, it is just the ethical way to raise a Jack Russell.

New Jack Russell owners often have questions about what is okay and what is not okay to feed their Jack Russell.

More specifically, can Jack Russells eat raw meat?

I have owned a Jack Russell now for 2 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Jack Russells should not eat raw meat. Although Jack Russells may enjoy raw meat, a Jack Russell should only eat meat that is cooked and prepared. Cooking meat before offering it to your Jack Russell is going to ensure that your Jack Russell is not exposed to bacteria or any other parasites present with raw meat.

I get it.

I do not feel like cooking my Jack Russell any fancy dinner either.

I have also only scratched the surface of this topic so far and want to ensure I break it down in its entirety before sending you on your way.

More specifically, I have created an easy to navigate table of contents directly below that you can use to skip to any specific section of this post that you desire to learn more about:

Here is how I plan on detailing and breaking down Jack Russells eating raw and cooked meat:

As mentioned, a second ago, feel free to use the links above to skip around in this post to find the information you need or want to learn more about.

If you do, however, have about 2 minutes to spare, hang around, and I will break down everything you need to know about a Jack Russell eating raw meat in addition to a Jack Russell eating cooked meat.

Here are the critical details to understand on this topic.

Can Jack Russells Eat Raw Meat Overview

I think we are all aware that any dog breed would have no objections to eating some raw meat.

Any dog breed would have zero issues with eating some cooked meat as well.

Both are likely just as appealing to our pets as the other.

However, when providing a diet and care to our Jack Russells, it is essential to ensure that they are not only getting the nutrients they need but also being provided a balanced diet that is considered safe.

Questions about which foods are safe for pets are likely the most common phrases typed into Google daily from pet owners.

It is one of the reasons I try to break down as many of them as I can, such as this post here detailing if a Jack Russell can eat eggs or not.

Nonetheless, foods will always be something we hesitate to give our Jack Russells without the proper knowledge of first, and that is a good thing.

When it comes to meat being offered to our Jack Russells, lets first begin with discussing the differences between raw meat and cooked meat before getting too ahead of ourselves.

Here are the details on that next.

Cooked Vs. Uncooked Meat for Jack Russells

Overall, raw meat is not something I would ever recommend for your Jack Russell.

They are not wolves living in the wild nor do they need to live as if they are.

Raw meat presents more risks than it does benefits.

Some of those risks could include things such as pathogens, germs, and other bacteria when they are not cooked to the recommended internal temperature.

It should also be noted that Jack Russells have a small body and small digestive systems.

Anytime that this is the situation, the more sensitive your Jack Russell may be to reacting poorly to foreign foods or foods riddled with bacteria.

The product of this could be illness, loose poop, and other issues that are not worth dealing with.

Trust me.


Especially loose stool.

Typically, if your Jack Russell has this happen due to food, you can be looking at 48-72 hours of accidents on belongings and floor finishing’s you do not prefer your Jack Russell pooping on.

Simply put, if you are going to offer your Jack Russell any kind of meat, avoid raw meat and only offer cooked meat.

Cooked meat will not cause the same issues for your Jack Russell unless it is covered in spices (or other food items unsafe of Jack Russells) or offered in too large of quantities.

While meat can be an excellent source of protein for Jack Russells and offer many essential amino acids, I would take the time to cook it and offer it in small amounts to ensure your Jack Russell has no stomach pain or digestive issues because of it.

I know, and I get it.

Our Jack Russells will love raw meat just as much, and we can save a ton of time by not cooking it, but again, it is not worth the risk, so just do not bother with it.

Instead of offering raw meat, you can consider offering your Jack Russells cooked meats such as the following:

  • Cooked Turkey
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Cooked Beef

Any of these offered in small amounts without additional seasoning will be a delicate luxury food that your Jack Russell will go crazy over without having the negative potential of illness.

Of course this assumes that your Jack Russell is not allergic to beef or chicken, which some dogs are.

That is at least the approach I would take with it, but ultimately that decision is up to you.

Essential Nutrients Are Always Critical for JR’s

Jack Russells are active dogs that need a lot of exercise and are burning energy quickly every day.

Essential nutrients and proper diets are part of providing excellent care.

Trust me, and I get it.

Meat is a healthy choice, and we may feel that tossing some raw meat at our JR’s from time to time makes sense and is even healthy.

This may be true, but at least take the time to cook it.

The last tip I want to leave you with is that you do not need to feel that this is necessary.

Dog foods are specially formulated now to offer the nutrients needed for our Jack Russells to live long, healthy, and happy lives if you stick with reputable dog food brands.

Just ensure you are providing a quality diet and speaking with a vet if you have additional concerns for your Jack Russell, and you will be in great shape.

It is much easier to offer a proper diet to a Jack Russell than many of you may believe.

Final Thoughts

Jack Russells make for excellent family pets and deserve the time we put in researching what is safe for them and what is not safe for them to eat.

Raw meat or cooked meat is no different, and the fact you are checking first goes to show you are attempting to raise and parent your JR or future Jack Russell in the best and most ethical manner possible.

Ensure you are always providing a well-balanced diet in addition to some treats from time to time to ultimately keep your JR happy and healthy, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Luna and I certainly wish you the best of luck with your journey and the fun times ahead.


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