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Jack Russell’s are a dog breed with one of the longer life expectancies compared to many other dog breeds, which can be one of the clear benefits if you decide to adopt a Jack Russell in the future.

One of the questions that individuals often ask before deciding if they want to adopt a Jack Russell is simple.

How long do Jack Russell Terriers live?

I have now owned a Jack Russell Terrier for more than 2 years, and here is what I can tell you on this topic.

Jack Russell Terriers live on average between 13-16 years. Jack Russell’s can often have common health problems later in life, such as deafness and some eye conditions. Still, overall, a Jack Russell is a healthy, long-living dog.

I also wanted to touch on this topic a bit more in-depth and compare Jack Russell’s to some other typical terrier dog breeds to give you an idea of how long Jack Russell’s live.

I plan to cover this topic in the following manner:

If you are short on time, feel free to use the links above to skip around in this post.

Otherwise, give me 2 minutes and I will break down everything I think you should know about a Jack Russell’s life expectancy.

Jack Russell’s Life Expectancy

As mentioned, a moment ago, adopting a Jack Russell means that you are typically going to get a good lifespan and have the opportunity at a long-lasting bond.

Especially compared to some other terrier breeds.

In general, you can always expect a Jack Russell to live 12 or more years assuming they are healthy.

However, A Jack Russell, who can altogether avoid health complications and lives a life full of exercise, can live closer to 16 years.

Compared to other terriers and other dog breeds in general, this is a relatively long lifespan and life expectancy for a dog.

Next, I want to cover the lifespan of a Jack Russell compared to other common terrier dog breeds.

Jack Russell’s Lifespan Compared to Other Terriers

Below, I have created a quick table of the most common terriers and their average life expectancy to see how the Jack Russell compares.

Here are my findings:

Table Of Average Lifespan of Jack Russell’s Compared To Other Terriers

Breed of TerrierAverage Life Expectancy
Jack Russell Terrier13-16 Years
Yorkshire Terrier13-16 Years
Wire Fox Terrier13-14 Years
West Highland White Terrier12-16 Years
Welsh Terrier12-15 Years
Toy Fox Terrier13-14 Years
Tibetan Terrier12-15 Years
Staffordshire Bull Terrier12-14 Years
Wheaten Terrier12-15 Years
Skye Terrier12-15 Years
Silky Terrier12-15 Years
Sealyham Terrier12-14 Years
Scottish Terrier12-15 Years
Russell Terrier
13-15 Years
Rat Terrier15-18 Years (Longest)
Parson Russell Terrier13-15 Years
Norwich Terrier12-14 Years
Norfolk Terrier12-15 Years
Miniature Bull Terrier11-14 Years
Manchester Terrier14-16 Years
Lakeland Terrier12-16 Years
Kerry Blue Terrier13-15 Years
Irish Terrier13-15 Years
Glen of Imaal Terrier10-14 Years
Dandie Dinmont Terrier12-15 Years
Cesky Terrier12-15 Years
Cairn Terrier12-15 Years
Bull Terrier10-14 Years
Boston Terrier13-15 Years
Border Terrier12-15 Years
Black Russian Terrier10-11 Years (Shortest)
Bedlington Terrier12-14 Years
Australian Terrier11-13 Years
American Staffordshire Terrier10-15 Years
Airedale Terrier10-12 Years

What Is the Oldest Living Jack Russell?

It is not known what the age of the oldest currently living Jack Russell is at this time, but the oldest documented Jack Russell Terrier was named Willie and was born in 1994.

Willie lived until September of 2014 at the age of 20 years 106 days old in the United Kingdom before passing away.

Compared to some of the other larger dog breeds, 20 years is an exceptionally long life.

UPDATE: Meg, a Jack Russell Terrier from the UK, reached the remarkable age of 25 years old.

Provide Great Care to Enjoy Long Lifespans

If you are considering a Jack Russell, it should be clear that this is a long-term play.

Even longer than most dogs.

With Jack Russell’s, given the fact that they live 13+ years means that you have 13 years to enjoy them but it also means that you have 13 or more years to ensure you understand how to take care of a Jack Russell properly.

Jack Russell’s need socialization, exercise, and love to live their longest and best lives.

Ensure you are providing this and providing the most ethical care possible for your new Jack Russell.

Jack Russell’s Live for A Long Time, Enjoy It While It Last

My last statement is simple.

I own a Jack Russell and have been raising her for the past 2 years.

They make for excellent family dogs and can be a true companion and friend in the household.

The fact that they live a long life and have such long-life expectancies only makes it that much better if you ask me.

Take the time to discipline your Jack Russell and ensure they behave in a manner that you prefer and enjoy the next decade and a half with your new Jack Russell!

Luna and I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to adopt a Jack Russell in the future.


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As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today.

Thanks again and we will see you next time.

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