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Here at Terrier Owner, all articles are written by real terrier owners or veterinary professionals.

However, we’ve been getting some feedback from our canine readers who want to hear from the real experts – the dogs themselves.

Unfortunately, paws aren’t great for typing out blog posts. So instead, we’ve decided to launch the Terrier Interview Series where we ask questions to a variety of different terrier breeds.

First up is the Jack Russell Terrier Pug mix known as the Jug.

Today we are happy to welcome Kobe the Jug to the blog. You can follow Kobe @kobethejug on Instagram.

Kobe the Jug Jack Russell Terrier Pug mix
All photos courtesy of @kobethejug on Instagram

Terrier Owner: Let’s start with some basic info. How old are you, are you a boy or a girl, how much do you weigh?

Kobe the Jug: Hello everyone I am Kobe I’m going to answer some questions 🙂

I am one years old my birthday is 4-12-2020. I am a boy. I’m not sure how much I weigh but I am very muscly.

TO: Where in the world do you live and who do you live with?

Kobe: I live in Kilmarnock, Scotland with my mummy.

TO: Where did your owners find you and how long have you lived with them?

Kobe: My mummy’s friends dog was having a litter so then my mummy got me 🙂 I have lived with my mummy since I was 8 weeks old.

Jack Russell Terrier Pug mix Jug puppy Kobe the Jug

TO: Do you know who your parents are (a Jack Russell and a Pug, 2 Jugs, etc.)?

Kobe: Yes my doggo mummy & daddy are both Jugs.

TO: What kind of personality would you say you have?

Kobe: I have a very friendly personality but sometimes I can be nervous / anxious around other dogs as I have had some bad experiences with some.

TO: What are your favorite things to do?

Kobe: I love to go adventures with my mummy, my best buddy Lunar and his mummy.

Kobe the Jug Dog with Lunar
Kobe and Lunar

TO: Do you do anything that annoys your owners?

Kobe: I bark quite a bit which annoys my mummy.

TO: What do you do for exercise?

Kobe: I go long walks and I also go to a dog field and run about crazy.

Kobe the Jug dog

TO: Do you suffer from any health issues?

Kobe: No I don’t have any health issues, I was recently at the vets for my yearly check up and she said I was in perfect health.

TO: Why are Jugs the best dog breed?

Kobe: Because we are awesome 😉

TO: And finally, do you have any advice for new Jug owners?

Kobe: Emmm… take your time with us sometimes when we are little we like to push your buttons but we are really loveable.

That’s wraps up our first Terrier Interview. Hopefully, you were able to learn something new about Jug dogs and make sure to check out @kobethejug on Instagram!

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