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Here at Terrier Owner, all articles are written by real terrier owners or veterinary professionals.

However, we’ve been getting some feedback from our canine readers who want to hear from the real experts – the dogs themselves.

Unfortunately, paws aren’t great for typing out blog posts. So instead, we’ve decided to launch the Terrier Interview Series where we ask questions to a variety of different terrier breeds.

For our second interview, we are excited to welcome a Jack Russell Terrier Beagle mix named Millie to the blog.

Be sure to follow Millie @the.millie.gram on Instagram to see more pictures of this cute Jackabee and her Golden Retriever brother.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix
All photos courtesy of @the.millie.gram on Instagram

Terrier Owner: Let’s start with some basic info. How old are you, are you a boy or a girl, how much do you weigh?

Millie the Jackabee: I just turned 4 and am aging gracefully into my adulthood years. I am a girl and weigh 30 lbs.

TO: Where in the world do you live and who do you live with?

Millie: I live in Washington, DC, USA with my mom, dad and big dog brother, Feynman. He is a 10 yr old Golden Retriever. Feynman is also my best friend.

Jackabee and Golden Retriever
Millie and Feynman

TO: Where did your owners find you and how much did they pay for you? How long have you lived with them?

Millie: My parents found me at Action for Animals Humane Society in Latrobe, PA.

They only had to cover the shelter costs to help other cute dogs so it was just under $300.

I have been with them for 4 years! They rescued me at 2-3 months old.

TO: What kind of personality would you say you have?

Millie: I am very smart and sassy! I am a true mix of the Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier breeds.

Sometimes on walks I want to sniff everything and other times I need to greet every single dog/cat/squirrel in the area.

Regarding my energy, I have tons of energy when there is exciting stuff happening, like the dog park or watching squirrels.

However, when I want to relax, I am the best cuddle buddy and lap dog.

TO: What are your favorite things to do?

Millie: My favorite activity is to be outside in the sunshine. I also enjoy meeting dogs, going for walks and wrestling with my big dog brother.

Oh, and eating. I love dinner time.

Jack Russel Terrier Beagle Mix exploring in nature
Millie exploring a park

TO: Do you do anything that annoys your owners?

Millie: Sometimes I get too excited when I see other dogs on a leash. They don’t understand that my barking and pulling is me desperately trying to say “hi.”

Most dog owners understand that it’s just the Beagle in me needing to talk to everyone.

TO: What do you do for exercise?

Millie: Lots of walks! We live in a city so we get so many walks throughout the day. Mom also takes us to dog parks to meet up with dog friends. I enjoy wrestling and chasing other dogs.

My dog brother loves to swim. I’ll get my paws wet to splash around with friends but I’m not the biggest fan of swimming and going under water.

I am also very good off leash. We go for hikes and walks in dog friendly areas and I always stick with the group and never run off.

TO: Do you suffer from any health issues?

Millie: No known health issues. I do take cranberry dog chews for a healthy bladder function but that’s just preventative.

TO: Why are Jackabees the best dog breed?

Millie: Two of the best breeds in one adorable pup! I am very sweet, smart and a great companion.

I love being with my owner but can also keep to myself when I want alone time.

Jackabee Jack Russell Terrier Beagle Mix
Millie relaxing at home

TO: Do you have any advice for new Jackabee owners?

Millie: I am a food motivated dog so if you have some treats, I’ll do whatever you ask!

Big thanks to Millie the Jackabee for being a part of our Terrier Interview Series! Be sure to follow @the.millie.gram on Instagram and check out some more terrier interviews below:

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