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Pitbull’s have become a family favorite dog breed to adopt, but before doing so, you are likely curious as to how much it may cost you.

Understanding not only how much a Pitbull Terrier cost but also what costs will be ongoing for the remainder of your Pitbull’s life is an important consideration to keep in mind.

Not only that, but it can help you to prepare financially and have a heads up as to what gear, toys, and supplies will be pulling some money out of the bank account when you do reach the point to adopt your Pitbull.

How Much Do Pitbull’s Cost?

After compiling data from several different sources and adoption platforms online, here is a table breaking down your average costs to adopt a Pitbull Terrier.

How You Purchase Your PitbullLow End Pricing and CostHigh End Pricing and Cost
Local Rescue/ Adoption ServiceFree$750.00
Licensed and Trusted Breeders$400.00$10,000.00 Plus Based on Bloodline
Non- Licensed Or Less Trusted Breeders$200.00$1500.00
*Table Breakdown Of The Costs To Adopt A Pitbull Terrier*

How Much Do Pitbull’s Cost?

The cost of a Pitbull can vary greatly. Many factors can impact the cost you will encounter when you go to adopt a Pitbull, and sometimes, it is worth spending a few extra days researching your options.

Maybe this is debating between a specific breed of a Pitbull, and perhaps it is comparing a local Pitbull breeder with another breeder.

Maybe you even prefer to visit two separate breeders in person instead of an internet search to ensure you are getting the dog you desire and ensuring that you are comfortable with the costs for the Pitbull you are getting in return.

I recommend you do these things when time permits and when it makes sense.

A dog is a significant investment, and the costs can pile up over the next 10+ years.

Why not have a full understanding of the costs to adopt a Pitbull and what you can expect ahead of time before taking on this new challenge and bringing this new dog into your home?

That is what the rest of this post is going to break down for you starting with the cost differences you will encounter if you choose to adopt or rescue a Pitbull vs. adopting a Pitbull from a local breeder.

pitbull terrier

Cost Differences Between Adopting and A Local Pitbull Breeder

Pitbull’s have been the subject of negative stereotypes in the past, and some of that still takes place today.

As a result, local rescues and dog adoption services often will have a great deal of Pitbull’s available for adoption.

Personally, I find this sad and believe that the problem is more “people” and not “breed-specific,” but nonetheless, it does present you with a unique opportunity and a wallet-friendly advantage.

You can adopt and get your new Pitbull for cheaper.

On the flip side, you can also use a local breeder.

Heck, you can even travel to a breeder of your choosing.

Here is a look at some of the primary costs differences you will encounter when choosing to adopt a Pitbull from a rescue vs. a local Pitbull breeder.

Local Pitbull Breeder

Overall, the costs of adopting a Pitbull from a local breeder can range from 200.00-20,000.00 depending on many factors.

For the argument of time, we will not dive into the extreme end of pricing and what can impact the costs but instead, focus on common pricing fluctuations and what you can expect to impact your wallet directly.

Adopting a Pitbull from a local breeder can be an excellent option.

You also need to exercise some common sense and good judgment before taking this approach.

If you skip the research and do not ask plenty of questions, you may be adopting a Pitbull puppy that is more expensive for no good reason.

Typically, a local breeder can inflate prices for a Pitbull for several reasons.

Here is a look at 6 primary reasons that your cost may be inflated when choosing to adopt a Pitbull from a local breeder.

The Specific Breed of Pitbull Can Impact the Cost

I have read so much misinformation about the Pitbull Terrier when it comes to breed-specific comments or even what is available to adopt.

To set the record straight, a Pitbull was initially bred from a terrier and the American Bull Dog.

The idea was to get the best of two worlds.

Brute strength and muscle mass in addition to the agility of the terrier.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier and can tell you that the speed and quickness is a trait that is surely inherited in this breed.

On the flip side, everyone is aware that a Pitbull is one of the larger dogs you can adopt when it comes to pure strength and the ability to partake in any strenuous exercises and activities.

When you go to adopt your Pitbull, do not fall into this illusion that you should pay more for a Pitbull because it is “red-nosed” or “blue-nosed.”

This is not a breed of a Pitbull.

This is commonly caused by a recessive gene and can also be caused by inbreeding Pitbull’s, which is a common practice from non-regulated breeders and breeders who partake in unethical practices with their dogs.

Some individuals refer to these Pitbull breeders as backyard breeders.

That does not mean that the breed-specific traits of your Pitbull will not impact the price of the adoption.

It merely means that more legit factors are typically the reason with reputable breeders such as the following:

  • Breed Specific Costs (American Staffordshire, American Pitbull Terrier)
  • Size of The Pitbull- (We will touch on this more when we discuss bloodlines)
  • Inherited abilities from a strong bloodline

The Bloodline and Paperwork for Your Pitbull Can Make A Difference

Okay, let’s remove the breed-specific discussions when we continue this talk about the costs you can expect when adopting a Pitbull Terrier.

I want to shift the focus away from breed specifics into bloodlines and more “dog-specific traits and genes.”

A breeder will likely charge you much more for your Pitbull if they have papers (official documents for the dog documenting health issues, parents’ history, and more)

The breeder will charge you more for specific genes such as a larger muscular breed of a Pitbull or a Pitbull that comes from champion bloodlines or great parent dogs in general.

This may also include parents or bloodlines that have well document excellent behavior and socialization skills.

Not to mention bloodlines known to mesh will kids, children, and other dogs.

Yes, my friends, reputable breeders are willing and eager to share this information with you.

They are even eager for you to meet the parent Pitbull’s and watch the dogs interact with people, other dogs, and even children.

Make sure you ask!

So, what is the point of this ramble?

It is simple.

Backyard breeders may offer a cheaper Pitbull, but practices are shady, not up to par, and not recommended.

Not all backyard breeders operate in this fashion, so do us all a favor, do some research and ask some questions.

Be prepared for the cost to be inflated when you get a reputable breeder with good Pitbull bloodlines and well-documented dogs.

Male and Female Pitbull’s Can Both Carry Different Cost

Another factor that can come into play when it comes to the price you will pay for a Pitbull or Pitbull puppy from a local breeder is the gender of the dog.

Females typically carry a higher price tag due to their ability to reproduce.

However, certain bloodlines and certain male dogs can also vary in price depending on what physical traits are present with the dog.

When it comes to gender for a Pitbull and the impact of costs, you are dealing with the ability to reproduce and physical characteristics.

Personality and behavior are not the factors being examined in this situation.

Never Ignore the Power of Supply and Demand

Many individuals do not realize that dogs, including Pitbull’s can vary in costs based on simple supply and demand.

If you live in an area where Pitbull breeders are not as common, but the breeders still move Pitbull’s with ease, the price is likely to be inflated.

Especially if this said breeder is reputable.

On the flip side, when many breeders are available in the area, prices naturally drive down, making it a cheaper adoption for you to obtain your new Pitbull.

Keep this in mind and be willing to shop around for the dog you desire and for the costs you ultimately want to pay.

What Is Included with Your Pitbull Adoption?

Another thing that is important to understand when dealing with the costs of adopting a Pitbull is the included benefits a breeder may be offering.

For example, when I adopted my Terrier, vaccinations were complete, she was microchipped, she had official papers, and I was even sent home with a starter kit of food, a collar, and a leash.

This is a legitimate business practice, and it made the process extremely easy.

Be sure that when inquiring about a Pitbull with a local breeder and discussing the pricing and costs, that you ask what is included and ask if something could be included to sweeten the deal for you even further.

Perhaps they decline the offer, but it never hurts to ask and then counter that offer once you have your answer.

It is not a sticker price on your dog.

If a car price can be haggled with on the lot of the dealership, you can certainly negotiate with a dog breeder, and I have done it.

Do not be afraid to try.

Is Your Pitbull Breeder Licensed?

Often overlooked but a factor.

Reputable and legit Pitbull breeders will have a license and can show you the license.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it can save you headaches down the road if problems occur.

Clearly, a legitimate and licensed Pitbull breeder understands that this is the desired place to adopt a Pitbull, and you may encounter inflated prices shopping Pitbull Terriers with these breeders.

Be sure to ask your breeder to ensure they are licensed and legitimate.

Now, on the flip side, you have the adoption path you can take, which is undoubtedly a great way to get a new Pitbull as well.

Adopting A Pitbull Terrier

Adopting a Pitbull Terrier from a local rescue or adoption service is much simpler when it comes to costs than using a breeder.

The unknown in these situations is typically the socialization of your Pitbull, their personality, and the upbringing.

On the flip side, a good majority of these agencies and rescues have a flat fee structure.

Examples can include online Platforms such as Adoptapet where you will typically see Pitbull’s available for around $100.00 and you can search available Pitbull’s by location.

There are hundreds of them online and, most likely, plenty of them locally.

These Pitbull’s need deserve a loving home just as much as a Pitbull from a local breeder.

Be prepared to pay a one-time fee for the adoption.

In some situations, you will be screened to ensure your compatibility with the dog you choose.

Overall, adopting a Pitbull from a rescue or adoption agency will be the cheapest way to adopt a Pitbull in general, and nothing is wrong with this method.

You need to be sure that you are ready for the challenge and will provide love to a Pitbull that may have potentially had a rough upbringing thus far into life.

Now that we understand that you have two primary options you will have to choose from when adopting a Pitbull and the likely costs involved, I want to be sure we touch on another significant subject.

Related to how expensive and how much a Pitbull is going to cost you overall.

Do Not Ignore Your Ongoing Cost to Raise and Own a Pitbull Terrier

I hate to break it to everyone, and hopefully, you all already knew this.

The initial adoption of a Pitbull is only the first cost you will endure as a new Pitbull owner.

Not only that, but it is the first of many costs you will encounter.

To continue raising and to make a Pitbull part of the family, the costs to do so will continue for the next decade or more.

Let me explain.

Your Pitbull’s Diet and Food Needs

Ongoing costs for your Pitbull’s diet will be your one costs that are predictable, but it is also one of the most expensive ongoing costs you will deal with.

For the size of a Pitbull and assuming you provide a solid and reputable brand of food for the duration of your Pitbull’s life, you can expect to pay around $600.00-$700.00 per year.

When you factor in the duration of a Pitbull’s life, this can quickly add up to a total of $5,000.00 plus.

Something to keep in mind when considering the cost of adopting a Pitbull.

Recurring Vet Bills

Typically, the costs associated with adopting a Pitbull and vet bills will be at their peak at the beginning of your Pitbull’s life and near the end.

This is because Pitbull puppies require more frequent checkups, vaccinations and even need to be dewormed.

Assuming your Pitbull remains relatively healthy during their prime years, you will not have much vet costs outside of a yearly checkup.

However, as your Pitbull ages, common health problems can arise.

They can get awfully expensive and need to be considered before adopting your Pitbull.

I want to dive into these health issues and make sure you are aware of the money that may need to be spent in the later years of your Pitbull’s life.

The Cost of Health Issues Later in Your Pitbull’s Life

Like I mentioned a moment ago, health issues will arise with a Pitbull later in life.

Sure, you may luck out and deal with minor issues or no issues at all, but more frequently than not, you will have some costs and expenses hitting your budget with your Pitbull.

Here are some common examples to give you a better idea.

Pitbull’s Are Known to Have Allergies

Ever dealt with a Pitbull with allergies?

How about any dog breed with allergies before?

I know I have, and while it may sound minor, it can be relatively expensive.

Medications, vet visits, skin irritation, and even frequent ear infections can be a common issue that all can be stemmed and originated back to allergy issues.

While it is hard to pinpoint the exact cost you will encounter, I can tell you that it can become substantial.

Exact costs are too hard to nail down due to the different prices of vets, medications based on your geographical location, and even based on the underlining issues your Pitbull is having.

Nonetheless, I can say with certainty that it is a cost that you should plan for and understand before ever adopting a Pitbull.

Big Boned Pitbull’s Can Result in Frequent Hip Problems

Remember how we mentioned that Pitbull’s are one of the strongest dog breeds you can choose to adopt?

Well, they are also considered a large dog breed, and with large dog breeds, hip problems later in life are common.

This is known as hip dysplasia, and it not only common in Pitbull’s and common in other larger dog breeds.

While it typically does not occur until later in your Pitbull’s life, it can begin as early as 2 years old in some situations.

A condition such as hip dysplasia also frequently requires x-rays, medications, and frequent checkups.

It can also progress and become more costly as time goes by.

Be sure to factor these into your budget and understand it is a cost that comes with raising and bringing a Pitbull Terrier into the family.


Hypothyroidism is another common issue a Pitbull can encounter that will take money out of the bank for you.

Luckily, a blood test is all you need to diagnose, but, in general, hypothyroidism can lead to larger concerns and more costly concerns such as diabetes, weight-issues, and even heart problems.

Another factor that impacts the overall cost of adopting a Pitbull to keep in mind.

Okay, enough of the less fun and depressing talk about common health issues.

Now, I want to move into other costs that you need to prepare for with a Pitbull Terrier, why they are essential, and how much you can plan on setting aside.

Exercise Gear

It is hard to think of a dog that needs exercise more than a Pitbull Terrier.

A Pitbull needs exercise to remain healthy, happy, and well socialized.

Not to mention, it is the ethical way to raise a Pitbull in general.

Well, guess what?

Even this is going to costs you some money immediately after adopting your Pitbull.

Pitbull’s need the proper gear and safety items to make exercise not only safe but more enjoyable for both of you.

This can include the following gear:

Items Needed For Exercise With a Pitbull TerrierPrice Range and Costs
Pitbulls Harnesses$20.00-$75.00
Reliable and Sturdy Pitbull Collar$15.00-$50.00
Flirt and Spring Poles$20.00-$75.00
Proper Leash$10.00-$40.00
Cost For Proper Exercise Gear For A Pitbull Terrier

Other Items A Pitbull Will Always Need After Adoption

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the items we have discussed thus far are only some of the basic and required items if you ask my opinion.

In addition to these items, you are also going to have other costs associated with adopting a Pitbull Terrier and essential things I would 100% purchase.

These items include some of the following:

Crate (For Crate Training and Potty Training and Leaving Your Pitbull Home Alone)

Dog Bed (Cozy Spot For Your Pitbull To Cozy Up

Poop Scooper ( You Have To Clean Up The Yard Somehow)

Flea and Tick Medications and Preventatives

For these items, we will not dive into the specifics but it would be a wise move on your end to compare pricing and purchase these items before even adopting your Pitbull.

Especially the crate, poop scooper and dog bed.

Trust me, you will need them.

I know, things are beginning to look relatively expensive to adopt a Pitbull.

Not to worry, however, with a Pitbull those costs can be returned by 10x with the affection and love they will give back to you over the next 10+ years.

Toys and Treats

Toys and treats are other predictable items you can factor into your budget when deciding to adopt your Pitbull Terrier.

Overall, in my opinion, this is one of the most fun categories of expenses you deal with as a new dog owner.

Nonetheless, your Pitbull needs toys such as the following:

  • Rope Toys
  • Chew Toys
  • Chew Bones
  • Frisbees
  • Tennis Ball
  • Mental Stimulation Games
  • Fun and Interactive Toys

Ongoing Training Cost

This can either be a relatively minor cost when you adopt a Pitbull, or it can be expensive.

It depends on what kind of help you need with your Pitbull and how well behaved of a dog they are based on their breeding and genes.

What I can tell you is that if you need to pay for training, do not skimp on the costs and get reliable, trusted training for your dog.

It is much more worth it to pay $1000.00 for training for a solid curriculum than paying for a shady and half-completed $500.00 course.

If you want to attempt to save money, I recommend relying on trusted YouTube videos and blogs and try and self-teach yourself to train your dog effectively.

Clicker training is one of my favorite approaches for basic obedience personally.

In the long run, this can be a significant bonding time for you and your Pitbull, save you tons of money, and help teach you how to effectively train your dog so you can repeat the process with your next puppy!

If, however, you choose to pay for training, it is typical to see training cost range from $50.00-$150.00 per week for 8-10 weeks.

Ongoing Care and Boarding Cost

This is another common cost with adopting a Pitbull and can either be a non-factor or an expensive ongoing cost based on your lifestyle.

If you frequently travel, rely on dog-sitters, or board your Pitbull often, this cost can get relatively expensive.

In my area, it is typically $20.00 per night to board a dog.

This may cheaper or more expensive depending on where you live, and a professional dog sitter is even more expensive.

Especially when they are needed often.

Grooming Cost

To round out the cost you will experience when you adopt a Pitbull I want to touch on grooming expenses.

These can range like many of the other costs we have discussed on this list.

If you use a professional for bath and hair care, it is going to be more expensive.

If you rely on yourself to get the job done with quality shampoo and tools, the costs will be less.

Either way, grooming is another cost you need to plan for when adopting a Pitbull Terrier.

The Cost of a Pitbull Will Vary on Several Factors, Do Your Research in Advance

As you can probably tell by now, pinpointing exactly how much a Pitbull Terrier will cost you can be challenging based on many different factors.

Doing your homework in advance can give you a good head start on your initial cost to adopt your Pitbull and you can get additional recommendations from your local Pitbull breeder or local rescue.

Overall, with proper care and love, a Pitbull can make for an excellent dog to raise and own.

With how affectionate a Pitbull Terrier can be and become, I doubt cost will be a significant factor you discuss years down the road!

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull’s if you do decide to adopt and the journey you have ahead of you!

How Much Did Your Pitbull Cost You to Adopt?

How much did your Pitbull cost you to adopt? Did you purchase your Pitbull from a breeder or take the adoption route?

Be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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