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For any of you who have tried driving with a Jack Russell Terrier, I am sure the thought of having a durable car seat has crossed your mind.

Driving with a Jack Russell can be distracting and, at times, even dangerous.

Not just for you and other drivers but also for your Jack Russell Terrier.

Car seats can provide tons of benefits and additional safety (more on this shortly) and make driving with your Jack Russell Terrier much more enjoyable.

In this discussion, I want to touch on those benefits that car seats can provide for you and your JRT and touch on my top 9 car seats for your Jack Russell Terrier that I would recommend.

Whether you’re searching for a budget car seat for your JRT or a top-end car seat, I have included options for everyone to keep your Jack Russell comfortable, safe, and anxiety free.

Time to start diving into the details.

The Benefits Car Seats Can Provide A Jack Russell Terrier

Car seats for your Jack Russell Terrier can offer many unique benefits.

It isn’t just to feel like you have your JRT strapped down and contained.

They provide much more, which I wanted to detail in my top five benefits listed below:

Car Seats Help Protect Your Jack Russell Terrier

Luna (My 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier) loves to be all over the place in the car and is not the best at sitting still.

Most of the time, she finds herself in my lap, shifting positions non-stop.

This can be distracting.

A car seat will help eliminate this issue for you and make it safer for you to drive.

Fewer distractions will reduce the chances of you taking your eyes off the road and allow you to focus on keeping everyone in the car safe, including your Jack Russell.

The Dog Car Seat Can Help Your Dog See The World and Road

If your Jack Russell is anything like mine, you are likely aware of how much they enjoy seeing the world and everything moving around them.

This is probably why they always gravitate towards your lap instead of a floorboard.

The nice benefit of a dog car seat is the elevation if often provides on the vehicle’s seat.

This will help keep your Jack Russell safe while elevating them high enough to see the road and everything around them, keeping them occupied, entertained, and happy.

Car Seats Help Your Jack Russell Relax and Reduce Anxiety

When I first adopted my Jack Russell, she absolutely hated being in the car.

So much that my breeder even gave me instructions about handling motion sickness and anxiety with her on the way home.

She still can get anxious at times in the car if enough time has passed in between trips or car rides.

This is likely true of any dog.

Dogs can be anxious, pace back and forth and get bored relatively quick in a car.

Additional anxiety leads to discomfort.

A dog car seat can help your Jack Russell feel safe, secure, and more relaxed during a ride instead of being all over the place.

Puking and Motion Sickness Can Be Reduced and Eliminated Using A Car Seat

Remember when I said my breeder gave me instructions on reducing car sickness with a Jack Russell?

Well, it did not work, and she still ended up puking on the way home and even vomited for several additional car rides after adoption.

Car seats can help reduce this motion sickness and help your Jack Russell be more relaxed in general.

Trust me, in a vehicle, the last thing you want is puke or your Jack Russell soiling themselves.

It stinks, the odor remains, and it sucks to clean up.

Not to mention, it makes you feel terrible for them when it happens.

Dogs also have long nails that can puncture leather or cloth seats, and the chances of peeing or pooping also exist.

I highly recommend purchasing a dog car seat for your Jack Russell Terrier, and I have my nominated top 9 dog car seats that I want to dive into next to give you some options.

My 9 Top Rated Dog Car Seats For Your Jack Russell

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Best Dog Car Seats For Jack Russell Terrierrs (Ranked 1-9)Elevated Window View?Washable?Install TimeBest For (Top Benefits)My Overall Grade (1-10 Scale)
#1-PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Dog Car SeatYesYesUnder 1 MinuteElevated View9.8
#2-BloBlo Dog Car SeatYesYesUnder 1 MinuteElevated View and Doubles As Bed9.6
#3-K&H Pet Booster Dog Car SeatYesYesUnder 1 MinuteElevated View and Doubles As Dog Bed9.4
#4-SwiHelp Dog Booster Car SeatYesYesUnder 1 MinuteElevated View and Doubles As Dog Bed9.1
#5-Snoozer Lookout Pet Car SeatYesYesUnder 1 MinuteElevated View9.0
#6-Henkilion Small Dog Car SeatNoYesUnder 1 MinuteBest For Smaller Jack Russell Terriers8.8
#7-Large Cozy Dog Car SeatYesNoUnder 1 MinuteLarge Elevated Bed8.8
#8-Burgeon Nest Dog Car SeatNoNo1-2 MinutesEnclosed Comfort and High Quality Material8.6
#9-DotOuud Dog Car SeatYesYes1-2 MinutesBudget Friendly8.2

#1-PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Booster Seat For Dogs


This is truly one of the best budget dog car seats for your Jack Russell providing a good view of the road and window by strapping to the vehicle’s headrest.

This seat has a padded interior for comfort, installs in roughly 60 seconds, and has an internal harness to secure your Jack Russell and keep them safe for your travels.

#2-BloBlo Dog Car Seat Booster Seat


While slightly higher in price, this dog car seat is great because it doubles as a bed and provides additional comfort.

This seat is suitable for small or medium dogs for any of you with a larger Jack Russell Terrier.

It is super ideal for short-medium travel distances.

Overall, one of the best dog car seats for your Jack Russell for the price.

#3-K&H Pet Booster Seat For Dogs


This is one of my favorite dog car seats on this list because of its ultra-comforting and a nice secure enclosure.

With walls around all 4 sides, it can make your Jack Russell almost feel as if they are in bed or in a crate with a comfortable dog bed.

This dog car seat has a durable heavy fabric and a curved backside to help fit securely in most vehicles.

This seat buckles easily using the regular seat belt holsters and remains hidden under the seat after installation.

Overall, if you want a comfortable, durable, and safe dog car seat for your Jack Russell, this is one of the best options currently on the market, in my opinion.

#4-SwiHelp Dog Booster Car Seat


My favorite thing about this dog car seat is the extremely affordable price point.

It also features PVC pipe along the edges to help make it more durable and sturdier.

In my opinion, if your Jack Russell is over 20lbs, this dog car seat likely would not work or have enough space, but any of you falling under that weight would be in good shape.

This dog car seat has an easy 2-minute install and durable straps.

It provides comfort and safety for your Jack Russell during your travels.

This dog car seat would also work well for a seat that can double as a bed but may not be as comfortable as some of the other dual-purpose dog car seats on this list.

#5-Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Seat


This is one of the more comfortable dog car seats I put on the list and also provides high elevation allowing your JRT to look out the window during travel.

This seat features a removable microsuede cover and includes a washable pillow which I love.

Another dog car seat that requires minimal time to install and offers all of the benefits needed for your dog to ride in style, comfort, and in a happy mood.

#6-Henkilion Small Dog Car Seat


This dog car seat is much more durable than it may look with the ability to hold up to 50lbs.

This is one of the best dog car seats if your JRT is okay without being elevated to see the road.

On the flip side, this is a great seat to provide comfort, safety and double as a bed.

While it is not one of the more attractive dog car seats on my list, it is one of the best values you can get if you need a dog car seat soon.

#7-Large Cozy Boost Dog Car Seat


This is one of the more stylish dog car seats on the list.

This seat is rated for up to 30lb dogs, so it should fit your JRT without issue and features a plush fleece liner around the seat.

I love this because my Jack Russell loves to rest her head on spots like this to keep watch on me and everything going on around her.

This is also an excellent dog car seat because it can raise and lower most JRT’s will desire the window view.

Overall, a great option.

#8-Burgeon Nest Dog Car Seat


This is a relatively basic dog car seat that is only slightly elevated from the vehicle seat.

I love that the entire cushion is removable and washable and does not require much to install.

This dog car seat is suitable for all Jack Russell Terriers.

It can provide additional comfort, anxiety relief and help your travels become much more enjoyable.

#9-DotOuud Dog Car Seat


This is the most enclosed dog car seat on the list, which can be viewed as a pro or a con depending on the personality of your Jack Russell Terrier.

I love the enclosed feel and the safety it provides.

I also love the basket look and the headrest connection making it super easy to install.

Another great option if you ask me.

The Two Primary Types of Dog Car Seats

The Bucket Style Dog Seat

The bucket dog car seat is the most popular option and what most consumers will lean towards.

The bucket style is super easy to use and shaped like a bucket.

Place your Jack Russell Terrier in the seat, strap the seat using the tether and harness, and your good to go.

These are also extremely popular because they are the best option for those of you that want to allow your Jack Russell Terrier to view the outdoors and remain entertained while staying safe and out of your way.

Bed Style Dog Seat

The bed-style dog car seat is more ideal for super long trips and can provide additional comfort.

The appeal of this style of dog car seat is that it is also doubling as a bed.

Beds are fantastic to associate to your JRT in the car because it resembles comfort and safety, reducing anxiety and motion sickness.

This would be the dog bed style I would recommend if you often travel long distances with your Jack Russell Terrier.

Driving and Traveling Tips When Your With Your JRT

Tip 1- Bring Treats On Your Drive With Your Jack Russell Terrier

Anxiety is a real issue with any dog, even with a dog car seat, and I promise that it also happens with Jack Russell Terriers.

I know many of you have posted on the TerrierOwner YouTube channel and on this blog informing me that your Jack Russell loves the car, but, in most cases, this takes several trips to properly socialize your JRT to a vehicle.

Treats can help your Jack Russell to feel more comfortable and learn to enjoy the car.

Use treats like the Zuke Minis (Link to Amazon) because they are small and do not fill your dog so much that they need to immediately poop.

Treats can help your Jack Russell realize the car is fun, safe, and enjoyable, so in addition to a dog car seat, do not forget to bring them with you.

Tip 2- Plan To Stop To Potty On Long Drives

I have an entire guide dedicated to the potty-training process with Jack Russell Terriers.

It is important to understand how small this dog is and how quickly fluids and food pass through them.

If you are going for a long drive or a trip, you need to be planning your stops to allow them to potty.

If you don’t, I can assure you that you will have some cleanup to handle and not have a good smelling vehicle for the remainder of the trip.

Additionally, dog car seats can help with this because dogs typically do not soil or poop where they lay or provide comfort.

Especially if they are strapped in via a tether and buckle.

Tip 3- Don’t Assume Motion Sickness Will Not Happen

Trust me, I think I have said this 3 times now in this discussion.

Jack Russell Terriers will get motion sickness in a vehicle.

I have had mine puke 3 times in a car, pee out of anxiety and even poop in a crate even though I knew she could hold it.

Do not assume you got lucky and adopted a Jack Russell that motion sickness does not apply to.

Especially when they are young or recently ate their food.

This is one of the primary reasons I advocate for a dog car seat because of the comfort they can provide, reducing the stress on your JRT, and eliminating the motion sickness.

Make Driving More Comfortable and Safer For Your Jack Russell Terrier

Dog car seats are optional and not required for your Jack Russell Terrier.

Luna, my Jack Russell, does not sit still or do very well in cars without one, so I advocate for dog car seats in every fashion.

The safety, comfort, and removal of distractions are too much of a positive benefit to ignore.

Especially considering a dog car seat does not typically cost you too much money out of pocket.

Nonetheless, the choice is yours, but I firmly believe any of the 9 dog car seats listed above for you will get the job done and make the travels with your Jack Russell Terrier much safer, relaxed, and more enjoyable in the future.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russell Terrier’s and the journey you have ahead of you.

Oh, and safe travels 😁

Do You Use a Car Seat With Your Jack Russell Terrier?

Do you use a dog car seat when traveling with your Jack Russell Terrier?

Do you have a car seat you prefer that I didn’t put on my list?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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