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Taking my favorite qualities of the Jack Russell Terrier and condensing them into a small list is more challenging than you may believe.

Yes, several behavior traits of this dog can be slightly annoying and challenging.

It’s not the easiest dog to raise. It takes effort and patience.

However, with nearly 4 years of owning and raising this dog breed, the script has flipped, and it’s hard to quickly name all the great things about this dog.

Nonetheless, I decided that this discussion was going to do just that.

Today, I will cover what I love most about raising and owning a Jack Russell Terrier.

Whether it be a personality trait, a physical trait, or something else, the list will cover what I believe to be the most desirable aspects of owning and raising a Jack Russell Terrier.

Let’s dive into it.

My Favorite Qualities of The Jack Russell Terrier

As I said, this was not an easy task, mainly because I could list many additional traits about this dog I enjoy.

Jack Russells are unique and offer a lot of enjoyment. Especially after the initial grind and perseverance, you will need through the initial weeks after the adoption.

Nonetheless, I have managed to pick my favorite qualities of this dog breed.

None of the traits below are listed in any order. They are all equally important to me personally.

1.) Jack Russells Spice-Up Life

To kickstart the conversation, I need to kickstart with perhaps the most basic thing about this dog breed that I absolutely love.

They simply make life more enjoyable. Jack Russells spice things up.

Jack Russells keep you on your toes and are willing to push boundaries.

Jack Russells keep you on your toes and are willing to push boundaries

While this may seem daunting during the training phase, it becomes enjoyable later in your JRT parenting journey.

The best way to explain this personality trait is they simply don’t leave a dull moment during the day.

Whether running around doing zoomies or doing something else that is crazy or comical, they will always be looking for an audience and attention from you as the owner.

2.) Jack Russells Prove Loyalty Every Day

I talk about this personality trait of the Jack Russell often.

Whether in some YouTube videos or other blog posts on this website.

Loyalty with a Jack Russell Terrier is truly unmatched.

This dog has no other goals or agenda throughout the day except pleasing you as the owner and proving their love and affection daily.

Loyalty with a Jack Russell Terrier is truly unmatched

Jack Russells wants to be around you as much as possible and will be by your side no matter the situation.

If you are looking for a dog with unmatched affection, love, and loyalty, a Jack Russell Terrier is 100% a great option and a fantastic dog breed to adopt.

3.) Jack Russells Can Be the Property Protector

Another trait about the Jack Russell I love is that you truly get a dog that can be your property protector and a true guard dog.

Jack Russells are vocal dogs and don’t take kindly to unwanted or surprise visitors coming into their area.

I love having a dog that lets me know everything around me and keeps an eye on the property for me.

Sure, the barking can sometimes be a bit annoying, but overall, I’d much rather have a fierce protector than a silent dog breed.

I love having a dog that keeps an eye on the property for me. Jack Russell Terrier

Knowing when someone is approaching your front door and having a dog that hunts the pest animals that may find their way into your yard is nice.

Once a Jack Russell settles into their home and environment, I can guarantee you will also experience this behavior trait.

4.) Jack Russells Only Need Love

This arguably could have been moved further up my list, but I made sure to let you know that no specific traits of this dog outweigh the others.

This could easily be what I love most about this dog breed.

This dog is not looking for anything outside of a loving home and loving owners.

Sure, you need to provide some exercise or give a Jack Russell the ability to burn off energy.

Still, overall, they only require you to care for and love them.

This dog just wants to feel like they are always getting your approval.

If they can feel this from you, they are happy dogs.

Jack Russells actively seek your approval, love, and affection at all times, which I think is a genuinely remarkable trait.

Be sure that if you adopt this dog breed, you provide this.

Jack Russells actively seek your approval, love, and affection at all times, which I think is a genuinely remarkable trait

It’s honestly all you need to succeed with this dog breed outside of basic training, discipline, and some patience early in the process.

5.) Jack Russell’s Are Low Maintenance

I wanted to ensure I was careful with how I explained this.

In theory, Jack Russells have some need for exercise and are clingy dogs compared to other dog breeds.

However, if exercise is provided and you genuinely love this dog and allow them to be around you, you are essentially done when it comes to what is expected of you.

They are not high-maintenance dogs from other aspects.

Jack Russells are relatively healthy dogs until later in their lifespans.

They don’t require anything special around the home except maybe some chew toys and attention from you.

Jack Russells also love to spend their time outside soaking up the sun and watching over the yard.

Jack Russells love to spend their time outside soaking up the sun

Sure, they will chase some animals that make it into your yard, and it’s best to proof the yard due to the escape artist nature of this dog.

Ultimately, if you provide a few things for this dog and take care of basic needs like food, you will quickly realize that this dog doesn’t need much else from you.

The Takeaway

Like I said when we started this discussion, I had difficulty narrowing this list down to a few of my favorite traits like I did today.

However, I feel great about the list I provided you and believe these are the qualities I love most about this dog breed.

Every Jack Russell Terrier is different. Perhaps you have some traits about your JRT that I didn’t name here today that you love.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Jack Russells if you do decide to adopt and the journey you have ahead of you.

Josh Martin- Founder and Creator of Terrier Owner

Josh Martin is the proud owner of a female Jack Russell Terrier Named Luna. Josh founded to share the stories of owning a Terrier and to help all terrier owners with the struggles, excitement and common questions that come with being a new terrier parent.

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