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Having your Pitbull Terrier peeing indoors can be frustrating and can have you lose patience in a hurry.

Especially if you have taken the time to be diligent with potty training and cannot figure out what is causing the indoor peeing to take place.

I have been in the same situation myself with the Terrier that I have been raising for the past 3 years and wanted to take the time to discuss this topic.

Hopefully, after some discussion, you may be able to recognize some potential flaws or issues with your approach.

The goal is to give you easy to follow steps.

In addition to actions you can take to effectively get your Pitbull Terrier to stop peeing indoors.

A Pitbull Terrier Peeing Indoors Can Be Due To A Variety Of Reasons

Pitbull Terriers are smart dogs, but they can also pose a challenge for any dog owner.

Especially a new dog owner who doesn’t quite understand the ins and outs of practical potty training.

Honestly, potty training alone isn’t always the primary factor that can cause peeing indoors from a Pitbull Terrier.

Pitbull Terriers may pee inside for a variety of reasons.

Some may be considered health issues causing peeing inside, and some could be related to training, behavior, or even a loud thunderstorm.

Seriously, it could be a storm causing your Pitbull Terrier to pee inside.

The point I am trying to make is simple.

Plenty of reasons may be causing your potty-training efforts to fizzle out and not stick the way you prefer.

Due to this, I thought it would be best to break down this discussion in a super simple to understand layout.

I will present some of the common reasons that may cause a Pitbull Terrier to pee inside of the house and then cover the best solution for that issue.

Hopefully, after listing all of this out, you can identify the potential issue with more ease and begin implementing the advice to save your carpet, your mind and get your Pitbull Terrier effectively potty-trained.

Time to dive into it.

Common Reasons Pitbull Terriers Will Pee Indoors And What To Do

I know the frustration you may be feeling.

Especially if you took the time to google this question.

It can be super annoying and frustrating to feel like you have been doing everything the right way and potty training effectively to have all of that time go to waste and still have potty accidents inside.

I would venture to say that one of the most significant mistakes new Pitbull Terrier owners make is assuming that the Pitbull is not trained to pee outside and ignore the fact another issue may be happening.

That is why I want to dive into each issue individually and give a remedy.

This should help you more effectively identify which of the issues may be the cause you are dealing with and get your Pitbull to stop peeing indoors.

Here are some of the most common reasons your Pitbull Terrier may continue to pee inside of the house.

Lack of Potty Training and Puppyhood

This is the most apparent reason that will cause your Pitbull Terrier to pee inside the home.

Training requires patience and time to fully set in.

Especially if you are the owner, who begins getting comfortable when it feels like your Pitbull is finally starting to learn the routines of peeing outside the home.

When a Pitbull Terrier is a puppy, you almost can guarantee that they will pee inside the home.

All puppies will have these few mistakes in the beginning, and it is tough to avoid.

The Solution

The solution here is simple.

Do not relax with your training and potty-training routines even when your Pitbull begins to understand where to pee and where not to pee.

Continue with it and remain as patient and diligent as possible.

The more routine you can become with your feeding schedules when your Pitbull goes outside and the overall daily routine, the better this is ultimately going to get for you.

Trust me, it took much longer than I thought to finally get Luna (my 3-year-old Terrier) to consistently never pee inside the house.

It takes time but eventually, you will have complete trust in your Pitbull never peeing indoors again.

Hang in there.


Anxiety is a real thing you have to deal with when you become a new dog owner.

And yes, even with a Pitbull Terrier.

Anxiety can stem from many things as well.

Sometimes you are dealing with separation anxiety, and sometimes anxiety can be sparked by thunderstorms or other people being present in the home.

Especially if your Pitbull has not had the chance to fully acclimate to these individuals or go through the entire socialization process.

This, in turn, can sometimes make training go out the window, and your Pitbull may pee indoors.

The Solution

In these situations, you, as the owner, have a responsibility to identify the problem and fix it.

If it’s separation anxiety causing your Pitbull Terrier to pee inside, consider crate training when you are not home and only leaving in smaller increments of time.

If it’s storms or other situations that cause anxiety for your Pitbull, do your best to let them outside often and comfort them when they are scared and having these feelings.

The more you can learn what situations cause specific reactions from your dog, the more prepared you are to act.

This, in turn, will help you reduce how often your Pitbull pees inside rather than outside.

Health Concerns That Could Cause Indoor Urination With A Pitbull Terrier

Health concerns can be another primary driving force that can cause your Pitbull to pee inside the house.

These are often the most difficult to recognize because dogs can often be good at disguising health concerns or even discomfort.

Here is a look at a few of the more common ones that may cause urination inside the home.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections occur because of bacteria entering the urinary tract.

This, in turn, can cause difficulty urinating or even pain.

Often when a dog such as a Pitbull Terrier comes down with a UTI, the ability to control the timing and placement of pee can be more difficult.


If your Pitbull has never been prone to peeing inside of the home and suddenly begins doing so, don’t overlook the possibility that your Pitbull has a UTI or other medical issue that needs to be addressed.

Old Age

I think we can all agree about this being a potential culprit of urination inside.

It’s simple and very similar to even the human body when it comes to urination.

The older your Pitbull gets, the less muscle control and ability to hold their pee will become.


If you are currently raising a Pitbull Terrier that would be considered senior or at the older end of the age range, have patience and try and work out alternative ways to let your Pitbull outside more often.

They will not have the bladder control and abilities they once had.

Behavioral Causes for Peeing Indoors

Last up on the list are some other common reasons why your Pitbull may be urinating inside the house.

I would classify all of these as behavioral concerns.


This is one of the reasons why I have noticed my own Terrier peeing inside of the home.

If your Pitbull does not enjoy other dogs in their space, they may mark their spots or urinate more frequently to show dominance.

This is also extremely difficult to control or prevent.

I am sure some of us have been walking our Pitbull’s and been through the extreme pulling phase where your Pitbull absolutely must come to that fire hydrant, sniff and mark their territory.

Territorial Pitbull Terriers may urinate inside of the home if they are picking up foreign scents or any scent that makes them feel the need to mark dominance.


Do your best to make sure your Pitbull Terrier is comfortable with any animals or even people that come to the house.

Use socialization and often introduce to these individuals or new pets on the home.

You can also use spray deterrents to help reduce the chances of peeing inside out of the want-to-mark territory.


This is a bit of a stretch, but as a Terrier owner myself, I can tell you firsthand that boredom causes a dog to do some weird stuff.

My Terrier goes into much more negative behaviors when bored.

Urinating inside simply because they have a little need and nothing better to do is entirely possible.


Don’t leave your Pitbull unattended for long durations of time without toys or something else they can do.

If you are gone longer than you anticipate your dog being capable of holding their pee, be sure to utilize crate training and have a friend or family member allow them outside to pee when possible.

With Proper Potty Training and Patience, You Can Eliminate Your Pitbull Peeing Indoors

I get it.

Having your Pitbull Terrier peeing inside can be extremely frustrating.

My goal in this discussion was to point out other reasons why your Pitbull may be peeing inside and how you can fix it.

I am confident that one of the reasons discussed above is likely the primary reason your Pitbull is peeing inside in the first place.

Use the solutions we laid out for you and stay strong with potty training routines.

I promise, your Pitbull Terrier will be peeing outside instead of inside before you know it.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terrier and hope that you have smooth potty-training days ahead of you.

How Did You Deal With Your Pitbull Terrier Peeing Indoors?

What did you do to stop your Pitbull Terrier from peeing indoors?

Did you do anything we did not discuss today?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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