6 Questions To Answer Before Adopting A Jack Russell Terrier

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Adopting a dog can be extremely exciting. Certain dog breeds require more from us as the owners, and it’s essential to understand this before bringing a new dog into the family.

Jack Russell Terriers are one of those dog breeds you should think about and discuss at length with your family. This isn’t to deter you from adopting a Jack Russell Terrier but to prepare you.

To make the process and decision easier for you, we have broken down some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before the adoption.

The answers to these questions will determine if you are ready to raise and adopt a Jack Russell Terrier.

Can You Meet The Demands Of A Jack Russell?

Jack Russell Terriers are a demanding dog breed. That doesn’t mean that it comes without reward. When the demands of a Jack Russell Terrier are met, they can quickly become your best friend and one of the best dog breeds you can adopt.

Jack Russell Terriers are a dog breed that enjoys being the center of attention. JRTs prefer to be the star of the show and don’t prefer competition.

Jack Russell Terriers are a dog breed that enjoys being the center of attention. Man holding Jack Russell dog.

Jack Russell Terriers also have heavy demands regarding mental and physical stimulation, which we will cover a bit further in this discussion.

All dogs have unique needs and their own personalities.

Jack Russell Terriers demand more than a good percentage of dog breeds and as the owner, it’s on you to meet these needs and provide the best home possible.

Make sure that you answer this question honestly before jumping into the adoption process and bringing home your JRT.

How Will A Jack Russell Behave Around Your Family?

Next, you need to consider how a Jack Russell Terrier will behave around family members. Especially if you have little children in the home.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt a Jack Russell Terrier, but you should take extra precautions and plan before bringing your dog home.

Jack Russell Terriers are highly energetic and playful. If you allow your Jack Russell around your children, I highly recommend only doing so with supervision.

Especially in the beginning or until you are comfortable with how your Jack Russell behaves.

This can help avoid unnecessary nipping or biting and help prevent scratching.

If you allow your Jack Russell around your children, I highly recommend only doing so with supervision. Jack Russell with child.

Jack Russell Terriers like to jump, which is typically when an accidental nail scratching can occur to a child or other young individual in the home.

If you can’t supervise your dog with your children with ease, you may want to re-think your strategy.

Is The Property Ready For a Jack Russell?

If I could tell you one thing about a Jack Russell Terrier 3 years into my journey, I would say that this dog is the master of the property and yard.

Jack Russells are escape artists.

They have crazy jumping abilities and a strong prey drive.

If you have a yard that typically has a lot of rodents and other animals, they will hunt them down and burrow in the yard.

My Jack Russell is even capable of fitting between tiny gaps in the fence or capable of jumping it if she wants to.

Jack Russells are escape artists. Jack Russell Terrier jumping over fence.

It’s critical that before you get home, you have your yard prepped not only to keep your property in good condition but to ensure your Jack Russell is contained and safe.

Can You Handle The Attitude?

Jack Russells have one of the most unique personalities I have ever experienced with a dog breed.

While adorable, highly intelligent, and desirable, they don’t come without some attitude.

My Jack Russell Terrier is a jealous dog breed. She doesn’t necessarily cause issues when jealous or angry, but it’s easy to recognize.

Make sure that before adopting a JRT, you understand and genuinely desire a dog that will showcase some attitude and spunk.

Jack Russell Terrier sticking tongue out

Will A Jack Russell Do Well With Your Pets?

Next up on your list of questions to ask yourself before adopting a JRT is to consider the other pets you already have in the home.

Do the other pets in the home already demand a lot of attention?

Will time allow another dog breed like a JRT to be in the same house?

Will, a new Jack Russell, being brought into the home cause issues with the other pets’ personalities?

Irish Setter and Jack Russell Terrier

If you think it wouldn’t be an issue or can even complement the current pet situation in the family, you are in good shape.

That’s how it was for me to bring a JRT around my Yellow Lab.

It was a bit of a challenge, in the beginning, getting them to get along and enjoy each others company, but it got better every day.

Now they are best friends and around each other basically non-stop.

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Do You Want To Commit Fully To a JRT?

Jack Russell Terriers have long life spans. With a good bill of health, JRTs can easily live 15-20 years.

Is this a commitment you are looking for?

Are you going to be able to provide exercise in some fashion every day?

Without exercise, a Jack Russell can act 100% differently. Pent-up energy is the worst-case scenario with this dog breed.

With exercise, however, this dog breed can be highly trainable and can be one of the best dogs you can adopt.

Before adopting, ensure that you understand that 60 minutes of exercise is ideal for this dog.

If you can’t provide it with a safe yard where your Jack Russell can free roam, you need to deliver it yourself.

Jack Russell Terrier running with tennis ball

Walking, running, or even going to a dog park is up to you.

Just be sure to ask yourself if you are genuinely committed to the process.

It’s not fair to Jack Russell if you aren’t going to do what they need to remain happy and healthy.

The Takeaway

Jack Russell Terriers make for one of the best dog breeds you can adopt. No question about it. Jack Russells are also handfuls and can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

It’s essential to understand before the adoption what you are getting yourself into, especially if you are a first time dog owner.

Ask yourself the questions discussed today and answer them honestly while formulating a plan. The more prepared you are in advance, the better off you will be.

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