11 Best Activities For A Pitbull Terrier [Keeping A Pitbull Busy]

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Pitbull Terriers are a dog known for high-energy and heavy exercise demands.

When you begin not providing for these needs with your Pitbull, you can see negative behavior or a side of your Pitbull’s personality you likely prefer not to.

Activities, mental stimulation, and time with you as the owner is a critical piece of what is required to ethically raise and own a Pitbull Terrier.

It can be challenging for many new dog owners to know which activities or games you can partake with your Pitbull to provide bonding time and interaction.

The rest of this discussion is designed to break down my favorite activities for you and your Pitbull Terrier.

These activities are what I would consider the best options and relatively easy activities to partake in.

Using this list of activities will help you keep your Pitbull entertained, busy, and less destructive.

Not to mention, it provides a great deal of socialization and exposure for your Pitbull to a variety of social situations and activities.

What Activities Do Pitbull Terriers Like? The 11 Best Activities For You And Your Pitbull Terrier

The activities we are about to dive into certainly will entertain your Pitbull and provide an energy release.

Keeping your Pitbull busy is one of the most understated tasks of a new dog owner.

Hands down.

When looking over your activity options with your Pitbull, keep an open mind.

Think of which activities make the most sense for your time and what your Pitbull enjoys.

And of course, never be afraid to try new activities to 100% keep your Pitbull entertained.

#1-Obedience Training

This is not only an activity but required to ensure your Pitbull matures and becomes the dog you desire.

Discipline and training are essential.

It is also overlooked that dogs genuinely love this kind of activity.

Assuming you make it fun and interactive for them.

You can try methods such as clicker training or using simple voice commands.

Pitbull’s desire to please their owners and have the energy to partake in this training.

Use this to your advantage.

Start with teaching your Pitbull the basics such as:

  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Come and Stay (recall training)
  • Down

After you have a good grasp of these commands, don’t give up on training as many dog owners do.

Stick with it and keep teaching your dog new commands.

This further provides discipline and raises your Pitbull into a respectable, well-mannered dog.

Not to mention, it tuckers them out and lets them release energy while bonding with you.

Be sure never to forget a good number of rewards (treats) for a job well done too.


Pitbull’s are not known to be the best swimmers due to having such a dense body with heavy muscle mass.

A lot of the time, a Pitbull not being comfortable with swimming is due to not being socialized with the activity or having a chance to partake in it.

Swimming can be an excellent exercise for a Pitbull Terrier and a great activity for you to do with your Pitbull.

It will help release some of their built-up energy, provide a healthier lifestyle, and be one of the top-ranked activities on my list.


Walking could be one of those activities you have to do if you don’t have an adequate yard or place for your dog to run around.

Suppose you do have a yard with enough room for your Pitbull to run around and play.

In that case, walking can be a supplement exercise and help your Pitbull to get more socialization.

This takes place through more opportunities to see other people during a walk.

In addition to other pets.

I recommend you check out my post on how to walk a Pitbull with more control here.

Walking is an easy way for you to bond and get in some steps with your Pitbull no matter what day it is.


Running is one of my favorite activities to do with my Terrier.

She loves it, and it really wears her out.

The rest of the day, after a couple of miles run, she behaves much better all around.

Running is also great for a muscular dog like a Pitbull who needs exercise and the chance to remain fit.

Running can also help with some negative behaviors that stem from boredom.

If you are not a runner, you can look more at my previous activity and choose to walk or spice it up with my next move, which revolves around hiking.


Hiking can be a great activity with a Pitbull Terrier.

They have the stamina for it, and they will love every minute of it.

The most significant afterthought that you need to worry about when hiking is the possibility of fleas or ticks in the high grass or wooded areas.

Be sure to have a trusted flea and tick medicine to use and get out and enjoy the outdoors with your dog.

#6-Weight Training

Weight training is a top activity for a Pitbull Terrier.

It almost feels like it is specifically tailored for this muscular dog.

Plenty of different activities within the broad weight training category can be performed.

Choose one that your Pitbull is likely to enjoy and begin your new activity.

Weight training can also help your Pitbull to remain healthy and avoid issues such as diabetes and obesity.

#7-Agility Training

Agility training is another advanced activity but trust me, a Pitbull is undoubtedly capable of performing it.

Agility training is essentially taking and training your dog through various pre-set obstacle courses that can range from 10-20 different obstacles.

It takes time to train this activity into your Pitbull, but it certainly would be a fun challenge.

A Pitbull Terrier would absolutely love this training due to their desire to remain active and please their owners and pack leaders.

#8-Mental Stimulation Games

Mental stimulation games could be great for a Pitbull Terrier.

They can even remove some of your involvement in the activity.

Some mental stimulation toys consist of a treat placed at the bottom of a puzzle toy.

Some are more interactive and not focused primarily on finding the treat.

Try a couple different mental toys from a trusted website like Amazon or Chewy and see if this can help keep your Pitbull more entertained.

#9- Fun And Durable Chew Toys

This is one of the most basic, most straightforward to do, but most overlooked activities on the list.

Have plenty of toys.

My Terrier goes through toys exceptionally quickly.

She has been like that since she was a puppy, and I’d venture to guess that any Pitbull would be the exact same way.

If your Pitbull is becoming bored, destructive, or seems like they need a little extra to do, invest in quality dog toys and teach them to enjoy the toy and play with it.

Often this requires you to get them excited about the toy but trust me, it is worth it once your dog finally takes a liking to a durable and trusted chew toy.

They may only last an hour, but that’s still 1 hour where they are not barking or chewing on something else.

#10- Dog Park

Dog parks are iffy on my list.

Mainly because your Pitbull 100% needs to be well socialized and behave well around other dogs and people.

If you aren’t 100% confident that this would be the case, consider using a shorter lead.

Or, use a muzzle until you are confident.

Once they are, continue doing activities such as the dog park.

It’s an excellent way for your Pitbull to meet new friends, socialize and even throw the tennis ball around.

An all-around great way for your Pitbull to be exposed to plenty of socialization while being entertained and releasing some energy.

#11- Lake Or Water Outing

Even if your Pitbull doesn’t like swimming, they may enjoy just being out near the water with you and the family.

Perhaps you and the family enjoy camping or boating.

Instead of forcing your Pitbull to adapt to swimming, consider just enjoying a day near the lake or another body of water.

It’s an excellent way for your Pitbull to get out of the house, run around and stay entertained.

Not to mention, you get to do your favorite activities at the same time.

Why Keeping Your Pitbull Terrier Busy and Entertained Is So Essential

Keeping your Pitbull entertained and busy is extremely important.

It is even more critical to have a long list of activities you can partake in when your Pitbull is young and behavior is not fully trusted yet.

As your Pitbull gains more discipline and responds to your training, it won’t be as critical.

Pitbull’s are active dogs and need the chance to burn off energy.

When they can’t release any energy and have nothing to keep them busy, they can often turn to behaviors that we, as the owners, prefer never to deal with.

Here are a few of those behaviors and warnings that it may be time to increase activity with your Pitbull.

6 Warning Indicators That You Need To Keep Your Pitbull More Busy And Entertained


Suppose your Pitbull seems to be suffering from anxiety of any kind, including separation anxiety.

It could be a result of lack of activity and lack of exercise.

Try your best to provide more toys, activities throughout the day and spend more time with your Pitbull.

Perhaps even limit the time you are away until they get more comfortable.

#2-Not Responding To Training

Not responding to training or taking to commands for potty training and simple tasks may signify that they have too much energy or need to be more stimulated.

Try going for a walk before command training or wearing your dog out more before participating in training.

It is tough for a dog with a lot of energy begging to play to focus and to remain locked in with concentration for training.


This probably seems super obvious, but as a Terrier owner myself, I can be the first to tell you that it can be highly annoying.

A dog with too much energy or behaving too hyper can get on your nerves.

If you notice this happening, a run or a walk or a game of fetch can go a long way.

The point is simple.

Too much energy can be fixed if you find activities to remove some of that energy.

Perform more activities to decrease this behavior and annoyance.

#4-Excessive Chewing

My Terrier was a heavy chewer.

Still can be at times if I’m being 100% honest.

However, it is almost always because I forget to do something or provide her with something she wants or needs.

This can be something as simple as giving her attention or taking our daily walks.

Excessive chewing usually results from boredom.

If this is happening, provide more toys and more energy-reducing activities to help remedy the issue.

#5-Pooping Or Peeing Indoors

This is like excessive chewing, but my Terrier, when frustrated or bored and wandering around the home, often makes her potty mistakes.

Dogs are intelligent and find spots where they could potty inside if you are not careful.

If potty training seems like it’s taking a step back or not sticking as you would have hoped, try increasing your activities and time with your dog and going back to the basics.

This should help.

#6-More Frequent Barking

A bored Pitbull with nothing to do is a vocal Pitbull.

Think about it.

They are more likely to be staring at windows at people passing by, so they might as well bark a few times to get your attention.

Barking can be the result of frustration or boredom.

To eliminate or reduce excessive barking, try replacing the behavior with other activities.

Fun Activities With Your Pitbull Will Improve Behavior And Quality Of Life

Activities with your Pitbull Terrier should not be the last resort or something you turn to out of pure boredom.

Activities with your Pitbull should be planned and integrated into your life and routine.

Doing so will keep your dog more scheduled and routine.

Additionally, having activities, you enjoy with your dog can provide exercise for you both and often help with some behaviors that stem from boredom or separation anxiety.

Pick out your favorite activities from our list above and start integrating them into your schedule where they make sense.

Trust me, it will be fun for both of you and create a well-behaved and affectionate dog during the other hours of the day.

Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your Pitbull Terrier’s and the journey you have ahead of you.

What Activities Do You Do With Your Pitbull Terrier?

Do you have activities we did not discuss today that you would love to do with your Pitbull Terrier?

Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below.

As always, Luna and I appreciate you stopping by and reading today, and we will see you again next time.

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